12 Best Orange Juicers Available in the Market 2023 – Boost Immunity

Healthy Orange Juicers Available in the Market

It is a widely believed fact that the real treasure for a human is his own body. Perfect health leads to a balanced mind and success follows. So naturally, to maintain good health we try many things like exercises, yoga, diet, and what not! But, what if I tell you that all of this is possible with a simple orange juice? Yes, the best orange juicers oranges juice has many benefits which almost helps in many of our health-related issues.

Orange juice has some vital antioxidants, folates, micronutrients like Vitamins A and C, Potassium, etc. Vitamin A helps in maintaining good eyesight while Vitamin C strengthens bones, gums, and improves wound healing capacity. On the other hand, folates help in DNA synthesis.

Potassium is very important to regulate blood pressure, heart diseases, and strokes. So on the whole, one glass of orange juice boosts immunity, bone strength, digestive health, and cardiovascular systems. Well, there’s another interesting factor to include orange juice into our diet i.e. weight loss.

Yes, weight loss is another important result of consuming orange juice. Not to forget the fact that it also improves hair strength, orange juice is the favorite beverage to many. With all these in mind, we’d want to include orange juice in our routine right?! But manually preparing the juice is very time consuming and messy too. Now comes the deal breaker – the best orange juicers!! None would avoid thinking about this option in this fast-moving world.

Top Healthy Juicers for Your Oranges

1. Cuisinart Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

Cuisinart Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

From being simple to use with a nontoxic and durable body to give the maximum quantity of juice with minimum juice, the Cuisinart Citrus juicer is undoubtedly one of the best orange juicers available for household usage.

Its key features include the following.

  • The Cuisinart juicer comes with an adjustable reamer with high, medium, and low pulp controls.
  • For better juicing, it also offers an auto-reversing universal juicer cone.
  • To extract more juice from the pulp, it offers the final spin feature.
  • To prevent excess waste and have more glasses of juice, it offers an additional Final Spin Feature.
  • Not to forget the quality and durability, it comes up with Stainless Steel Body easy to clean and dishwasher safe body parts.

2. Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer

Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer

Zulay professional juicer is one of the best choices for professional use. This juicer can be used for any kind of fruit with no seeds which makes it even more useful. As it is a manual press juicer which involves some physical activity, it is one of the best orange juicers which not only gives the maximum quantity of juice but also an exercise for flexible hands!

Its features include:

  • Hand press extractor made of heavy-duty and durable cast iron.
  • It comes up with a metal body including an anti-rust coat which helps in avoiding slippery damages.
  • Easy to clean as the parts are detachable.
  • Can also be used for a wide range of fruit varieties.

So, if you’re owning a restaurant or running something professional and require a juicer, the Zulay Professional Citrus juicer is undoubtedly one of the best choices available in the market.

3. Breville 800 CPXL Motorised Citrus Press

Breville 800 CPXL Motorised Citrus Press

Breville juicer offers industrial strength for both personal and professional use with the least noise and maximum quantity of juice. It doesn’t require the holding of the fruit in place and also works with many other fruits making it a deal-breaker out there. Providing the best quality of juice as and when required, if you’re looking for the best orange juicer for both personal and professional purposes, you’d want to consider the Breville Motorised Citrus Press.

The Breville Citrus press offers the following features:

  • It comes with an acid-resistant Die-Cast cone and Stainless Steel body which It’s one size fits all juicing cone and offers a one-year warranty.
  • As it uses harmless stainless steel for the body, the cleaning process becomes very easy.
  • With minimum power consumption, it produces the juice within no time.
  • It offers a whisper-quiet motor due to which noise level is almost negligible.
  • One coarse stainless steel presser and cord storage are the additional benefits from this juicer.

4. Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer

Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer

Vinci Citrus juicer is a simple one-button press juicer that works not only with oranges but other fruits like grapes, lemon, etc. It is easy to use and clean doesn’t require many manual tasks and consumes minimum power.

Other features include:

  • It offers two pulp filters high and low which regulate the pulp quantity.
  • BPA free Tritan Plastic juicer bowl which can be used to store the juice.
  • It comes with a stainless steel body that is durable and easy to clean as well.

With its easy to use and extremely efficient features, it comes up with a warranty of up to one year offering fresh orange juice every time used which is why the Vinci Citrus juicer is one of the best choices available.

5. Black Decker 32 oz Citrus Juicer

Black Decker 32 oz Citrus Juicer

Black Decker Juicer is an electrical juicer with a 32oz capacity. As it requires less space, it can be used anywhere in the kitchen or dining making it one of the best orange juicers of its kind available in a wide range of colors. Black Decker has a clear view container made of durable plastic material helping in increasing the accuracy.

Other features include:

  • It’s auto-reversing juicing cones feature helps in maximum juice extraction.
  • It comes up with marking on the juice container which makes it easier to make new recipes.
  • With its dual purpose cones, it offers multi-purpose functionality by not only extracting orange juice but also almost all the types of fruits of the Citrus family.
  • It offers an adjustable pulp control feature as per the user’s requirements.

6. Chef’n Fresh Force Table Top Citrus Press

Chef’n Fresh Force Table Top Citrus Press

This citrus press works on all kinds of citrus fruits and produces more quantity of juice with less effort. Coming up in an affordable range with multi-purpose functionality, using this juicer makes everything easy with almost no mess. These factors bring Chef’n Citrus Press into definite consideration in the best orange juicers present.

Chef’n Citrus Press comes with the following features:

  • It has easy to use pull-down leaver and integrated spout which directly squeezes the juice into the glass.
  • Offering a stainless steel body with a compact design, it is easy to use, clean, and occupies less space.
  • It doesn’t crush the pitches of the fruit thereby reducing bitterness.
  • Due to small size, it easily fits into the kitchen counters after usage.

