14 Best Kitchen Timer 2023 – Mastering Cooking Time

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Have you ever tried preparing the delicious recipes you look up n the television or any digital platform? What happens? When you prepare to keep in mind the exact ingredients and steps, sometimes after many practices, it does not stand up to your expectations.

Using the right ingredients insufficient amount, another critical factor that makes a dish stand out from the rest is the timing.  Therefore, to solve this problem and prepare a tasty meal, you need to hunt for the best kitchen timer.

Food is not just a source of living. It brings people together from different groups, caste, religions, thus spreading happiness and harmony. Any special occasion is incomplete without the presence of the meal. From the famous roshogolla of Bengal, spicy and piquant dishes of South India to mouth-watering cuisine of North India attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

All these magical and delicious dishes are prepared by measuring the ingredients and keeping track of time. Once you have the recipe, all you need is a timer that will monitor your task and help you prepare the best delicious meal.

Best Kitchen Timer – Buying Guide

Factors to look for when buying the best kitchen timer


Well, price matters everywhere. Without a budget, you may end up buying something too expensive.  It doesn’t mean you will buy a cheap timer. If you purchase an inexpensive timer, you may waste your money on something that doesn’t work efficiently or offers useful features. Setting a price limit is, therefore, very important.  Before buying a timer, you must have a piece of thorough knowledge of different brands, it’s working, and every small detail to purchase the best within your budget.

The number of functions

timer for kitchen

While cooking, if you want to look at the time, repeatedly either you have to take out your mobile from your pocket or walk to another room to see the time. It becomes too difficult to concentrate on work in this manner. Here, the number of functions your click offers plays a vital role in determining the timer’s efficiency. If your timer has an inbuilt stopwatch and a clock, your work becomes easy, which saves time. Based on the number of functions, you wish you’re to perform, seek the best kitchen timer.


Every one of us has different ways of living and working.  Some stay calm and patiently complete their work, whereas some get nervous and tense when in a hurry. Depending on your working ability and kitchen space, you should buy a timer. Some timers need to keep on the surface while others have a magnetic back. This magnetic support can adhere to the fridge door, microwave oven, or any metal surface. Also, some kitchen timers have a round hole to hook it.

Time range

Timers vary in their time limits from an hour to a full day. If you’re searching for a timer for regular hourly use, then you can purchase a timer that has a time limit of individual hours. But if you are cooking something which takes a long time or preparing for any competitive exam, then a timer with a 24-hour range is customized for your need.

Power source

No matter, what happens, you would never want to lose track of time while cooking or baking. Timers are designed for this purpose. But the timer also needs a power source to function. It can be in the form of batteries or through an electric connection. If you are a novice cook, and the timer suddenly stops due to a power cut, you may not achieve your desired results. To avoid this situation, you should look for a timer that uses batteries and can be functioned using electricity.

Memory recall

Kitchen Timers

Setting up a timer between the cooking sometimes becomes frustrating and might put you at the risk of injuring yourself. So, it is recommended to purchase a kitchen timer that has a good memory recall. In this way, have to start and stop the timer if you repeatedly use the same time.

The number of timers

This factor indicates timer sections. Having multiple timer sections in a one-timer can be useful when you perform different functions simultaneously. The multiple timer sections help keep track of several tasks allowing you to complete them quickly.

How does a kitchen timer work?

Sometimes we tend to ignore the importance of this small yet phenomenal invention, which has made our life easy. So, it is of prime focus to have a better understanding of the working of a timer.

The timer’s interior part is mainly divided into four sections – The power supply section, the input section, the timing section, and the output section. The power supplies voltage to the internal components. This can be in the form of batteries or electric connections. Next, the input section receives a signal from input devices and outputs to the timing section.

Depending on the type of timer you use – digital or mechanical timer. Their way of functioning is slightly different from each other. This is because a mechanical timer or analog timer uses a knob or dial to set time. In contrast, a digital timer consists of buttons to adjust time and displays your setting on an LCD screen.

A mechanical timer consists of a spring, gear, escapement, and a pendulum. These small parts work together to ensure the proper functioning of the best kitchen timer. The process starts when the user turns the dial. Turning it provides the necessary force required to complete its cycle. It compresses the spring and unwinds it. Unwinding the spring makes the gear active. This allows the dial to move. When the unwinding of spring finishes, it completes its one cycle. Thus it triggers the bell to ring.

