10 Best Kitchen Sink Strainer 2023 – Say Goodbye to Clogs

Kitchen Sink Strainer top picks

No matter how small and simple a piece of equipment is, it will create discomfort at home when it does not work as expected. Those sudden problems are a huge impact on your daily activities. The experience will teach you to be more careful in selecting what to buy.

A kitchen sink strainer, for example, is one of those necessities that you cannot just take lightly. Without this, your life would be difficult. But having one that does not perform well, can be very stressful. You should keep in mind that choosing the right product is an assurance of anxiety-free living.

Do you want to know what leading brands offer the best kitchen sink strainer there? Learn points that you need to consider in choosing the product and pick what is right for you!

Top Solutions for a Cleaner Kitchen

1. Fengbao Kitchen Sink Strainer

Fengbao Kitchen Sink Strainer

Fengbao two (2) pieces kitchen sink strainer is made of stainless steel material for a dependable structure and rust-free service. Of course, this product is dishwasher-safe, or you can easily wash the strainer with warm soapy water to maintain the mirror finish shine and lasts for a long time.

This product suits best to sinks that you often use on a daily basis like in busy restaurants or at home for a big family. Fengbao sink strainer withstands heavy usage and offers long-term protection against clogging.

Its micro-perforation measures 2 mm diameter holes that make it an effective anti-clogging shield. This means that it lets liquid flow flawlessly into the drain while blocking the food particles.

This stainless steel sink strainer fits mostly all of the drains and garbage disposables available, and it is efficient in straining even the smallest bits of food. It measures 4.5” overall diameter and 2.75” micro-perforated bowl part that is contoured by a 2-ply metal sheet flat rim to rest over the sink’s drain.

When the strainers arrived at the home, it looks exactly like in the picture, and as I tried using them, I was happy to see that even though I pour too much water on it, it does not float up. It stayed fastened unless I pull it up. The edges are a little bit sharp but not enough to hurt you.

It is not also bothering to see that the water does not splash up when it hit the strainer. The holes are big enough to let the water pass through. If you want to know, it fits well in my shower drain as well!

  • Stainless Material
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to Clean
  • Micro-perforation
  • Remember that the edges are a bit sharp. Be careful not to cut yourself during the cleaning
  • It functions solely as a strainer


2. OXO Good Grips Kitchen Sink Strainer

OXO Good Grips Kitchen Sink Strainer

There should be a reason why the OXO kitchen sink strainer is the existing Amazon’s choice! The silicone sink strainer comes with a stopper and proves to be very effective in trapping food debris. Now, you will no longer be having a problem calling the plumber again. The stain-resistant silicone underside is a design with the purpose of keeping your sink free from scratches.

The dishwasher-safe strainer has a flexible silicone and smooth stainless steel material that easily protects your sink pipes. The silicone basket is easy to clean and is useful in trapping food scraps thus preventing clogs and protecting your pipes at the same time.

If you want to empty the strainer, simply lift up the center post, invert the basket into your trash bin or compost, and place it back into the sink. The soft but sturdy silicone inverts easily during debris removal.

OXO sink strainer construction handles even the busiest kitchen sink there is and fits most standard and garbage disposal-equipped sinks. Hence, you can utilize it as a garbage disposal strainer as well. You can wash it by hand without the fear of cutting your fingers. The outer rim is made of stainless steel material that matches the color of your sink.

The strainer measures 4.5” outer diameter, 3” inner diameter, and an estimated 2” deep. The holes are small enough not to let rice grains pass through. If you are curious about it, hot boiling water will not damage or deform silicone material so no need to worry about it. It even stays in place while you are washing.

This product is heavy-duty, easy to clean, rust-free, and simple to use.

  • Strainer and a Stopper
  • Flexible Silicone Basket
  • Stainless Steel Rim
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust Resistant
  • Silicone underside for a scratches-free sink
  • It has the tendency to catch food particles at the edges area
  • Since it is silicone, an unpleasant odor lingers if not cleaned properly


3. EverFlow Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer

EverFlow Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer

Do you need to replace your kitchen sink strainer? EverFlow Kitchen sink basket strainer proves to be the best replacement for standard drains. The product construction is a very hardwearing stainless steel body with a chrome-plated fixed post and a rubber stopper to close the drain. It operates with a spring steel closure.

