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Strainers for pasta

A strainer is a regular household device that is used to separate liquid materials from solid through its holes. It can be of many forms ranging from a spatula-shaped medium seized to a basket-shaped bigger size depending upon the uses.

It helps to drain the liquid from the food which is usually water in households and used for separating water from pasta, it’s used for sieving the tea, separating the juices from the fruits in juice stalls, usually in every household. Thus, makes it the best pasta strainer.

Types of pasta strainer:

Pasta Strainer

Its two variants are available in the market or online shopping sites. One is ‘bowl or cone-shaped’ and the second one is ‘mated pot.’ Bowl or cone-shaped strainers are the traditional ones, but mated pots are slightly modified with time.

Ways to Use a strainer in cooking:

  1. To drain water: One of the most basic uses in everyday households is draining the water from the food and a strainer is widely used for this very common purpose. Water gushes out of its tiny poles while separating the solid food from the liquid.
  2. To separate the pulp: In juice parlors as well as houses, when we make any kind of juices, we need a strainer to separate the juices from the pulp after the grinding. Electric juicers are getting popular among people nowadays, however, a strainer can be an economical partner of a small business owner like juice sellers and it’s an inexpensive device that can be conveniently used in each household, whether you can afford a juicer or not.
  3. Straining food: A medium-sized bowl-shaped strainer has multi-purpose uses. It can be used to clean the vegetables, to make cottage cheese by straining the excess water from the cheese, to make tea, etc.
  4. Blanching and steaming: A colander or a bowl-shaped strainer can be used in blanching and steaming. Usually, the best pasta strainer is one that has a long handle that can be used for anything (food) warmer than usual to get rid of any kind of head injury.
  5. Sifting flour: A fine strainer with meshed holes is usually used to sift flour or make tea. The tiny pores of these strainers help break up any lump in the flour and aerate it at the same time pushing it through the ho
  6. Clean your food: A strainer has an efficient role in the kitchen for cleaning vegetables, rice which is small grains, and many more with minimum effort and wastage. The strainer allows the food to not wash away during the washing.

Best Pasta Strainer – Buying Guide

pasta strainer buying guide

Strainers have different aspects and sizes according to the purpose of usage. While buying a strainer one must be aware of the particular features that come with different kinds of strainers, from which one can select one which serves their purpose.

Features that make it the best pasta strainer

  • The material used: The most common material used in strainers of all sizes is stainless steel. As it’s easily sterilized and resistant to corrosion. We can also find the plastic and silicon made strainers which are cheaper than the stainless steel ones, however, the longevity of the plastic products, while used in handling heat, can be questionable as it can be melted. That is why a metal strainer can be much safer with food, beverages, and other consumables.
  • Holes: Holes are the most important factor of a strainer. If the holes are not perfectly made, the liquid will struggle to drain through it. As water might seem feasible as a liquid to strain out of any kind of strainer, not all liquid materials have the same density. Some liquids may have dense-pulpy nature, some may not and the holes in the strainer make it either easy or hard for the liquid to drain.
  • Strainer base: A strainer base is a structure that holds the strainer straight when placed on an even surface. Sometimes it comprises of feet-like structure that supports the strainer against the sink and it helps water not get back into the strainer after the drainage.

Some strainers consist of decorative holes that may look attractive, however, it does not serve the purpose as the holes are uneven, and solid particles tend to drain out of the holes.

Another reason why the best pasta strainers tend to fail is because of the size and amount of holes in it. The number of holes can directly affect its productivity; however, the number of holes is not everything, the size of the holes matter too. According to the usage and the product, the holes sizes can make significant changes in the work making it either easy or difficult.

Small grains can pass through the holes if the holes are big enough. So the size of the holes present in a strainer should be considered while buying one. Meanwhile, if the holes are too small, particles can get stuck in them and the straining won’t go perfectly. A standard strainer should have enough holes as well as the size so that ranges from the nib of the pen to the size of candy.

 What is a BPA-free plastic colander?

