12 Best Juicers Under 100 2023 – Quality Meets Affordability

Affordable juicers with excellent performance

In this busy life of ours, we always are running, and sometimes on fumes. We all could agree that most of the time we ignore the fact that our body isn’t getting the right amount of nutrients.

It’s quite evident that we can’t squeeze the right amount of fruits into our daily diet, nonetheless, those are the sine qua non. So how do we solve this dilemma?

What could be a better way to get the extract all the needed energy from the fruits and make it yummy and easy to consume. One sip at a time.

Everybody needs a little juice, eh?

Top Budget-Friendly Juicers

1. 34oz Citrus Juicer CJ625, by BLACK+DECKER

34oz Citrus Juicer CJ625, by BLACK+DECKER

This compact yet fascinating product by BLACK+ DECKER is in many ways the first choice for people who don’t want to crash their extra berry. The 34oz features two self-reversing cones.

They rotate both ways and squish out all the nectar out of the fruits.

You can use the small cone for fruits like tangerine, oranges, and lemons, and the large one for bigger fruits, like grapefruit. Weighing just over 2 pounds this compact juicer has all the right features you could want. Neat cord storage, so that you don’t get tangled, easy to read markings in the jar, an amazing adjustable knob to control pulp, and a storage cover to keep your juice clean and hygienic. It’s one of the best juicers under 100$.

Some Key Features of this juicer that makes it different from all the other juicers:

  • A 30-watt juicer with a 1-liter capacity.
  • Auto reversing cones, with 2 sizes.
  • Drip-free Container.
  • Adjustable Pulp Control.
  • Extra Pulp basket ensuring nothing gets wasted.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Easy to Clean.

2. Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine 67608A

Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine 67608A

Hamilton Beach products are not any run of the mill appliance, they surely live up to their name.

The Pro Big Mouth Centrifugal Juicer Machine will value every dime spent on it. Be it fruits or luscious green vegetables, the HB Pro will just give you a healthy, nutrient-rich drink in no time and with the utmost ease. The aesthetic neat looking machine is quite affordable and available at a budget-friendly price which you won’t ever regret.

Some interesting features of this product that make it stand out are:

  • The big 3” mouth makes it easier for any fruits or vegetables to get easily juiced. Also, it effortlessly squeezes the ingredients for you and maintains a continuous flow.
  • An extra pulp bin makes sure that you don’t have to pause again and again to empty the pulp.
  • The 600 ml juice cup is included to serve you an instant drink.
  • 800-watts of unmatched power get your glass full in no time. And we all know, time is money.
  • Very easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.
  • Serves you with more juice and less pulp.

3. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra B07D3C6NVL

Mueller Austria Juicer

Mueller Austria is well known for its sleek ultra-modern design. And not just the looks, the powerful 1100 Watts machine competes with the elder, bulkier and expensive brothers and delivers results akin to them.

The stainless steel design, packed with modern and splendid features, gives you the run for money and provides you with seamless service and nutrition for your family for the whole day.

Also, the juicer helps you with detoxing and keeps the energy levels high which reduces the chances of diseases, cholesterol levels, and keeps your skin fresh, healthy, and glowing.

The top features of the juicer are listed below:

  • The Juicer comes with dual speed versatility, ranging from 12000-18000 RPM. Hence, it can be used for desired kinds of fruits or vegetables including leafy greens, grasses, sprouts, and herbs.
  • The materials used in the juicer are BPA free which means they are very healthy and the parts are easy to detach and reinstall, which makes the cleaning process snappy.
  • It is precisely engineered and comes with 2 years of domestic warranty.
  • The juice yield is comparably higher than other products in this price range.
  • Prevents all the natural flavors from using the mastication process, without having to pay the extra buck.
  • It comes with a built-in thermal cut off switch, so you don’t have to worry about the hazards.
  • Comes with additional pulp and juice containers.

This is one of the best juicers under 100$ you could find in the market. It is easy to use and is available at pocket-friendly prices.

4. Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer B083L ZB81 by BEXTCOK

Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer B083L ZB81 by BEXTCOK

Bextcok had updated its 2019 model to bring us the brand new higher efficient juicer. This 2023 model gives a much better juice yield. The brand boasts giving 10% more juice and 15% more minerals than the previous models as it uses an 8-segment spiral technology. The low-speed motor retains up to 95% of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

All these functions are done by this juicer with utmost silence as it is one of the quietest juicers in its price range.

Bextcok also claims all the materials used are certified by ETL and FDA. So, using this product gives you the ease of mind experience. It’s one of the best juicers under 100$.

The top features of this juicer that make it different from all the other juicers are:

  • Save time as it is very quick.
  • Very easy to use and clean.
  • Auto-Stop feature when machine clogs or overheats, making things very safe and easy to handle.
  • Very reliable as the brand provides lifelong assist.
  • Security lock on the container keeps your juice very safe.
  • Upgraded U-shaped pulp outlet.

5. DORINI 2 in 1 Masticating Juicer & Citrus Juicer

DORINI 2 in 1 Masticating juicer and citrus juicer

This 2 in 1 DORINI Masticating Juicer is a perfect choice for everyone out there. It serves you with 100% delicious and organic best juicers under 100$ extracted from all types of fruits and vegetables. The system of the juicer is enhanced with a 7 segment spiral system with 80 RPM.

These slow juicers are responsible for maximum juice yield, low oxidation, over 90% of Nutrition Growth, without indulging in heat and friction. The best part about these juicers is that they reserve vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables without foaming and clogging.

