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Multi Cooker

From the beginning of time, people have been using food to fulfill their daily needs to suffice the day. We all need energy for our body which can only come through eating food and other edible items.

Cooking can also be a great pass time as people also cook to ensure that they keep their mind focused while some cook to distract their minds from other happenings around. Food can be cooked in so many different ways. First of all, it depends on the type of food that we are cooking.

It could be vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food as well. While cooking veg food people generally boil them and heat them in a vessel. Nonveg food has so many different ways to cook food. They not only include boiling and heating but also various other mediums like frying and steaming which improves the healthiness of the food that is being cooked. One such effective way of cooking all types of food can be achieved through the best multi cooker.

Cookers being a good medium to cook

Now you may be wondering why a cooker to be so specific. A cooker has a lot of features that are not present on other vessels that are used to cook food.

Cookers are of various types but all of them are mainly used with one purpose in mind that is to make sure the items inside are cooked with the help of steam. Frying and other methods that are used need oil which makes the arrangement very unhealthy for people to eat.

The cooker simply uses steam to make it a very healthy and holistic meal to be eaten by anyone.

Working Principle

How to use • MultiCooker

Before you buy a cooker a lot of people might be purchasing one for the first time. It is essential to know the working of one of these cookers to get a better idea of what you would be intending to buy.

The best multi-cooker essentially works on steam. This is a very simple yet effective idea that runs the entire cooking process inside the vessel. Steam as you may already know is produced due to the evaporation of water. Hence, the vessel of the cooker has to be filled with water to generate that steam inside.

Now the items that have to be cooked are usually placed inside a separate vessel to be then fitted inside the main cooker vessel. The water surrounds the food and then the lid is closed on tightly across the top. The lid must be sealed and airtight to ensure that the steam remains within the main vessel and not get evaporated.

Once the steam is trapped inside the vessel, it uses the latent i.e. the existing heat leftover to slowly cook the food inside. Once the steam reaches the brim of the vessel and may result in the vessel being put under pressure it has a whistle. Once pulled, this whistle releases the steam and in the required time you can have your meal cooked.

Best Multi Cooker – Buying Guide

 The Choice Making Process

Now that you may have a fair idea of what you would be purchasing you need to look at the various items that match your search. These items are essentially picked out to be the best in their own given descriptions. One has to go through various other features and ensure that they are the best ones inside the choice-making process. The best multi cooker is a very hard choice and may require the person to take into consideration a lot of factors.

From our list, we have a plethora of items that may contribute to being the best multi-cooker that is available on the market. They must have a proper design when bought as well as the material that it is made from must be durable. The product must be able to withstand the heat and also have a sense of being airtight to prevent any steam from passing through it. A goof multi cooker must also not overheat and have a fuse that goes off in case it happens.

Factors to Look for While Purchasing the best multi cooker

Alike several other products that can be used on the market, this best multi-cooker has several statistics that have to be paid heed to before going about with the selection process. Below are some of the factors that play an important role while the user chooses his / her preference

Volume and size of the multicooker vessel

Cooking vessels are important to cook food for either one person or an entire family. The quantity is such an important factor while buying a cooking vessel because of the serving size. Bigger vessels tend to cost more money as compared to other vessels. Multicookers may have a lot of features but may also differ when it comes to the version differences that accompany the product.

The volume of the product is essentially measured in the terms of QT. A small cooking inner vessel could have a volume as small as 2 QT whereas a larger one could go up to 8 QT. The size could make a difference when it comes to size. Hence, size and volume play an extremely important role in the deciding process.

The Price Point

Best multi-cooker is known for the number of features that are packed into a single cooker. Traditionally, these cookers used to simply have a metal body and lid and were able to cook only white rice. However, with the introduction of technology the products have has a plethora of smart features added to assist the user in making the recipe they need.

The systems and parts used inside can differ too based on their heating rating. The best multi-cooker is what must be aimed for while buying. The new types of cookers come with LCD screens and have buttons that add to the budget. Some are still traditional in their approach to cooking. Depending on the need and your budget availability the final selection can be made.

The Material used to make the vessel

Best multi-cooker has various components that come in the set along with it. The body of the material has to be made with something that provides both durability and strength to the cooker. It must also be able to provide good insulation while being light in weight.

The inner vessel present must be made up of a material that is conducting in nature. The steam inside gives out heat which must, in turn, be absorbed by the inner vessel to be passed on to the contents inside. The materials generally used on the outside are stainless steel and plastic which allow the vessel to be light in weight. Aluminum or any other conducting metal is used for the interior.