Advantages of using a kitchen timer

Kitchen timer

  • Improves operation- It may seem to be a small Product to invest in, but this one-time investment will increase your work efficiency. Cooking is an everyday task that appears simple but consumes the whole day, leaving you tired and exhausted. With the use of the best kitchen timer, you can set time when working in the best kitchen timer, which, in turn, helps you keep track of time while preparing meals.  The systematic way prevents food wastage. Sometimes, while cooking, we tend to lack concentration, which may result in spoiling the food. This wastes your time as well.

If you perform multiple functions simultaneously as baking, bowling, best grilling, then remembering time for every meal can be hectic. Some timers offer numerous sections to help you coordinate different tasks to prepare a delicious meal for your family and guests to ease your work.

  • Timers’ better use of time lets one complete the desired task within stipulated time by with more concentration. In this way, you can complete work in a much lesser time. If you are a housewife, you can use the extra time to do some activities to upgrade your skills. Everyone should use a timer as it helps in productively using every minute without wasting it. In this way, you can even save time.
  • Stay well-organized- Apart from the kitchen, timers can be used for gymming, studying, or doing any important activity. As a student, it becomes challenging to manage time to learn and earn. With the use of the best kitchen timer, managing time has become easy and flexible. Most of the students every year take up new year resolutions to regularly study and excel in other activities. How many of them can follow their resolution?  Many of them. You know why many fail to follow their routine because they are unaware of how to manage time properly. Some use the best kitchen timer built-in mobile but still lack concentration because mobile attracts their attention to check the messages as suddenly any notification pops up on their screen. This is the reason timers are better than the ones inbuilt on mobile.
  • Sets deadlines- Setting deadlines is an important step for efficient use of time. Any task that does not have any deadlines set keeps dragging without getting a result. Deadlines push one to work in their best possible way to complete the work in a limited time. So, whether you are a housewife, an office worker, or a student, you can use the best kitchen timer to complete your work within the stipulated deadline and concentrate better.

If you are looking to upgrade your cooking skills and plan your day efficiently for productive use of time, click on the above hyperlinks to buy the best kitchen timer for yourself and your family members.  Time is valuable, and for the one who respects time, success comes easy for them. Before thinking twice, invest in this small tool, which in the future will prove to be a life savior.

Our Top Picks of Kitchen Timer

1. OVEKI Digital Kitchen Timer

OVEKI Digital Kitchen Timer

OVEKI Digital Kitchen timer is the bestseller designed for kitchen use. Its easy operation makes it super easy to control for anyone from a child to the elderly.

  • It is a 99 minutes countdown timer with a magnetic clock that can be mounted either on the refrigerator door or metal surfaces. Even if you have a small kitchen, you don’t need to make extra space to keep your timer. Also, it reduces the risk of damaging the timer.
  • The loud alarm sound can be easily heard even in the next room, and in the future, you will never have to worry about food getting over-cooked.
  • The intelligent energy-saving feature automatically shuts down in 10 seconds of no operation, saving energy.
  • It is a 100% authentic product used for cooking, homework, examination preparation, and laboratory work.

2. Elegant  Digital Kitchen Timer

Elegant  Digital Kitchen Timer

Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer is purely made of stainless steel, making it corrosion-free and perfect for household purposes and commercial use.

  • Its super-strong magnetic back can be a sticker to any metal surface and won’t wobble or drop in your container.
  • The large display makes it easy for you to read the digits from another room.
  • The auto shut off feature automatically switches off the device when not in use.
  • Auto memory immediately saves the last setting after one use. This does put you under pressure to reset the time again and again.
  • It is a super-strong, compact, and durable timekeeper.

3. ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer

ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer

A specialized dual countdown stopwatch and timer designed by ThermoPro is long-lasting and user-oriented at one’s fingertips.

  • Suppose you are confused about where to mount your timer safely; this is an ideal one. The user-friendly timer can sticker anywhere without tripping it in the food container.
  • The 3 levels loud alarm ensures that you never forget the time. If you forget by chance, then its loud alarm sound will ring in three levels up to 90 DB.
  • It is a digital timer with a time range of 24 hours, distinguishing it from other digital timers.
  • A super- handy and comfy product that can be easily operated by people in any age category.

4. Taylor Precision  Pro Stainless Steel Timer

Taylor Precision  Pro Stainless Steel Timer

Taylor Precision Pro Stainless Steel is a mechanical timer. The circular knob is used to set the time, and the timer chimes once the knob returns to its original position.

  • It is an exceptional timekeeper, which has a time range of 60 minutes.
  • A durable and sturdy timer for everyday use.
  • An optimized product is precisely designed to keep the latest features and needs of consumers. It helps to cook or bake in an organized manner without the tension of burning the food.
  • It is small and compact with a strong magnetic back.

