12 Best Electric Can Opener For Seniors 2023 – Work Smart Not Hard

Easy to use Electric Can Openers for Seniors

Admit it or not, aging is a natural and inevitable process. In the first half of your life, you are young and capable of doing almost every physically demanding task. But during the second half (give or take a few years), you won’t even be able to do a menial task like opening a can with a normal can opener!

And, to solve this particular dilemma of senior citizens, numerous companies have now come up with electric can openers. So, what makes the best electric can opener for seniors? This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

Smart Can Openers – Effortlessly Open Cans with Ease

Next up, we have 5 of the leading electric can openers manufactured by 5 different brands to help you choose the best electric can opener for your dear ones.

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener with Easy Push Down Lever

The first electric can opener on this list is from the brand Hamilton Beach which is known for its remarkable, long-lasting, and reasonably priced products. So, let’s see what features this product packs.


  • It has a fashionable and sleek chrome & black design that fits any décor.
  • It is compact and has a cord that is long enough to easily function when placed on a countertop but not long enough to tangle and mess up.
  • It uses the side cutting blade to prevent any spillage of food contents.
  • It also has a pair of scissors at the back.
  • It does not produce jagged edges on the lid and is hence safe.
  • After connecting the cord to a power supply, just push the lever down for the blade to start working and pull the lever up to let the can loose.
  • It does not produce a disturbingly loud noise while functioning.
  • It is the best can opener for arthritis-affected people.

2. Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener


The second product on this list is from a very popular home appliance brand named Cuisinart. It has many eye-catching features that make this appliance a favorite amongst the crowd.



  • It is available in different price ranges with four colors to choose from – black, silver, stainless steel, and white. (the name of the model is different for each)
  • This has an extra-wide base to prevent slipping or sliding.
  • It also has an automatic shut-off feature.
  • It packs a removable activation lever (to which the blade and magnetic lid holder are attached) for easy cleaning.
  • This product is capable of handling any can size.
  • Cord has a reasonable length.
  • The product has a 3-year warranty.

3. Oster Electric Tall Can Opener

Oster Electric Tall Can Opener

The next product is from a well-known brand named Oster. This one is also recommended by many people due to its appearance and features.


  • It has a sleek stainless steel finish that beautifies the countertop.
  • It also has a powerful magnetic lid holder.
  • It has a built-in knife sharpener at the back.
  • It has a convenient cord storage option.
  • It has a removable lever for easy cleaning.
  • This product also has an automatic shut-off feature.
  • It has a quiet and powerful motor.
  • It also comes at a very reasonable price.

4. Handy Can Opener: Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener

Handy Can Opener: Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener

The fourth product on this list is a portable electric can opener that runs on batteries. Due to its compact design and functionality, this one has been a hit amongst its customers.


  • It has an automatic shut off feature.
  • It runs on 2 AA batteries (not provided by the seller).
  •  It is long-lasting.
  • It works on a variety of can sizes.
  • It is also very easy to hold.
  • This is the best can opener for arthritis affected people. It requires minimum efforts to use.
  • It does not leave behind sharp or jagged edges on the removed lid.
  • It can be stored wherever you want.

5. Kitchen Mama Mini Electric Can Opener

Kitchen Mama Mini Electric Can Opener

The final one on this list is from the brand Kitchen Mama. It may be surprisingly small and compact but it does not compromise with its functionality at all.

Also, it has a lot of attractive features and is available at a great price.


  •  Extremely compact, portable, and can be stored wherever you want.
  • Three cute colors to choose from – blue, red, and purple.
  • They have to be manually switched off.
  • It is very easy to operate and can be used by small children and seniors alike.
  • It does not leave behind sharp edges on the lid.
  • It is also very easy to clean.
  • It works on 2 AA batteries. (not provided by the seller)
  • It has a 1-year warranty.

Electric can openers are very useful for everyone. The manual openers are very tiring and cumbersome to operate for the young people, let alone the old with arthritis and other weaknesses.

Although every company offers a warranty and other promising features, there are a few tips which you should follow while handling can openers. These suggestions are for enhancing the long-lasting effect of these products.

  • If you are operating the non-portable electric can opener, remove the power cord before removing or cleaning the parts.
  • Clean the units regularly with hot soapy water.
  • Handle the blades (if they are not secured properly) carefully because they are quite sharp.

These are the main things you need to keep in mind after you buy the best electric can opener for seniors so that it can last longer and simplify your chores.

Best Automatic Can Openers for Seniors – Buying Guide

 Apart from understanding the factors that help us zero down to the best electric can opener, we will also take a look at 5 of the market’s best can openers from which you can choose the best one for yourself or any senior citizen you know.

Normal age-related limited abilities aside, old people face health problems like arthritis due to which they become weak and dependent. Hence, devices like electric can openers give them a sense of freedom and autonomy while doing day-to-day household chores.

But, there are a lot of similar-looking products out there with different features. So, the first thing is to know how to choose the best can opener for seniors.

Well, here are some of the important factors to make the process easier for you.


The first thing that needs to be decided is whether you want a portable electric can opener or not.

Do you want to go near the opener to get your work done or do you want it working where you want?

Generally, portable electric can openers are smaller in size and light-weight. Also, they run on batteries and do not have to be plugged in for every use. So, they can be used anywhere. Many of them also have a magnet which prevents the lid from falling off. And some even offer a safely hidden blade to prevent any accidental cuts and injuries.