The Colour/ Appearance

Every appliance that is used in the kitchen or anywhere in the house must have a pleasing aesthetic to it. This factor may not seem very important but does hold a lot of importance for people who wish to match their décor with the items on the list. The best multi-cooker has only monochrome colors such as black and steel grey. People might intend to look for more attractive colors which may not be available in all the different brands. This factor must be paid attention to before making the final choice.

Editor’s Top Picks Multi Cookers

You have now seen 4 factors that constitute the majority of the questions that may arise in your head before you go through and buy a multi cooker. The price point and quantity pose as the major factors whereas the appearance and material are secondary in nature.

1. MOOSOO 12 in 1 Electric Pressure Multi-Cooker

best multi cooker

The first multi-cooker on the list of our articles is one by the brand Moose. This is one product that breaks the bars when it comes to versatility. It has a good build and is also extremely light in weight to hold and place around. It can make a lot of items and cook with ease.

This stainless steel pressure pot that cooks for 6 can avail of the quart pressure cooking available. It is also very well sterilized to maintain hygiene. Some of the other features of our first product on the list are :

  • This electric multi cooker is essentially made up of stainless steel and has a coating on the outside to prevent any corrosion on the surface.
  • It has 12 programs that can auto cook different types of recipes that the user might want to have without any much problem.
  • It can use the various features that include slow cooking as well as an instant stir up to keep the food warm before serving.
  • It maintains the fact that cooking takes place 70% when compared to other types of cookers present on the market.
  • There is also a setting for the time which can cause a delay of an entire day.
  • The control panel present on the cooker makes it a very smart panel to operate. There is also a seal ring that can be removed off while assembling the set and also while dismantling it.
  • Stainless – steel is a special type of stainless – steel that is of the grade 304 and comes with a bottom of 5 – ply.
  • The cooker is dishwasher safe and can also be wiped very easily if there is not much dirt or stains on the surface.
  • There is a safety lock available on the cooker that keeps it intact.
  • This MOOSOO product comes with a warranty and a guarantee period of 2 years.

2. Shabu – Shabu Multi-Cooker

Shabu Multi-Cooker

Shabu – Shabu as a brand has not made many items when it comes to kitchen appliances and gadgets. However, it has done extremely well in this field of making a multi-cooker by producing a piece of quality. The brand has strived to ensure an easy operation for people who may use this. It is gray in color and made up of plastic that ensures it is very light in weight. All the other main features are

  • The SPT brand has a model name of SHABU – SHABU which presents itself as a cooker that is gray in color.
  • The body is made up of plastic due to which it becomes extremely light in weight to carry around and be mobile.
  • The operation of this system is extremely simple and lucid based on the instruction module that comes along with it.
  • There is a pilot light that indicates when the temperature can be adjusted and changed to improve the setting and accuracy of the model to be made.
  • The body has a stainless–steel outer coating that prevents any metal parts from corrosion due to the atmospheric conditions and moisture in the air.
  • It can be used as various other items which also include a hot pot and a steam machine for cooking various types of dishes.
  • The lid is made up of see-through glass which is durable and can also provide a seal to the steam coming out of the cooker.
  • Various accessories come along with it like a grill and a rack for keeping the steamed product. There is also a strainer in the form of a mesh in case any items involving water straining have to be cooked.
  • It also comes with a return period of 30 days and a personalized warranty.

3. Instant Pot Store Duo 7 in 1 Electric multi cooker

Instant Pot Store Duo 7 in 1 Electric multi cooker

A relatively newer multi cooker brand, Instant Pot, that comes in a lot of versions to go with it. This product has a sterilizer that keeps the cooker clean and safe to use at the same time. This version is that of an 8 QT with the style of a duo. Various programs involve a touch program to help in the upkeep of the recipes. Some of the other features that are present in this cooker are given as follows.

  • This product is touted to be one of the best-selling products in the United States of America which is built based on the technology of the 3rd generation.
  • The heating and temperature can be easily as well as maintain the time setting to keep the recipe according to the preferences.
  • The name itself indicates that it takes much lesser time to cook as compared to other types of multi-cooker which makes it one of the best multi cooker.
  • There are several programs that are present inside this machine that keeps the cooking of items easy and suitable to prepare.
  • Cleaning is not a hassle while using this cooer because of the material that does not allow fingerprints to be visible on the stainless-steel material that it is coated with.
  • The product also can be washed easily in a dishwashing machine.
  • The safety protection available on this product makes it extremely safe to use owing to the overheating protection that is provided by the product.
  • The 8 QT vessel has enough sizing to cook food which can suffice average servings for 8 people eating.
  • The inner vessel has stainless steel make as well as a bottom which is made up of 3 – ply.

