Top 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holder 2023 – Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Magnetic knife holders are trendy nowadays. It is not only a space saver, but offers convenience, and safety as well. This unique way of storing knives gives you the chance to display your stunning collection and becomes a perfect addition in your kitchen decorations.

Life is simpler and easier when you get rid of the need for storage spaces like the drawers or extra space on the counter.

The best magnetic knife holders are effective since most knives have metal in their blades. The design is strong enough to hold the weight of a common kitchen knife. You will find it in different variations such as material composition, size, and lengths.

If your goal is to organize your kitchen nicely with less space consumed, it is time to consider the best magnetic knife holder.

Magnetically Organize Your Kitchen with These Knife Holders

The magnetic strips or knife holders in my review list guarantees to be the best sellers and earned the most positive reviews from customers worldwide. They are also highly recommended by distributors basing on quality, performance, and reasonable price.

1. Modern Innovations 16” Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

Modern Innovations 16” Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

Like any other magnetic knife holder, Modern Innovations bar is multipurpose. You can utilize it as a holder for other kitchen utensils, tools, and even serves as an art and home supplies organizer.

This bar composes of strong magnets and within a stylish, satin-finished, high-quality stainless steel that would match any kitchen decors you have at home. The heavy-duty knife rack has a fully magnetic surface powered by neodymium magnet that permits the holder to withstand even your largest knife to hang safely and securely.

If you notice, the magnetic strip length that extends to give more space for additional knives. The advantage of using magnetic strips is its versatility to fit in many nooks and crannies in your kitchen working space.

Upon buying, this product comes with mounting hardware and clear instructions. The actual length of this bar is 15 and ¾”.

If you do not like drilling on your wall, you can use Velcro strips or mounting tapes.

2. Ouddy 16” Magnetic Knife Holder

Ouddy 16” Magnetic Knife Holder

Do you know that Ouddy Magnetic Knife holder or bars prioritize safety in mind? With the top quality stainless steel material, it features a powerful magnet. The sleek and modern space savings designs leave your countertop and workbench open to more extra space and just go with any kitchen decors and personal style.

The durable knife rack holds your knives securely, thus providing safety and security to your family especially kids.

Since it is SS, this rack will never rust and lose its magnetic charge even after countless cleaning. In fact, it is not only easy to store the knives but easy to take them down as well. Upon purchase, this product comes with mounting hardware and user-friendly instruction manual.

The easy installation aids in organizing your kitchen quickly.

Although I am sure that this knife holder will meet my expectations, I am happy to let you know that Ouddy guarantees a full refund or replacement in case you are not satisfied with it. The multifunctional and practical holder is indeed a universal holding tool for your kitchen.

3. Norpro 12” Magnetic Bar Tool Bar

Norpro 12” Magnetic Bar Tool Bar

With its 12” length, Norpro is also a bestseller in providing the most practical knife storage. It allows you to store your knives and other kitchen utensils that are conveniently within your reach and save space at the same time.

Magnetic knife holder is indeed a perfect alternative to using drawers and blocks. Besides, magnetic bars protect the blades from damage and dulling.

This product comes with two extra strong magnetic strips that can hold the cutlery securely but easily release them as well. The backside material is made of cypress wood (3/4” thick and 2” wide) with two pre-drilled holes for quick attachment.

I assure you that the backside is extremely smooth so that you will not have a hard time in case you decide to use adhesives. You can get creative and use the magnetic bar for holding other things like the car keys, scissors, office, and craft supplies, or even serves as your spice rack.

The purchase includes screws for installation and is excellent anywhere in your kitchen, office, or garage.

4. Norpro 18” Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bars

Norpro 18” Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bars

The secure grip and easy release magnetic knife holder is compact and convenient that sums up being a practical magnetic knife rack. As another Norpro creation, the high quality and gorgeous aluminum material match well with the kitchen decoration with class and modern touch. The display of your knives and other utensils shows how organized your area is and how efficient you are when cooking.

The aluminum magnetic knife bar is not only suitable for your kitchen but also to other areas like the workshop and the garage. Know that the use of magnetic holders can prevent blade damage that is common when using drawers and knife blocks. This product features a permanent extra strength magnetism, heavy quality, and installs easily with its screws that come with the purchase.

Lastly, the extended length allows you to store more knives or utensils for maximum use and space saved. However, the size is still compact enough to fit in any nook at home.