I consider this anti-clogger very efficient in trapping food debris in your sink with its 32 bar holes on the basket that drains liquid flawlessly. This strainer is easy to clean and stain-resistant as well. Just lift the basket to empty it from the food scraps and place it back after. Just turn the post, so the bottommost line up with the drain opening and slides down, engaging the seal.

Also, dishwasher safe, this strainer or stopper (plug) works well depending on which way you want to use it. With its simple design, it seals well and is easy. Just push the center down to switch it from a strainer to a stopper and rotate it to 90 degrees to switch it back to the strainer. Take note that standard drains measure 3 ½ inches and this replacement basket fits on it so well.

It is speedy and stress-free to install and easy to clean too. What’s more, the strainer has a silicone underside that protects and will not scratch the sink basin. Check the item and find the stylish look that matches your kitchen elegance. The package includes a basket strainer with a metal post, rubber stopper, lock nut, and washers.

This kitchen sink strainer is superior in quality that makes it easy for you to stop the flow of water and open it back to let it flow again.

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Chrome-plated hard plastic post
  • Strainer and a Stopper
  • Easy to Clean
  • Stain Resistant
  • Rust Resistant
  • Silicone underside for a scratch-free sink
  • Center post material is chrome-plated hard plastic
  • The strainer plops into a stopper position in just a slight movement
  • The center part is not adjustable


4. RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Sink Strainer

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Sink Strainer

This wide-rim stainless steel (18/8) sink strainer has tiny precision pierced holes that permit water to drain freely while catching food scrapings and other rubbish that cause blockage in your drain and pipes. It certainly adds flair to your bar with its up-to-date design and charm.

The wide rim measures 4” that sits flush with the bottom of the sink. The intensely drawn smooth rounded bottom of the strainer measures 1” and it fits inside most sinks, as well as garbage disposals.

The precision pierced sink strainer is essential for every single kitchen to protect and keep your drain clog-free. Hence, when perfecting your bartending or cooking skills, having this dependable strainer surely will give you uninterrupted time to practice. Not only that, but it also enhances the quality of your kitchen.

This sleek and beautiful kitchen tool is highly functional because it is of superior-quality stainless steel with a polished mirror finish. The product is a smooth, corrosion, rust, and stain-resistant surface that is easy to use and clean.

Since it has a smooth exterior, it cleans faster, and you will find it easy to rinse or wipe away food particles. The strainer measures 4 3/8” in diameter at the top, and 2 ½” in diameter at the bottom, and the cup is approximately an inch down.

I like it, even more, when it stays in place even when dumped with a lot of water in the sink. It does not float up and lets the food bits spill down the drain.

  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Precision Pierced holes
  • Polished mirror finish
  • Corrosion/Rust Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • No center post is available
  • It fits the sink drain precisely that you will have a hard time taking it out without the use of your fingernails or anything that can pull it out


5. Joie Quack Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket

Joie Quack Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket

This froggy sink strainer fits all standard-size sink drains to prevent stressful clog-ups. With stainless steel material and ABS plastic (not flexible or rubbery), it resists rust and lets water flow through freely while it catches unwanted food debris at the same time. The product measures around 4.5” in diameter at the rim and 1.25” deep which is ideal for kitchen and bathroom sinks, laundry and workshop utility sink drains, and garbage disposals. It is simple to use and easy to clean as well.

The basket strainer works by simply placing it into the sink trap to catch food scraps. Empty it anytime you want and rinse it to clean. Take note that this is not dishwasher safe. Hence, clean it by hand using warm, soapy water when needed. The design does not function as a stopper so it will not hold water in the sink.

The strainer’s hard plastic material is durable enough to last longer, and as you can see, the silver color is the stainless steel part. You do not need to worry about discoloration since just a little bit of bleach, and running water brings back the brand-new look of the strainer. I like the color and the design since it is bright and cheery, making me happy while washing my dishes.