4. Zavor LCD and LCX Multi-Cooker

Zavor LCD and LCX Multi Cooker

A product that is available in 2 different versions of the colors black and steel comes with a screen that makes it extremely unique to use. There is a great use of technology in this product which keeps it up to date in terms of the technologies surrounding us at this time. The product is entirely made up of stainless steel except for the screen which is made up of plastic. Some of the other main features of this product are

  • Stainless steel and black are the 2 color options that are available for this version of a cooker.
  • One can cook various types of dishes without much rush and still get a lot of good quality recipes through them.
  •  There are around 33 settings that are programmed and placed inside the cooker to aid the making of the types of recipes.
  • White rice has a special setting on this cooker which can be accessed through the screen present on the front portion of this cooker.
  • There is also a function which is known as flex that can allow the user to use this high-tech cooker as a simple traditional cook pot.
  • One might also want to steam and prepare to sauté vegetables and other items in this. We can do this by simply using the sauté function that helps the cooking by setting the temperature right.
  • The screen is LCD and also displays the setting that you have chosen to keep the cooking process on. There are also a few buttons that aid the navigation process.
  • This product is ETL-approved and keeps the lid tightly sealed. It comes with a 1300 W cooking power as the maximum version that serves 8 QT.
  • The product has a warranty period of 1 year.

5. Cuckoo Multi-Cooker

Cuckoo Multi-Cooker

Now as we move forward on our list we come across a product that has the nature to be used as a dual cooking product with ease. We usually view cookers as items that use steaming entirely and have a very different way of cooking compared to traditional pans.

This product includes air frying which improves the adaptability of the product which makes it the best multi cooker. Some of the other features of this product are as follows :

  • The product is made up of stainless steel and is available in 3 versions when it comes down to the colors. They are Black, White, and Steel Grey.
  • This cooker has an analog screen that helps display the time of cooking as well as some buttons on the side that helps navigate through the various menus.
  • The cooker has a total of 11 programs that are programmed into the main setting of the product.
  • This brand has used over 40 years of research to include a lot of features which also include the making of yogurt in a simple cooker.
  • The stainless steel that is used in the production is of the best quality available that is the 304 grades of stainless steel.
  • There is a good heat distribution throughout the product which makes the cooking a far easier job along with the airtight seal.
  • Cleaning this type of cooker is not much of a hassle as it contains a small button that releases water to clean the internal part of the cooker.
  • Safety is of utmost importance which is why there is a pressure control system to prevent any mishaps. There is also a fuse to prevent overheating and a potential fire hazard to the workspace.
  • A few components are also included with the set that is the scoop for measuring the rice quantity and a manual for helping the user to set the product up at home.

6. Consort Multi-Cooker

best multi cooker

A product that is made up of sheer elegance is the product presented by Consort itself. This item is a little on the bulky side but comes with a lot of features that make it great to use. The quantity of the product is that of 6 QT. The color is a different hue of steel and has a few extra coats that add to the style quotient. Some of the other features of this cooker are:

  • The quantity of this product is 6 Qt. This indicates that the product might be suitable for being served to 6 people with average serving portions.
  • There are 11 different types of features that surround this product and help to cook the recipe of your choice.
  • The inner pot has dimensions of 14 x 10 x 6 (all measurements are in inches) and the outer body has dimensions of 17 x 11 x 9 (all measurements are in inches) which allows it to fit anywhere in your storage as well as a kitchen.
  • The material of the interior is non-stick in nature which makes it very easy to clean. The seal on the top of the lid can also come off after the first use.
  • There is a function to store the food inside this cooker as well to keep it warm after a certain time for the user.
  • The temperature settings can easily be modified and range from 86 – 400 (all temperature settings are measured in Fahrenheit).
  • The slow cook feature is also great as it allows the user to spend time making the recipe according to the requirement.
  • One can also fit the other gadgets that come along with the set into the cooker when not in use to save storage space.
  • All the items in this product are UL as well as FDA approved.
  • The product does have a 2 – year warranty which is made up of 1 free year and can be extended by another year by paying a little more money.