A BPA product, is Bisphenol-A, an estrogen-imitating chemical used to produce reusable plastic products that can be used in many colanders, which can cause harm to our body if the food is being prepared with it. It is always safe to buy BPA-free plastic products so that the harmful chemicals won’t destruct our immunity. Therefore, get ready to choose the best pasta strainer.

Things to remember:

  • Always consider the size that matches the size of your regular used cooking pots.
  • Different holes and different sizes are required for different food items, so always consider buying multiple sizes to serve your requirement.

Everyone needs the best one for their usages that is why searching for a perfect pasta strainer is not less than a struggle. Here we are to reduce your struggle by giving you details of some best pasta strainers available in the market.

 Best Pasta Strainer Reviews

1. Farberware Professional Expandable Stainless Steel Pasta Strainer

Farberware Professional Expandable Stainless Steel Pasta Strainer

Farberware’s professional expandable stainless steel pasta strainers are truly ideal for their design and usage. Manufacturers design it in such a way that can wash, drain, and clean all kinds of fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, and noodles. This device has a soft, expandable hand that fits perfectly in all kitchen sinks and the arm is expandable up to 22 inches which gives it a lot of extra space in case of necessity.

The non-slippery rubber feet offer the colander grip in case of water and can be used up to its potential in any situation. The company also offers a limited lifetime warranty. This colander is made of stainless steel and plastic and the dimension is 9.45 x 22.83 x 5.12 inches. This item weighs approximately around 2 pounds which makes it lightweight to carry around and move.


  • Available in red color.
  • An expandable kitchen tool.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic.
  • Dimensions: 10 inches wide and 5 inches high.
  • It is made up of strong and durable.
  • It is a unique pasta strainer with expandable arms.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • It has a high heat resistance capacity.
  • You can use it for cleaning, washing, and draining vegetables, fruits, noodles, and pasta.

2. Japanese Design Pasta Washing Bowl

Japanese Design Pasta Washing Bowl

Japanese design pasta strainers are made by experts to experience uniqueness in the Indian kitchen. For a long time, this Japanese company has been manufacturing great kitchen products by caring for their customers' experience. This is the reason you should go with this product undoubtedly. It is made from high-grade, eco-friendly, BPA-free, food-grade plastic material, which is safe to use with food. It is really easy to clean and keep the colander as it has a compact shape and is lightweight.

This single colander has multiple uses.  It can be used as a soaking bowl for grains, a pasta preparation bowl, salad mixing bowl, strainer and it can also be used as a server. Regular washing can significantly reduce toxin levels. Another great perk is the manufacturer offering a 30-day, No-Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee! If you are not happy, your money will be refunded in full. Set with 1 Large Light Green and 1 Small Light Blue colander. The Large Size offers the dimension of: 10" X 8" X 5.5" or 25 cm X 20 cm X 14 cm. The small light green has the dimension of 9" X 7" X 5" or 22.5 cm X 17.5 cm X 12 cm


  • It is used for washing rice, fruits, pulses, vegetables, and pasta.
  • It prevents foods from getting wasted while straining and washing.
  • Having dimensions of 4.3 x 9 x 11.8 inches.
  • It is a very good quality pasta strainer.
  • BPA-free.
  • It has a handy handle which is very helpful.
  • This bowl is made up of plastics so it never rusts and is non-breakable because of its quality materials.
  • Durable product.
  • It is the only type of bowl that is used for both straining and soaking which does now allow food wasting. Because it’s handy it requires a small place in the kitchen or anywhere.
  • It has smooth and lightweight so you can carry it anywhere you want.

3. U.S. Kitchen Supply Pasta Strainer

U.S. Kitchen Supply Pasta Strainer

U.S. Kitchen’s pasta strainers are getting more and more credits for their good quality. It was manufactured in such a way that customers would review WOW. You can wash fruits and many things by using this pasta strainer. This Manufacturer keeps eye on user experience and users' pockets as well. It is durable, long-lasting, made of high-quality stainless steel. It has 2 handles and 3 feet for resting. It offers a sturdy design and a rust-proof firm finish.