5. Chicago Cutlery 14” Magnetic Knife Storage Strip

Chicago Cutlery 14” Magnetic Knife Storage Strip

Dimensions for this magnetic knife strip is 14” x 1 ½”. Magnetic strips are great for organizing your kitchen and other areas at home. Although the primary use of this rack is for knives, this is useful for garage and offices as well. Not only that it is safe for chefs, moms, and kids but it also enables you to move around the kitchen with convenience.

Place the magnetic storage strip anywhere that is easy to reach for quick and easy cooking. Mount it on the kitchen wall either with the use of adhesive or with screws. All hardware needed for installation comes with the purchase.

Take note that both end caps are removable for installation. Although there is no instruction manual provided, it is so straightforward to do so. Lastly, Chicago Cutlery offers a lifetime guarantee for defective parts and workmanship. One advantage of using magnetic strips is the easy visibility of your utensils and prevents accidental cuts compared to storing it inside the drawers.

6. HMmagnets Fridge Applicable 17” Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

HMmagnets Fridge Applicable 17” Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

This professional double-sided knife strip for refrigerator knife rack/bar has a powerful magnetic pull force that holds the knives in place without slipping or shifting and guarantees security and safety. Unlike the other products,

I mentioned above, this magnetic knife holder has heavy-duty magnets on both sides that can easily attach to the wall or simply at your refrigerator or any other steel surface in your kitchen. HMmagnets ensures to calibrate each product so that it can securely hold knives of any weights.

The simple but elegant modern design is of high-quality stainless steel fits any modern kitchen style.

Notice that the bar design floats on the side of your fridge or on the wall in the purpose of hiding the magnets and mounting screws. Unlike knife blocks that is full of germs, this magnetic knife holder is hygienic and allows each knife to stay clean edge, sharp and dry while safely stored away from kids.

Say goodbye to germs, cuts, or pokes in the attempt of pulling dulled and scratched knives from your drawers.

7. Ouddy 22” Magnetic Knife Bar

Ouddy 22” Magnetic Knife Bar

Another Ouddy creation, this 22” magnetic knife bar/storage strips, holder or rack ranks top quality allowing you to hang your knife collection on your wall and saves valuable space at the same time. Being visible and easy to access, its convenience at reach. This is just a simple solution getting rid of your knife block and make use of the extra space. This is suitable to be mounted anywhere or any surface at home, but keep in mind to stay it out of reach of children.

Besides being a practical alternative in storing knives and other kitchen utensils, you can also give this as a great gift for chefs and moms. All hardware needed for installation is already included upon your purchase. This is so easy to install and guarantees that the knives stay in place and will never slide off. Lastly, Ouddy offers 100% full money-back guarantee making it a risk-free purchase.

8. WoodSom Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip

WoodSom Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip

This type of magnetic knife strip is an 8” solid wall mount wooden knife rack or bar. The wood surface has a strong hold and protects hanging objects, keeping the knives sharp for a long time. The large surface area allows holding more items when needed, and the magnets have a strong pull all over.

The product is of all natural wood and finished with food-safe oil.

This knife holder idea saves kitchen space and is ideal for small homes. Notice that it has a solid, secure mounting from the front face that will not jiggle loose.

All hardware needed or mounting kit for installation onto drywall or cabinets are included upon purchase together with a user-friendly manual. If you are looking for a great gift for moms like you, this product is ideal.

Remember to lightly coat with butcher-block oil occasionally to keep it robust.

9. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder by PremiumPresents

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder by PremiumPresents

This 17” knife strip or bar comes in a gift box that enhances your kitchen backsplash wall with its beautiful bamboo wood texture. The extremely powerful magnetic force keeps all metal products attached anywhere in the surface because it guarantees no dead zone.

Although this knife holder has a powerful magnet that keeps the knife in place, it is easy to fetch it as well. The 17” bar has a thickness of one inch.

Do you know that bamboo is durable than any other wood because it absorbs moisture? The fact is it is harder than maple but lighter than Oakwood.

Besides, it does not stain and does not absorb odors as well. The product is easy to install by simply putting two drywall anchors on the wall before hanging the bar.

Use it anywhere you need it or give it as a gift for families and friends.

10. Eco Kitchen 12” Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

Eco Kitchen 12” Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

This magnetic knife strip wall mount comes with four (4) hooks for easy installation. It is adjustable to slide in any position you want and is removable as well. This premium quality product is of high-grade stainless steel materials that features a powerful Neodymium magnet.