7. Black + Decker Electric Multi-Cooker

best multi cooker

This last product on our list is from one of the most reliable brands on the list. It has been involved in the business of making food appliances for a very long time. This product has a very elegant and sleek look that goes for it along with the numerous features that are added. This product has black capping and a stainless steel body to keep the look very traditional in nature. The material on the inside is made up of aluminum to help the heat conductance and provide uniform heating throughout. Some of the other features are:

  • This product ensures that the food is cooked very quickly and saves up a lot of time going around with the other chores.
  • This cooking pot has 7 different features that it can act as while not being used as a cooker to steam white rice.
  • This product is one of the best multicookers because of the various pressure functions that add another layer while preparing other recipes.
  • Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to the brand of Black + Decker, hence they have included 9 safety features to go along with the product.
  • Overheating is prevented by the fuse present. Aluminum is used as the material to make the inner vessel to improve the heating conductance.
  • The capacity of this cooker is 6 QT. and the weight is barely 4 pounds which makes it easy to place around and move.
  • There is a cookbook that is included along with other features like a measuring cup for rice and a cooking bowl made up of non-stick material.
  • The product ensures a warranty of 1 year for the product as well as a 30-day replacement after arrival if not damaged.

We have now had an overview of all the different types of best multi-cooker that are present on the market today. These are made up of all the items that have the best reviews. Let us now look at a few questions that are frequently asked by the users before buying this product. These may solve any other doubt you had about the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best multi cooker?

Choosing the best multicooker is a very hard choice and may require the person to take into consideration a lot of factors. From our list, we have a plethora of items that may contribute to being the best multi-cooker that is available on the market. They must have a proper design when bought as well as the material that it is made from must be durable. The product must be able to withstand the heat and also have a sense of being airtight to prevent any steam from passing through it.

A good multi cooker must also not overheat and have a fuse that goes off in case it happens. Several features come into consideration while ensuring that the user gets the best multi-cooker on the market. The Blacks + Decker Multi-Cooker and the Cuckoo Multi Cooker are the best multi-cooker on the market thus far.

Are multi-cookers any good?

People would first ask this question without knowing what the best multi-cooker exactly is. When people go out and traditionally lookout to buy a cooker they simply want one that can cook enough rice with the help of some steam. However, when there is a new technology in the market, people have realized that they can club different types of cooking experiences in one simple machine. Cookers now can cook way more than just rice, if you are looking for a rice cooker you can check out Best Aroma Rice Cooker which is a great option to consider.

People use them according to their requirements and there are various settings available on them to aid this. The other features include safety and the easy cleaning process which helps save time and energy. People these days are all about saving space and time. The multicooker is a perfect example of how one can use technology to help them achieve better results in a lesser amount of time.

Can you roast in a multicooker?

A question that may require further context while being answered. The best multi-cooker uses steam as a medium to cook. The steam provides latent heat to the rice or any other food present inside the inner vessel. This allows the food to be cooked without direct contact with any type of fire.

Roasting is generally involved with being set on a fire and being heated and charred. This feature might be possible with some of the more powerful multi-cookers that have a higher power rating to produce an effect like that of a fire used for roasting.

What is a multi-cooker used for?

A multi-cooker is basically used to cook various foodstuffs by having them steamed inside with the help of electricity. There are so many other features that come into play when we have the best multi-cooker that is being used by us. The cooker can also preheat the vessel to certain temperatures based on the recipe chosen by the user.

Some settings could enhance the user experience with the help of a screen. The safety levels are also very high considering the electrical hazard. Hence, a multi-cooker can be used for many things just as the name suggests.

Air fryers vs multi-cookers

When deciding between an air fryer and a multi-cooker, it ultimately comes down to your specific cooking preferences and needs.

Choose an air fryer if you value speed, convenience, and crispy, fried-like textures. Air fryers are ideal for those who want to enjoy healthier versions of their favorite fried foods with little to no oil. They are also suitable for smaller households or individuals who cook in smaller portions.

On the other hand, if you seek versatility and the ability to perform a wide range of cooking tasks in one appliance, a multi-cooker is the way to go. Multi-cookers offer various cooking methods such as pressure cooking, slow cooking, sautéing, and more. They are perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with different recipes and require a larger cooking capacity for family-sized meals.

Consider your cooking goals, the types of dishes you frequently prepare, and the available space in your kitchen when making your decision. Both air fryers and multi-cookers have their strengths and can be valuable additions to your culinary arsenal.

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