You know what? To seal the deal, they are pocket-friendly too. Literally and metaphorically!

But, if you want a can opener that has a designated place on the kitchen platform and does not move here and there unnecessarily, you could go for the non-portable electric can openers. Though they are heavier, they are not much expensive and also have a design and finishing that matches any sort of kitchen décor. So, you can show them off even when you are not using them.

And they don’t even need any battery to start working!

Cord storage option

Cord storage option - Electric Can Opener

Some of the heavy-weight electric can openers have a cord storage option. Using this built-in option, you can easily store the can openers away in your cabinets post their use.

While there are many great options for senior-friendly electric can openers, if you’re looking to save counter space, you might also want to consider our list of the top space-saving under-cabinet options.


Electric can openers come in a variety of colors. So, if you are color-specific and insist that you do not want your device to stand out like a sore thumb in your kitchen, this will be a factor you will take care of as well.

Additional features

Additional features - Electric Can Opener

Many of the electric can openers also offer additional features like knife sharpening tool and bottle/jar opening tool. While the latter can be found in both heavy-weight and portable electric can openers, the first tool is generally offered by heavy-weight can openers.

Another feature is the side cutting tool due to which metal filings from the edge of the can-lids will not enter the contents of the can. Hence, when you have an electric can opener that has this feature, you don’t have to worry about your grandma or grandpa eating metal-seasoned food.

The material used for the manufacture

The portable electric can openers are generally made of plastic and the heavy-weight openers are made of steel or stainless steel. Although, some parts of the latter might be made of plastic. So, do check wisely.

Anyway, as both types of openers are good at their job, choosing the best electric can opener for seniors based on this criterion is pretty insufficient.

Removability & Washability of the cutting units

Removability & Washability of the cutting units

When we buy a product, we all hope it will last long. But, part of this long-lasting effect depends on how well we maintain it. And, an important step in maintaining an electric can opener is washing its units regularly after their use.

For that, the units have to easily removable. Only then can we wash them. But don’t worry. Most of the products have a removable blade or cutting lever that can be easily detached and washed.

But, the heavy-weight can openers with the side cutting tool don’t have to be cleaned as often because they do not directly come in contact with the food inside the can or the jar.

You can also make your post-cooking cleanup smoother by checking out our guide on maintaining cleanliness while cooking.

Auto shut-off feature

This feature stops the can opener after one round of cutting the lid. So, you don’t have to keep looking at the device until its work is complete so that you can manually switch it off.

Coupled with the magnetic lid holder, this feature could be useful to everyone (especially someone who is doing a lot of chores together).

So, when you are looking for the best electric can opener for seniors, do check if it has this option. It will be of great help to your old ones.

The above-mentioned points are more than enough to help you sort through the thousands of can openers available in the market. So, when all these factors are on your checklist and you give special attention to each of them, nothing can stop you from buying the best electric can opener for seniors and that too, at a reasonable price!


These are the answers to a few commonly asked questions about the best electric can opener for seniors.

How does an electric can opener work?

How does an electric can opener work

An electric can opener works by using a small motor to rotate a gear, which in turn rotates a blade around the rim of a can. The blade cuts through the metal and creates a clean, even edge, allowing you to remove the lid with ease.

When you place a can in an electric can opener, the device typically has two arms that hold the can in place while it rotates. The motor then powers the gears, causing the blade to rotate around the rim of the can. The blade is usually sharp and designed to make a clean cut, which means that you won’t have any jagged edges or metal shavings in your food.

Most electric can openers have a magnet built into the arm that holds the can. This magnet holds the lid of the can in place as the blade cuts through it, preventing it from falling into the can and creating a mess.

Once the blade has completed the rotation around the can, the arms release the can, and you can remove the lid. Some electric can openers have a lever or button that you can press to release the arms and remove the can more easily.

Where should I buy the best electric can opener for seniors?

Electric can openers can be bought from shops or e-commerce

websites. But, there are higher chances of fraud or dissatisfaction in the

latter. But the plus point the latter offers is that you can compare the

reviews about the products from worldwide users.

What are the main uses and functions of an electric can opener?

The main function of an electric can opener is to open cans quickly and easily. It is a useful kitchen gadget that eliminates the need to manually open cans with a hand-held can opener, which can be time-consuming and require some physical effort.

Electric can openers are especially helpful for people with mobility or grip issues, as they can operate the device with the press of a button, without needing to apply pressure or force. They are also helpful for people who have a large volume of cans to open, such as in commercial kitchens or during food preparation for events or gatherings.

Electric can openers are available in a range of sizes and styles, from small, portable models that can be easily stored in a kitchen drawer to larger models that can open cans of varying sizes. Some electric can openers also come with additional features, such as a knife sharpener or a bottle opener, making them a versatile tool in the kitchen.

Final Words

In summary, the best electric can opener for seniors offer a smart and efficient solution to the challenges faced by older individuals when opening cans. With user-friendly interfaces, enhanced safety features, and long-lasting durability, these devices empower seniors to maintain their independence and perform daily tasks with ease.

By embracing these technological advancements, seniors can work smart, not hard, and enjoy the convenience and simplicity of opening cans effortlessly.

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