The frog at the bottom is so cute and useful as well. In time, it comes loose and is hard to reattach. The bright side is, you can buy a new one and replace it again. However, as a downside, the silver collar that extends beyond the drain opening functions as a seal. Hence, it is keeping the water pool around it after turning off the water.

  • Stainless Steel and Hard plastic material
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice and Cheerful design
  • The froggy can easily detach after a long time of washing the dishes
  • The stainless steel rim seals the whole circumference thus blocking some water to pass through the strainer


What to consider when looking for the best kitchen sink strainer?

Best Kitchen Sink Strainer

Searching for the best kitchen sink strainer is not complicated. Below are the important factors that you need to consider to ensure picking up the right item. I came out with the criteria based on my personal needs.

  • Material: Of course, sink strainers are frequently exposed to water since it functions as a shield and holds the food debris so as not to pass through the drain. It must be rust-resistant and durable to last for a long time. The best material for this product should be stainless steel, silicone, plastic, or a combination of the three.
  • Size: Be careful in buying strainers. First, you need to know the exact measurement that will fit your sink drain. The right fit is vital so that it will stay in place even water is pouring down on it.
  • Cleaning: The strainers must be easy to clean if not dishwasher safe. It should be easy to install after each cleaning as well.
  • Features/Functions: It is an advantage if you pick a strainer that functions as both a strainer and a stopper. Although it depends on your need, I thought that having both in one item is convenient.
  • Design: You may already have your own preference in mind while searching for the best kitchen sink strainer. Various designs give you a wide range of selections. One crucial design that you need to prioritize is the size of the holes of the strainer. Make sure that it is not large enough to let bigger bits of food pass through.


Why do I need a kitchen sink strainer?

A kitchen sink strainer prevents clogs in your sink drain, which can be a real nuisance to clear out. It also helps to keep your pipes and plumbing system in good condition, reducing the risk of damage and expensive repairs.

Are all kitchen sink strainers the same size?

No, kitchen sink strainers come in different sizes, so it’s important to choose one that fits your sink drain properly. Most standard sink drains have a diameter of 3.5 inches, so it’s best to choose a strainer that matches this size.

Can I install a kitchen sink strainer myself?

Yes, most kitchen sink strainers are designed for easy installation and can be installed without the need for professional assistance. However, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully and ensure that the strainer is properly fitted to avoid any leaks or other issues.

What materials are kitchen sink strainers made from?

Kitchen sink strainers can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, plastic, and silicone. Stainless steel is a popular choice for its durability and rust-resistant properties, while silicone strainers are more flexible and can fit into a wider range of sink shapes.

How do I clean my kitchen sink strainer?

Most kitchen sink strainers can be easily cleaned by simply rinsing them under running water and wiping them down with a cloth. For more stubborn debris, you can use a soft-bristled brush or a mild cleaning solution. It’s important to clean your strainer regularly to prevent any build-up of bacteria or other harmful substances.

Can I use a kitchen sink strainer with a garbage disposal?

Yes, most kitchen sink strainers are compatible with garbage disposals and can be used in conjunction with them. However, it’s important to choose a strainer that is designed specifically for this purpose and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid any damage to your disposal unit.

How often should I replace my kitchen sink strainer?

The lifespan of a kitchen sink strainer can vary depending on the material and frequency of use. However, it’s a good idea to replace your strainer every 1-2 years to ensure that it is functioning properly and to avoid any build-up of bacteria or other harmful substances.


Have you decided which one you like most? For me, the best kitchen sink strainer must meet my expectations as stated in my buying guide. It should be useful in catching food debris and must be easy to detach and put back after cleaning. Do you know which one is my personal pick?

I love the OXO Good Grips Kitchen Sink Strainer product. I find the silicone easy to handle while cleaning and the fact that it can serve as a strainer and a stopper is a big plus to me. I will surely save by cutting off my plumbing expenses. How about you?

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