What Makes Pepper X the Hottest Chili on Earth?

Pepper X is currently the hottest chili pepper in the world, confirmed by the Guinness World Record. It got an average of 2.69 million rating on the Scoville Heat Unit, with individual peppers being 3.18 million SHU. That makes Pepper X even hotter than the well-known Carolina Reaper, who held the world record previously.

Buying this pepper requires carefully researching the market. Finding reliable sellers like Sonoran Spice is quite a challenge, knowing that you must only buy legit products. Anyway, there are a few more things to be aware of upon ordering your Pepper X.

Facts About Pepper X

Pepper X is not only known for its intense heat but also its nice taste, which is quite surprising. While it initially has a pleasant flavor, the spiciness takes over it, making it even harder to breathe while eating. 

But what else should you know about it?

  • The creator is Ed Currie, who is a well-known pepper breeder
  • Pepper X is much hotter than any other known pepper
  • It’s used mostly in hot sauces
  • It was bred under selective techniques to maximize the heat
  • Officially recognized as the hottest pepper in the world

While it’s delicious, the spiciness is too overwhelming. So, Pepper X is mostly dedicated to hot pepper enthusiasts who don’t have a problem with the heat.

What Makes it the Hottest Pepper in The World?

What Makes Pepper X the Hottest Pepper in The World

Pepper X has an extraordinarily high score on the SHU rating. This scale measures the capsaicin concentration, that contributes to the pepper’s spiciness. While it’s bred to be spicy, here’s what makes it so hot:

Selective Breeding

The bred Ed Currie is well-known for his dedication to breeding the hottest pepper in the world. He leverages crossbreeding various pepper varieties, to maximize the capsaicin level.

The breeding doesn’t happen in one season. It takes time and effort until the final product reaches the required level of spiciness. 

Genetic Manipulation

There is a genetic modification in spicy pepper breeding, to enhance the capsaicin levels. The breeder carefully chooses the parents and manipulates the genetic code. That way, they create genetic profiles that match the spiciness they expect. 

Special Growing Conditions

Pepper X's Growing Conditions

It’s not only genetics that plays a large part in the Pepper X spiciness. Breeders use special soils, create appropriate environments, and use advanced cultivation to boost capsaicin production. The controlled environment surely plays an important role in delivering the best possible capsaicin level.

Capsaicin Concentration

Hot pepper breeders try to heat high SHU ratings. They manipulate the genetics and conditions, so the product results in high capsaicin concentration. Pepper X was bred under very special conditions, with controlled levels of water, sunlight exposure, and special soil, making it almost double the Carolina Reaper in capsaicin.

Validation and Testing

While everyone can say they have the hottest pepper, only the samplers and testers can confirm that. Each pepper goes under rigorous testing to validate it’s hot enough to get into Guinness World Records.

Pepper X is the first in a long time to get that well-deserved place. It seems like the creator pushed his own boundaries, trying to showcase exceptional knowledge and dedication in breeding the hottest pepper in the world. We’re wondering if he can surpass Pepper X next year.

Is Pepper X Safe to Eat?

Is Pepper X Safe to Eat?

Each hot pepper is safe to eat in moderation. Also, each person has a different tolerance level for capsaicin, so it’s not suitable for everyone. If you try Pepper X, expect extreme spiciness. Handle it with care, and don’t eat large amounts. Why?

Capsaicin Levels can be Harmful

Depending on the concentration, capsaicin can be beneficial or dangerous for our health. While we all know a little spiciness is good for us, extreme capsaicin levels can cause intense pain in the mouth and esophagus, as well as skin irritation if not handled properly. 

Physical Reactions

While the intense pain is bad enough, there are many other side effects of eating extremely hot peppers, or Pepper X in this case. The severe burning in the mouth and throat is an initial reaction, that may lead to sweating, tearing, and temporary loss of speech.

As a result, you may experience fatigue and nausea, as well as dizziness, shortness of breath, and headaches. 

Handling and Consumption Recommendations

Pepper X Handling and Consumption Recommendations

People use gloves to handle hot peppers, even with much lower capsaicin levels. Once you touch the pepper, no matter with gloves or not, don’t touch your eyes or nose.

Capsaicin causes irritation to mucous membranes, resulting in a painful experience you surely want to avoid. Take a really small amount of the pepper, or dilute it in sauce to handle it properly. Large quantities are dangerous and not recommended.

Emergency Measures

If you have certain medical conditions or a low tolerance for spiciness, we highly recommend you avoid tasting this pepper. Extreme heat can lead to serious health issues.

If you eat more than you can handle, it’s best to drink milk, have some yogurt, or consume boiled potatoes or a piece of bread. Look for medical help if you feel really bad after eating. 

Pepper X: The Verdict

The World's Hottest Pepper

While Pepper X is a new and exciting product, people must be very careful while eating it. It’s not just the capsaicin level, but also all the hard work and dedication invested into creating it. It’s something we must admire, but also approach it with extreme caution.


As described, Pepper X can worsen some health conditions. It’s not for those with weak hearts and stomachs, literally. Many spiciness enthusiasts will try it, but it requires careful handling and moderate consumption.

For some people, spicy food is indeed a risk, especially if they already have some health conditions like reflux, gastritis, high blood pressure, or low tolerance for spiciness. 

If you’re looking for a milder option, consider using a chili paste substitute like smoked paprika or a blend of sweet bell peppers for a flavorful but gentler alternative.

Anyway, we must respect the creator’s effort to bring something so spicy to the table. Who knows, maybe he’s already working on something even spicier and hotter, testing the boundaries of the pepper production. Hopefully, we’ll see in the years that come.

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