It has a suave design which makes it fit perfectly in any pot so that the user can do multiple tasks at the same time. And the extended feet offer support to the colander. It does not have any plastic material used in the entire set, which makes it chemical toxin-free and safe to cook with.  The basket’s concave mesh net holds the small ingredients or grain particles. These can be served, strained, or drained.. Above all the basket offers an extended period of service and best in the market longevity after repeated daily usage.


  • It is an ideal pasta strainer having good non-slip handles.
  • It is made up of stainless steel.
  • It is also used for washing vegetables and fruits.
  • It is the best pasta strainer for the sink.
  • Rust-proof mesh.
  • Durable and high-performance.
  • Best for kitchen sink and having strong non-slip handles.
  • It is easy to use and handle.
  • This strainer will suit your pocket.
  • It has excellent material.
  • High-quality strainer for lifetime use.

4. LiveFresh Stainless Steel Micro-Perforated Pasta Strainer

LiveFresh Stainless Steel Micro-Perforated Pasta Strainer

 LiveFresh is one of the top manufacturers in India with a 100% lifetime warranty. An excellent pasta strainer because users of this pasta strainer get maximum satisfaction by using this. It comes with premium quality handles that make it easily manageable. This is a professional grade colander that chefs across the world use. It is made up of a durable 3 quarte high-grade stainless steel. It has micro-perforated holes in it which makes the drainage so much effortless that is beyond imaginable.

The extra-close, medium-small pores in it allow the super fast straining with varieties of grains, vegetables, and noodles. Its sturdy sieve holds on to the sticky food and prevents it from falling. The steel used will never bend or get deformed because the material used in it is 20% thicker than other colanders. There are precision-cut drainage pores added to the colander which prevents the water to get trapped in the bottom. It weighs around 15 ounces which makes it one of the lightest kitchen apparatuses.


  • Easy for washing and handling.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Self-draining Solid Ring Base.
  • Dimensions: 12.28 x 11.26 x 4.96 inches.
  • It is the best pasta strainer for washing and straining pasta, fruits, and vegetables for its great size.
  • It is durable, strong, and unbreakable.
  • This bowl easily filters water from pasta so it is the favorite one for all.
  • The edge of this bowl is beautiful and comfortable.
  • It is long-lasting and attractive also.
  • It is easy to handle having a smooth design.

5. CHICHIC 2-in-1 Pasta Strainer

CHICHIC 2-In-1 Pasta Strainer

 CHICHIC’s 2-in-1 pasta strainer is an A-One product. This is a multifunctional 2 1 set Can be used for both straining and retaining liquids. This detachable design makes a maximum profit for users. As it is a multipurpose 2 1 pasta strainers, it is much more convenient than the single bowl colanders.

It includes a colander for straining and a bowl for retaining the liquid material. It Measures 11.8" x 9.8" wide, 4.7" deep; and weighs around 350g. The perfect size for a regular kitchen and easy to handle. It comes in adorable colors which are a perfect addition to the cart option. In addition to that, the company offers a 100% cash back guarantee if the product does not match your satisfaction.


  • It is made up of eco-friendly BPA-free plastic material.
  • It is a multifunctional bowl.
  • The special kind of design makes it one of the best pasta strainers in the market.
  • It has a size of 11.8 x 9.8 x 4.7 cms.
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Convenient for food decoration.
  • It is the best rice washer, strainer for a kitchen. You can use this for draining, washing, and straining fruits, rice, pasta, and all types of noodles.
  • You can get extra comfort while using this because of its cool detachable design.
  • It prevents wastage of foods and is best in its price range.

 6. Woogor Big Size Pasta Washing Bowl

Woogor Big Size Pasta Washing Bowl

Woogor big size rice, fruits, vegetables, noodles, pasta washing bowl is a general product with maximum use. For a long time, this pasta strainer is on-trend. All like this strainer for its excellent build quality. It is available in different colors as per the demand of the customers.

It is originally made in India and the material used in this product guarantees lifelong usage. It comes with a variety of colors and a water convenient body, which could serve all types of kitchen. It has a convenient size, so easy to store. And it can also be used as storage.


