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Welcome cook lovers

My name is Mary, co-founder of smokinjoesribranch.com.

This Web Site evolved out of the members’ passion for kitchen-work and cooking in particular. And there is a story behind it.

It started with two edacious individuals.

We are Mary J.Lynch and Helen J.Cervantes. We call ourselves the Foodivers because we own a great motivation to the gastronomy.

Being yearn to experience as many tastes as possible, we have hopped to most restaurants and food vendors in our neighborhood.

But we soon yielded an inefficient conclusion.

Though the local cuisine tributes abundant food types as well as international culinary art, it is not able to quench our eagerness of unprecedented flavors.

The ambition that grows

To further our knowledge of being gourmets, we urged each other to bring cooks together. At first, we gathered recipes from the internet of the dishes we liked and scheduled for a kitchen day in a week. We funded ourselves from the office work.

As we followed various recipes, our food stock grew with a variety of foodstuffs and leftovers. After countless burns and broken bowls, we have learnt how to work appropriately with kitchenware and reserve groceries.

Helen has her written handbook filled with tips and lessons we went through.

Soon after we acknowledged the recipes were old, we took the unused ingredients to develop new recipes.

It was a game with spices, vegetables and other materials. Our first homemade lasagna was terrible, but it got better at the “n” trial. Eventually, we have created a long list of new dishes and techniques to come with it.

Thanks to our patience, we didn’t fail our faith in turning the conventional formulas into something extraordinary. And it’s eatable.

We believe that when you eat better, coordinating with the right combination of flavors and nutrition, you will be able to live more joyful. If you can eat with enjoyment, it means you are memorizing one of the best moment of your life.

Thus, the story goes on

We came up with a plan to create a blog where we can share our delicate recipes to the world. It also comes as a buzzing place where people can exchange their cooking skills and dishes.

The birth of this website

The preparing phase had been accomplished. As soon as we launched the website, we began to distribute the contents of our knowledge.

As selective food maniacs, we contribute our time to valuable information. The website loads plenty of food recipes, kitchen tips, cooking gadgets, reviews and tons of useful things.

We later discovered the need of the community about kitchen-work and food-related business. It helps us understand that we have been on the right path.

We committed to be the newcomers to the industry, but we are confident with our updated wisdom. Combine our skilful cooking methods with fabulous dishes you can find on the web; we will mark ourselves unique in the field.

Since you are here, we believe you own a certain affection for cooking. Look forward to our newsletters

About us

I am Mary J. Lynch, a staff leader and a mother…

I have a decent faith in changing the way people enjoy the food. My aim of joining the food network is to bring kitchen archives to the world of food lovers.

As a mom of two angles, I credit myself in making meals with high concentration yet the balance of nutrition. I pay good care about the health of my family and everyone. Thus, you will find most of my recipes focus on healthy ingredients.

I encouraged myself to keep researching and stay updated with the cuisine world. I believe my dedication will soon be recognized.

Mary J.Lynch  //  Leader

Helen is a skilled designer and reviewer…

She has an excellent experience to make our web look vivid yet informative. Helen is an obsessed writer; that is why she always brings her note to the kitchen.

Besides her brilliant talent, she has developed a massive interest in kitchenware and gadgets. You can entrust her insightful understanding of knives, can openers, cooking pots and many other kinds of stuff.

Together we make a perfect couple to deliver the most precious cooking advice to the society. Look forward to cooking with us.

Helen J. Cervantes  //  Designer and Reviewer.

I am Thomas Wynn

I met Mary at my friend’s party. We had a talk without restraint. She inspired me with her love for cooking which comes from within. It compelled me to do something to contribute and share with the cooking lover community all over the world.

THOMAS WYNN  //  Nutritionist, Chef and Writer

Love from Mary and Helen

Picture of Mary J. Lynch

Mary J. Lynch

As a mom of two angels, I credit myself in making meals with high concentration yet the balance of nutrition. I pay good care about the health of my family and everyone. Thus, you will find most of my recipes focus on healthy ingredients.
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