The Evolution Of Ice Cream Scoops: Materials And Shapes Through The Ages


The ice cream represents one of the most popular sweets for people from all over the world. You can find it in different forms and with all sorts of ingredients. It is especially popular in areas with higher temperatures. It is not a surprise considering that it is a perfect refreshment during summer.

The interesting fact is that the roots of this delicious snack go back to ancient times. Some of the first models of ice cream were made in Persia. Also, making and keeping it cold was challenging until the 20th century and the development of refrigerators.

Lucky for us, things are quite simple these days. You can buy it in almost every store, and there are many interesting recipes for making it at home. There is also a great selection of ice cream makers that you can use. You can also get a discount for this device if you check out CapitalOneShopping.

Moreover, we all got used to typical forms used today, such as a wooden stick and a cone. However, things were not always the same, and there were many changes made during the long history of this snack. Here are some interesting facts about the history of ice cream.

Early Ages

As we already mentioned, making ice cream and keeping it frozen was not so simple before the development of freezers. Producers had to secure ice all the time. The market emerged during Roman Empire, with a developed trade of ice from the Alpine mountains.

During this time, the first scoops were also invented. They were made out of metal and wood, with the goal to make it easier to serve this delicious candy. It is interesting that the impact of Roman recipes for ice cream made an impact on modern recipes popular in Italy.

wooden scoop for ice cream

For example, the main difference between gelato, the Italian version, and typical ice cream, is that the first one has more milk, no egg yolks, and more ice. A lot of people claim that this is a much better combination. Also, it is healthier since it contain less fat and sugar.

When it comes to the shapes and materials used for spoons, we can notice a clear difference when compared to other cutlery, even when it comes to tools that are made thousands of years ago. Some things are the same when we compare it to modern tools. First of all, there was a longer handle and a round shape that was making it easier to serve the ice cream.

The biggest evolution in the field is seen in the 19th and 20th century, with the development of new technologies and industries, and the introduction of specialized metal scoops that makes it quite simple for anyone to serve this snack.

Most Common Materials

Scoops for Ice Cream

It is not a surprise that for a long time, the only most common material was wood. It is cheap and simple to make a scoop out of it. There were many types of metals used in different cultures. However, there was always a problem with acidity, where most types of metal will react to different ingredients, which leads to corrosion. The only metal that was resistant back in times was silver. Still, only wealthy people could afford that.

On the other side, things started to change in late 18th century with the development of stainless steel. This material is perfect since it can whistand the acidity of lemon and other ingredients that could lead to corrosion.

There were many interesting inventions made in the US during the 19th century. A couple of manufacturers introduced specialized combinations of fork and scoop made out of stainless steel that were perfect for serving and eating the ice cream at the same time.

During this period, the plastic was also introduced on the market, and it quickly became very popular due to its low price. With the development of freezers, large producers could provide a lot of ice cream to stores. It was common to have ice cream in a plastic bowl, and many of them contained plastic spoons and scoops in them.

Modern Times

Ice Cream Scoops

Things are quite simple today since we can use all kinds of materials for serving and eating this delicious sweet. One thing that is very important is the raised awareness that plastic is not the best option due to health concerns. In that matter, stainless steel and wood remains to be the best solutions.

Modern metal scoops can provide smooth experience when serving since the surface is not sticky, and you can create a perfect round shape. Also, there is a handle that you can hold while collecting the ice cream, and simply release a perfect ball of sweet icy snack. Moreover, wood is very popular in to-go stores. If you don’t like the con, you will get it in a small plastic box, and with a wooden spoon that makes the experience even more special.

There are many other materials used these days. People are trying to find an option that is more eco-friendly and sustainable but healthy at the same time. One of the best examples is bamboo, which allows the creation of great scoops that are cheap and efficient. There are even some versions of edible spoons.

The best part is that you can always play around with different options. If you are selling ice cream in your store or bar, introduction of interesting details can bring you more customers. You can choose different forms and sizes of scoops, while additional boxes and spoons can make it even more attractive.

Last Words

The evolution of scoops was essential in the development of one of the most popular sweets in the world. The goal is to have the ability to create a perfectly round shape while the ingredients won’t stick to it. Even though there is a large production where you can buy it in a box and eat at home, a lot of people still prefer those small stores where you can find great recipes and eat them in a more traditional way.

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