  • It has 22cm length, 17 cms Width, 8.1 cms.
  • A big size bowl which is easy for washing.
  • Fine drainage holes.
  • Good quality.
  • This Indian product is affordable for common people so used in a large number in Indian Kitchen.
  • It is made up of BPA-free plastic.
  • You can wash vegetables, fruit, and pulses also by using this strainer.

7. RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Strainer

RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Strainer

RSVP international endurance is a stainless steel manufacturer around the globe. It deals with all kinds of domestic and kitchen products. This pasta strainer is one of its best products till now. Pasta pots by RSVP are durable and rust-free Which is one of the best quality or features of this pasta strainer.

The precision pierced holes present in it make the water flow effortlessly through it and the wide holder lets the user hold it while dealing with hot materials. It is made of superior quality 18/18 stainless steel which makes it an ageless product. It is durable and portable. It has a corrosion-resistant surface and a smooth-polished design. It is absolutely dishwasher safe and easy to keep.


  • Great product for your kitchen.
  • Smooth and corrosion-resistant surface.
  • Dimension: 11 inches by 5.25 inches.
  • Rinsing is made easy with this product.
  • It is made up of stainless steel so it is rust-free.
  • For its large and comfortable size, it is very helpful in the kitchen.
  • With a nonslip and wide grip, it is easy to use for all.
  • This pasta strainer can avoid steam burn while straining foods.
  • It lasts a long period because of its high standard of steel material.

 8. Qimh Silicone Collapsible Colander

Qimh Silicone Collapsible Colander

It is by far one of the best products on the list. It uses environmentally friendly plastic and rubber materials. Qimh has some unique products which are the best for kitchen and domestic use. Its products are ruling for their great quality no doubt. 'Experience is our feed' may be their motto.

It is well-known for its unique build quality. It offers a nonslip handle that offers the colander perfect stability. It uses BPA-free plastic which is safer than other plastic used colanders. It has a larger capacity to hold up to 6 quarts of vegetables, pasta, and grains. The company offers great service to their customers as well.


  • Foldable material and less space consumption.
  • Available in green, blue, and purple colors.
  • It is large and comfortable.
  • BPA-free.
  • It is premium quality construction that makes this strainer one of the best pasta strainers on the shopping site or market.
  • It is a multi-use strainer.
  • It is made up of both stainless steel and environment-friendly plastic.
  • It has a high heat resistance capacity; it can resist heat up to 302°F.
  • For its sliding handle, it takes a small place to store.
  • You can strain and wash pasta, rice, vegetables, pulses, spaghetti, and more. For its multi-uses, this strainer set a good example of the best pasta strainer in the market.

9. Ovente Stainless Steel Deep Colander 3 Piece Kitchen Strainer Set

Ovente Stainless Steel Deep Colander 3 Piece Kitchen Strainer Set

 It is a 3 piece colander set that comes with stainless steel built and different sizes for different purposes. The sizes vary from 1.5qt, 3qt, and 5qt. You can rinse pasta, sieve veggies, and fruits. It is easily stackable and can fit anywhere in your kitchen cabinets. It comes with a metal handle and a footrest to keep it stable. As it is a high-quality stainless steel product, it is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. It has a year’s warranty for the customers based in the USA and the company offers the best customer services in case of any query related to the product.


  • 3 piece colander set.
  • Stainless steel built.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

10. OXO Good Grips 5 Quart Colander in Sea Glass

OXO Good Grips 5 Quart Colander in Sea Glass

This colander is one of the most unique-looking colanders. It offers a glass finish while it’s made of durable, environment-friendly plastic. It comes with a comfortable grip handle. It has an extended bottom that supports the colander. The wave-shaped base provides optimal water flow and stability.

The plastic used in it is BPA free and it makes it safer with food items. Veggies, pasta, fruits, rice, and other grains can be washed thoroughly with this colander. The built quality promises a long life for the product and its size makes it easy to store anywhere in the kitchen. It is dishwasher safe and comes with a guarantee from the company that if the product does not meet the expectation of the customer they will either refund or replace the item.