7. Lukasa Manual Orange Juicer

Lukasa Manual Orange Juicer

To all those who look out for manual juicers, Lukasa Manual Juicer is probably the better choice. As it doesn’t require any power, the ingredients are not heated up and retain their nutritious value completely.

The features that make this juicer stand out to include the following:

  • As it uses spiral extrusion technology, the wastage is reduced up to 15% compared to other varieties. This also increases the use of fruit and yields more produce.
  • Because of its convenient storage, it prevents dust accumulation in the juice.
  • Also, it is easy to use and clean because of its simple body.
  • Lukasa Juicer uses food-grade plastic and stainless steel body which helps in retaining the odor and taste of the juice, making it even better out of all the available best orange juicers.

8. Drizom Citrus Squeezer

Drizom Citrus Squeezer

This is another type of manual juicer wherein we get up to 20% more quantity of juice than the usual quantity. As it is easy to carry, it can be taken along during camping as well.

Some of the features of Drizom Citrus Squeezer are:

  • It is made up of food-grade ABS material and stainless steel with an anti-slip silicon base making it more durable.
  • This juicer is easy to clean and also occupies less space.
  • Drizom Squeezer also includes a measuring cup which increases the ease of use while making recipes.
  • It’s 12- tooth reamer technology extracts the maximum quantity of juice leaving its mark among the best orange juicers in the market.

Well, these are some of the best products which are easily available on amazon.com. Each kind of user is the best of its kind and can be chosen as per our requirements. Laying our hands on the best orange juicer available in the market isn’t a difficult thing to do, thanks to modern technology. Just by understanding what are the important points to be considered while buying and choosing the best alternative, our job has become easy in this giant web of the internet!

Whenever we know about something, there are some questions in everyone’s mind. Let’s see some of the general questions with their answers.

Healthy Homemade Orange Juice – Buying Guide

Healthy Homemade Orange Juice - Buying Guide

Factors to consider while buying it

1. Simple to use:

To maintain pace with the ongoing busy world, we need something that is not complicated, messy, or time-consuming. A juicer that is simple to use and easy to clean comes in handy and the best available choice too.

2. Size:

Space is another constraint to us as there are many things to be organized and well placed. Also, proper arrangement helps in proper maintenance too. So a juicer that occupies less space yet gives the best results saves the day.

3. Power Consumption:

We do not prefer anything that consumes more power as it can lead to shocks or even increase our electricity bills too! At the same time, the appliance has to be given the power necessary to give good results. So choose the best orange juicers which consume considerably less power within the safety standards.

Factors to consider while buying juicer - Cnsumption Power

4. Durability, Quality, and Warranty:

This is one of the important factors to be considered while buying anything as such. We don’t want to buy the same thing again and again right! so we naturally check for the more durable one. When we talk about durability, the first thing that comes to mind is its warranty.

Warranty is a natural factor to look for everything that we buy as we definitely won’t prefer investing more that is required for anything that is bought. A juicer that is more durable and offers more warranty is a better choice to look for.

5. Noise:

A day started peacefully boosts our mind and gives better results in everything that we do. Loud noises at any point in time – morning, afternoon, or in the evening would disturb mental peace. So naturally, a noisy juicer is not our cup of tea. A juicer working with minimum noise but gives better performance would be the better choice.

6. Quality:

QualityFactors to consider while buying juicer - Quality

This is one of the important factors to be kept in mind while buying the best orange juicers. Some of the material used to build the juicers might be toxic to our body or can have dangerous side effects. So be careful with the quality of material used for the juicer.

I guess I’ve made your choice easier by discussing the factors to be considered. Now, I’ll make it even easier by listing up the best products available on amazon.com as per people’s choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a manual and an electric orange juicer?

A manual orange juicer requires physical effort to extract the juice. You typically cut the orange in half and press it onto a reamer, turning it to squeeze out the juice. An electric juicer, on the other hand, does this work for you. You still cut the orange in half, but the machine turns the reamer for you, often at a much faster rate, and some models even apply additional pressure to extract more juice.

Can I juice other citrus fruits with an orange juicer?

Yes, most orange juicers can also juice other citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and grapefruits. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on the size of the fruit and the design of the juicer. Some juicers come with different sized reamers to accommodate different fruits.

Is it better to peel the orange before juicing?

For most juicers, you should cut the orange in half but leave the peel on. The peel helps you hold the orange and press it onto the reamer. However, you should remove the peel if you’re using a type of juicer that requires you to input the whole fruit.

Does an orange juicer also extract the pulp?

This depends on the design of the juicer. Some juicers have a pulp control feature that allows you to adjust how much pulp ends up in your juice. Others have a strainer that catches the pulp, allowing only the juice to flow through.

How long does freshly squeezed orange juice last?

Freshly squeezed orange juice is best consumed immediately for the highest nutrient content. However, it can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two days. After this, the juice may start to ferment and lose its fresh taste.

Can I use an orange juicer for commercial purposes?

Yes, there are orange juicers designed for commercial use. These are typically larger and more durable, with faster motors to juice large quantities of oranges quickly. They are also designed for easy cleaning, which is important in a commercial setting.

What should I do if my orange juicer stops working?

If your electric orange juicer stops working, first check if it’s plugged in and the outlet is working. If the juicer still doesn’t work, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer service. If your manual juicer breaks, you may need to replace it, as they are typically not repairable.

Final Words

In conclusion, orange juice is a powerhouse of essential nutrients and antioxidants that can significantly contribute to our overall health. From boosting immunity to aiding in weight loss, the benefits of consuming orange juice are numerous. However, the process of manually extracting juice can be time-consuming and messy. This is where orange juicers come into play.

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