5. Albayrak Kitchen Timer

Albayrak Kitchen Timer

Albayrak Kitchen timer is a shiny, glossy timer made from high-quality stainless steel. The enticing shiny surface is water-resistant and erosion-free, preventing rust.

  • The strong magnetic force supports it from the back and does not require any additional stand or support.
  • This is a mechanical timer with an in-built alarm up to 70 dB. The product is user and environment-friendly. The loud alarm can be easily heard by anyone in another room or those with hearing impairment.
  • An ideal timekeeper for cooking, baking, reading, homework, taking medicines, and many more.
  • With an assured 1-year warranty and friendly lifetime technical support, you don’t have to worry about high-service charges.

6. eTradewinds Digital Kitchen Timer

eTradewinds Digital Kitchen Timer

If you find it challenging to set your timer repeatedly, this timekeeper is ideal for your suitability. Its auto- memory feature records the last setting making it easy for you to operate the best kitchen timer.

  • Auto- shut off feature ensures that the timer switches off after 10 minutes of staying inactive.
  • It comes with an additional battery that can be used once the original batteries have been used.
  • The firm magnetic flat back surface stays stuck and won’t pop off.

7. WrenWane Timer

WrenWane Timer

For people who wear spectacles or have some eyesight problems. But with the use of the WrenWane timer, you will face a problem in seeing the time or digits.

  • Anyone can easily read the large exact, bold digits.
  • With a count limit of 99 minutes, 59 seconds, it also acts as a stopwatch.
  • One of these timer’s distinguishing features is the retractable stand and hook, which can easily be used for tabletop use or hanged to hook. It is suitable for people who don’t have a refrigerator inside their or any metal surface.
  • The on/off switch ensures that you switch your timekeeper ofc properly after use without staying in a state of confusion.

8. OXO Good Grip Triple Timer

OXO Good Grip Triple Timer

As the name of the product mentions, the USP of the timer is the grip it offers, which wobble or pop off in the container.

  • This is a 100-hour digital timer which includes two AAA batteries.
  • The multiple timers let you track and operate three tasks at the same time.
  • The unique alarm sound for every timer section is distinguishable, and you will not be confused.
  • The LCD screen automatically converts to a clock when the timer is not active.
  • The angle face design makes it easy to see the time when placed on countertops or shelves.

9. Harbor  Digital Kitchen Timer

Harbor  Digital Kitchen Timer

An upgraded 2023 version of Harbor timer. This s a perfect solution for you to follow your new year resolution utilizing every second productively.

  • Children and grandparents can efficiently operate it. You just need to press ST/SP to start or stop. A press mode is provided to change it from the timer to clock and a clear button to reset time once it has been used.
  • An ideal timer for cooking, gymming, taking. Medicines in time or doing any extracurricular activity.
  • It’s strong magnetic gives a good grip, and the loud alarm is audible, making it the customer’s first choice.

10. Liorque Digital Kitchen Timer

Liorque Digital Kitchen Timer

An exclusive tool designed using the latest technology is easy to use. It minimizes your efforts to reset the countdown every time.

  • The shortcut setting mode allows you to set time quickly by pressing the available options 1H/5M /1S.
  • The custom setting mode is used to remember the common countdown time. To activate, you have to press the custom button for 2 seconds.
  • When the digital timer is not active, the clock mode becomes active. This is helpful as you don’t have to take your mobile or walk out of the kitchen to see the time.
  • The large 2.7 inch LCD, which displays clear and bold digits, can be seen from anywhere.

Also, its adjustable volume button lets one set volume according to their preference.

  • With 3 mounting options, you can place it on the tabletop, hang the timer on any hook or stick it on any magnetic surface/metal surface.

11. Secura Kitchen Timer

Secura Kitchen Timer

Sometimes you want to watch your favorite show but cannot do so because of the hectic kitchen schedule. Continuously, keeping an eye on your dish and walking out of the kitchen so as not to miss important scenes can be quite risky. Secura  Kitchen Timer is a perfect solution to this problem.

  • It is a premium mechanical countdown timer that doesn’t require batteries to function.
  • Along with the powerful magnetic backing panels, it has two foldable legs on the bottom to place it easily on desks or any flat surfaces.

12. DreamSky Digital Kitchen Timer

DreamSky Digital Kitchen Timer

A timer that displays clear back and red digits is an ideal choice for people who suffer from any eyesight problem. Reading small digits if you wear spectacles at a distance can be really painful and a headache.

  • Its retractable stand, hook, and magnetic backing panels allow you to place it in three different ways according to your convenience.
  • The small and lightweight timer is operated using AAA batteries. These batteries come in handy with the timer.
  • It gives the flexibility to switch from countdown to timer with a time range of 99 minutes 59 seconds.