  • Dimension is 12X12X5.5 inches.
  • Weight 14 ounces.
  • The elevated wave-shaped base offers a free flow of water.
  • Comes in another colorway.

11. 2-in-1 kitchen Strainer/Colander & Bowl Sets

2-in-1 kitchen Strainer/Colander & Bowl Sets

One of the best products in the market comes as a set of 2 in 1. It includes a strainer for the draining and a bowl attached to it to retain the water. Its design makes it much more convenient than a single set colander. It has elongated holes which makes the water drain and the solid stay. The strong base present in it supports the colander and makes it a sturdy product.

Built quality and the design of the product are the best in the market. The plastic used in this product is BPA-free and is chemical and toxin-free. The product comes in a variety of attractive colors. The straining process in this strainer is much faster than other strainers in the market as it has elongated holes in it which makes the water drain fast. The bowl is detachable from the best pasta strainer hence can be used in multiple fields.


  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Detachable colander and strainer set.
  • Made of high-quality plastic.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Durable

This is all about the best pasta strainer in the market. These best pasta strainers are available on online shopping sites too. So, hurry up don’t miss out on the best products for your kitchen. The mentioned pasta strainers are the best quality products so far. Do read this article and know the minute details about the kitchen tools. After reading this you can find the best pasta strainer which suits your budget and your comfort.

The best pasta strainer comes in the size of 3 qt to 5 qt and having different sizes can come in handy, depending upon your requirements. There are a few features that everyone should be aware of before purchasing a colander. Built quality, standing grip, weight, and dimensions. Stainless steel-built products will last longer than other products so opting for a strong product is always recommendable.

However, silicon colanders at the same time are collapsible and can easily fit in tiny spaces. But the holes are not perfect for grainy foods. So always choosing a product based on your primary needs is a healthy practice. Cooking can be more fun if we have the apparatuses that we are confident working with. Choosing a great product will not only save our time making great dishes but also a durable life span makes the product an everlasting memory for the user.


What is a pasta strainer?

A pasta strainer, also known as a colander, is a kitchen tool used to strain or drain liquids from food such as pasta, vegetables, or fruits. It is typically made of metal or plastic and consists of a perforated bowl with handles on either side. The perforations allow the liquid to drain out while retaining the solid food inside the bowl. Pasta strainers come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of food and quantities. They are an essential tool in any kitchen and can also be used for rinsing fruits and vegetables, draining canned goods, and washing grains or beans.

What to use when you don't have a strainer?

If you don't have a strainer, there are a few items you can use as a substitute:

  1. Colander: A colander is similar to a strainer and can be used for draining pasta, vegetables, and other foods. It has small holes on the bottom and sides, which allow water to pass through while keeping the food in the container.
  2. Sieve: A sieve is a kitchen tool that has fine mesh or small holes, which make it useful for straining liquids or sifting dry ingredients.
  3. Slotted Spoon: A slotted spoon has holes or slots that allow water to drain out while keeping the food in the spoon.
  4. Cheese Cloth: Cheese cloth is a thin, cotton fabric that can be used for straining liquids. It can be folded over several times to make a more effective strainer.
  5. Coffee Filter: A coffee filter can be used as a makeshift strainer for small amounts of food or liquids. It is especially useful for removing sediment from liquids.

What is a BPA-free colander?

A BPA-free colander is a kitchen tool used for draining liquid from cooked food, such as pasta, vegetables, or fruits. It is called "BPA-free" because it is made of materials that do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical often used in the production of plastics and resins.

BPA is a concern for some people because it has been shown to have potential negative effects on human health, such as disrupting hormones and contributing to the development of certain cancers. As a result, many manufacturers are now producing kitchen utensils, including colanders, that are made without the use of BPA.

A BPA-free colander can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, silicone, or plastic that is labeled as BPA-free. These colanders are generally considered to be safe for use in the kitchen, and are a good choice for those who are concerned about exposure to BPA.

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