The quiet motor and proper filtration system in this juicer promote the extraction process. The juicer has two cones one is for smaller food items whereas the other one is efficiently used for larger food items. The smooth motor guarantees that it won’t wake up a sleeping person and is easy to prepare healthy and nutritious juice for children. This would be one of the best juicers under 100 on any day.

Key features of this juicer that make it stand out are:

  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Prepares nutritious juice of large as well as small fruits and vegetables.
  • 22+ Db and 59 Db noise in citrus and masticating mode respectively make it feasible to use it anytime and anywhere.
  • Perfect value for money.
  • Reliable and comes with 2 years of warranty.

We hope this article would help you to clearly understand what you would be needing to know and check before buying any juicer for your kitchen. Given, above are the best juicers under 100$ you could find anywhere.

With all the ultra-modern standards and proper easy, these companions would surely help you to have a nutrient-rich diet every day.

Quality Juicers at An Affordable Price – Buying Guide

Quality Juicers at An Affordable Price - Buying Guide

So, we bring you a list of the best juicers under 100 bucks to help you start the day with a fresh and enriching drink.  But before that, you must look into these factors before buying the right juicer for your needs.

Some Factors To Check Before Buying

  • Speed: All the juicers work at different speeds determined by the RPM (Revolution Per Minute). Thus, the speed of the juicer affects the nutrition quality of the juice produced. In a fast rotating juicer, the rotating centrifugal mesh will break down large quantities of food particles in the form of juice. High-speed juicers can automatically dump the pulp in a separate container. Thus, quickly and efficiently serve you with your juice without extra effort.
  • Nutrition: A juicer with a low RPM value produces less heat and oxidation protecting added nutrients in the process. When we’re buying this product then nutrition has to be the keep point in our mind. A proper breakdown of the fruits and vegetables to extract all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the juice is the basic requirement.
  • Yield: Lesser the pulp residue, the better the amount of juice and nutrients obtained by the juicer. A good juicer is one that has a powerful motor simple design and takes up minute counter space. Also, it should produce less noise and is easy to use and clean. The most important thing is that it should have the ability to extract juice from the soft varieties of food.
  • Versatility: Some juicers are meant to produce juice whereas some are multi-purpose juicers that can mince, grind, and do other things too. Some juicers can be good for small fruits and vegetables but too small for larger types of fruits and vegetables. Also, some juicers are double cones in which there are two separate cones. One cone is designed for small quantities of food items and the other is designed for large quantities of fruits and vegetables. A juicer needs to be noise-free. Also, it should be convenient to assemble, use, and clean.
  • They’re not always the same: Keep in mind the type of juicer that would serve your purpose. Like our choices differ, so do the kinds of juicers. So, you must thoroughly read the specifications of the juicer you would be buying. Also, you must understand the type (centrifugal or masticating), power usage, and most importantly compatibility of the fruits and vegetables before filling up your cart.

Masticating juicers are ultra-modern and have a plethora of features to flaunt. They give better yield, retain many nutrients, and are compatible with almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The centrifugal juicers have also developed to match it’s elder brothers. Nonetheless, masticating will be a bit more expensive than centrifugal juicers. Citrus juicers are mostly used to juice onions, lemons, and members of the same family.

They are compact, small, and have limited facilities. We hope this article helps you to find the right choice of best juicer under $100 for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a masticating juicer and a centrifugal juicer?

A masticating juicer, also known as a slow juicer, operates at a slower speed and uses a chewing or grinding method to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. This process helps to retain more nutrients and results in a higher juice yield. On the other hand, a centrifugal juicer operates at a high speed and uses a spinning force to extract juice. This process is faster but can result in more oxidation and a lower juice yield.

What fruits and vegetables can I not put in a juicer?

While most fruits and vegetables can be juiced, there are a few exceptions. These include bananas and avocados, which are too soft and will result in a puree rather than a juice. Also, it’s best to remove hard pits from fruits like peaches and plums before juicing.

Can I juice the peel of fruits and vegetables?

It depends on the fruit or vegetable. Some peels, like those of cucumbers and apples, are fine to juice and contain additional nutrients. However, you should avoid juicing the peels of citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, as they can be bitter and contain indigestible oils.

How long can I store fresh juice?

Fresh juice is best consumed immediately after it’s made to ensure maximum nutrient content. However, if you need to store it, it can be kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. After this time, the juice will start to oxidize and lose its nutritional value.

Can I use a juicer to make smoothies?

No, a juicer and a blender serve different purposes. A juicer extracts juice from fruits and vegetables and separates it from the pulp. A blender, on the other hand, blends all the ingredients together, including the pulp, resulting in a thicker smoothie-like consistency.

Is it worth buying a juicer if I already have a blender?

It depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer clear, pulp-free juice, then a juicer would be a good investment. However, if you don’t mind a thicker, smoothie-like drink, a blender should suffice.

What are some good juicer brands?

Some popular juicer brands include BLACK+DECKER, Hamilton Beach, Mueller Austria, BEXTCOK, and DORINI. Each of these brands offers different models with various features to suit different needs and budgets.

Final Words

In conclusion, investing in a good juicer can be a game-changer for your health and lifestyle. It’s an easy and efficient way to ensure you’re getting the necessary nutrients from fruits and vegetables, even on a busy schedule. With a variety of options available under $100, you can find a juicer that fits your needs and budget.

Whether you prefer a masticating juicer for its nutrient retention and high juice yield, or a centrifugal juicer for its speed and convenience, there’s a model out there for you.

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