13. BIZOEPRO 8 Channel Digital Kitchen Timer

BIZOEPRO 8 Channel Digital Kitchen Timer

The top and finest quality eight-channel Digital Kitchen timer is a versatile and durable timekeeper.

  • It is made of stainless steel, giving it a shiny appearance and making it a compact and durable product.
  • A specialized timekeeper which is ideal for supporting multiple cooking events at the same time.
  • The loud alarm chimes up to 70 dB for ensuring a clear sound.
  • With an elastic adjustment knob, you can adjust the stand angle.
  • In this timer, you can set up in a range of 99 minutes.

14. KitchenAid Digital  Kitchen Timer

KitchenAid Digital  Kitchen Timer

With a fantastic variety of kitchen gadgets for easy work, the latest digital timer is another high-rated tool that ensures good quality for long-lasting use.

  • It gives an assured hassle-free service with a lifetime limited warranty with the best technical support.
  • The large black screen displays digits that are easy to read.
  • It is ideal for cooking, baking, exercising, studying, and planning out everyday tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best kitchen timer?

Thermo Pro TM02 Digital kitchen timer is a long-lasting, durable, and user-friendly timekeeper. Its advanced features make it the best and reliable product. With the use of dual countdown, it keeps track of two functions at the same time. Also, the mode changing button converts to a stopwatch or click as required.

What is a good timer?

There are many good timers available for use in the kitchen, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include:

  • Digital timers: These timers are easy to read and use, with a clear digital display and easy-to-use buttons for setting the desired time.
  • Mechanical timers: These timers use a winding mechanism to set the desired time, and typically have a loud ticking sound to indicate the countdown.
  • Multi-function timers: These timers can perform multiple functions, such as serving as a stopwatch or countdown timer, and may have additional features like a clock or temperature display.
  • App-based timers: These timers can be downloaded as a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, and typically offer a wide range of features and customization options.

When choosing a timer, consider your specific needs and preferences, such as the type of food you will be cooking, the length of time needed, and any additional features you may want. Look for a timer that is easy to use and read, has a clear and audible alarm, and is reliable and accurate.

How do you set a kitchen timer?

Setting a kitchen timer is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps:

  • Find the timer button on your kitchen appliance, such as a microwave or oven. It may be labeled as “Timer” or “Clock/Timer.”
  • Press the timer button to activate the timer function.
  • Use the number pad to set the desired amount of time. For example, if you want to set the timer for 10 minutes, press “1,” “0,” and “0.”
  • Press the “Start” button to begin the countdown.
  • Wait for the timer to beep or signal that the time has elapsed.

If your kitchen appliance does not have a timer function, you can also use a separate kitchen timer, which typically has a dial or digital display to set the desired time. Simply turn the dial or use the buttons to set the time, and press the “Start” button to begin the countdown. The timer will beep or signal when the time has elapsed.

Setting a kitchen timer is a useful tool for cooking and baking, as it helps ensure that your food is cooked for the appropriate amount of time, preventing overcooking or undercooking

What is a kitchen timer used for?

The best kitchen timer is used to keep track of time when working or baking.  This makes the process easier and prevents the burning of food. This also saves the from being wasted and saves energy and time, leading to productive use of time.

Which is the best kitchen timer for baking?

WrenWane Timer is best for baking as well as cooking. For people who have any eyesight problem, the large clear, and bold digits make it easy to read, and the loud alarm rings up to 90 DB, which is audible.

Which is the best digital kitchen timer?

Best Kitchen Timer For Baking

Harbor kitchen timer, an upgraded version of the previous model, is the best digital kitchen timer. It is a reliable timekeeper for everyday use. Its strong magnetic force supports, and large screen display makes it easy to see the time. Also, the press mode allows the user to convert from the timer to the clock.

Which is the best kitchen timer for the hearing impaired?

It becomes difficult to listen to the soft alarm by people who are hearing-impaired. But, with the use of the OVEKI kitchen timer, you don’t have to get tense. Its loud alarm ring can be heard even in the next room and lets you stay tension-free from over-cooking or baking.

Which is the best non-digital kitchen timer?

The Amazon’s Choice and the bestseller, Albayrak Kitchen timer is best in the category of non-digital. Its enticing and shiny body is made of 304 stainless steel, making it water-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Which is the best kitchen timer with a clock?

OXO digital timer is the best kitchen timer with an in-built clock. The smart LCD automatically converts to a clock when the timer is not in operation.

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