It is famous for never rusting nor lose its powerful magnetic charge. Rest assured that it is made of eco-friendly materials.

The modern heavy-duty design has a long double-sided magnetic surface powered by strong magnets allowing even largest knives to hang securely and safely instantly on the walls. The magnet holders have a super slim design that will match your kitchen decors.

Rated as one of the best kitchen tools used by top pro chefs, this knife holder saves space and provides easy access when working in the kitchen. Lastly, your purchase is a 100% full money back guarantee.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing a Magnetic Knife Holder?

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing a Magnetic Knife Holder

Honestly, this magnetic knife holder is something new to me. My knife block seems to be fine still the last time I checked, but I find this product interesting and practical to have. Since I am about to do my overdue kitchen renovation, I might as well try something new.

Convinced that the best magnetic knife holder is much better, I make it a point to learn first the important aspects to look for upon buying one.


I used to think that steel is the best metal when it comes to knife holders until now. However, the fact that it is less costly does not justify the need to buy the kind since, as I knew, it also is not the safest at the same time.

I found out that hardwood material for a magnetic strip works better because the metal is composed of powerful rare earth magnets that hold the knives more secure. You may also discover that some products have bars of different hardwood materials for your stylish kitchen.

Know that the power and strength of the magnet is a vital feature of this product. I would definitely do not want my knives to drop! If you fancy the wooden surface, its advantage is of less maintenance and scratches.


Do you know that the surface of a knife holder can be made of metal, wood or plastic material? Hence, see what type of strip suits best in your kitchen style. Choosing plastic holders could mean a lower price, but sadly, they are not as durable as the others are.

The best surface material for knife holders is wood since it has the classic aesthetic there is. Therefore, you will not mind even it shows a higher price.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing a Magnetic Knife Holder - Design

Length and Size

Magnetic holders are not just limited to holding knives but for other kitchen equipment as well. Therefore, the market offers various sizes to fit any use that it may serve in your kitchen. Lengths that you usually at stores range from 10-20 inches. However, you can find other sizes too.

I bought two sizes of magnetic knife holders at home. The larger one holds my knife collection, while the smaller size works well as key holders, pot lids storage, and even serves as my recipe book holder.


Check the fastener that you think will work well and last long for you. Some magnetic knife holders use screws as fasteners, others only require glue. As much as I want to use the screw type for safety purposes, I chose the one that only uses glue to attach it on the wall. I cannot afford to drill holes on my tiled walls.

Why Is the Best Magnetic Knife Holder My New Choice of Storage?

Why Is the Best Magnetic Knife Holder My New Choice of Storage

A magnetic knife holder is a popular storage option for kitchen knives. It is a wall-mounted strip with a strong magnetic field that holds your knives in place. Here are some reasons why a magnetic knife holder could be the best choice for you:

  1. Space-saving: A magnetic knife holder takes up very little space on your countertop or in your kitchen drawer. It allows you to free up valuable counter space and keep your knives organized in a compact, easily accessible manner.
  2. Safe and secure: With a magnetic knife holder, your knives are held securely in place, which reduces the risk of accidents. Unlike a traditional knife block where the knives can become loose or fall out, a magnetic holder keeps your knives in place and within easy reach.
  3. Hygienic: A knife block or drawer can collect dirt and debris over time, which can contaminate your knives. A magnetic holder keeps your knives off the counter or in a drawer, reducing the likelihood of contamination.
  4. Stylish: Magnetic knife holders come in a variety of materials, including wood, stainless steel, and acrylic. They can be a stylish addition to any kitchen, adding a modern and sleek touch to your decor.
  5. Easy to clean: A magnetic knife holder is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Unlike a knife block or drawer, there are no hard-to-reach corners or crevices where dirt and debris can accumulate.
Magnetic knife holder ​Knife Block Under the Cabinets ​Drawers
Storage Space: No Impact Takes up space No Impact No Impact
Convenience: Excellent Poor Moderate Moderate
Hygiene: Excellent Poor Moderate Moderate
Security: Poor Poor Moderate Excellent
Cost: Average Average Expensive Average

Final Thoughts

There are two important advantages when using the best magnetic knife holder. It saves space in your kitchen counter and gives easy access to your knives when working at home. If you still love your knife, block or is still use the drawer as knife storage, now may be the time to start a change.

Magnetic knife strips or bar is a design that suits a modern and practical kitchen.

If you plan to buy one, check out the best sellers in this review list. Good luck!

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