Top 10 Best Long Slot Toaster 2023 – Must-Have Appliance for Toast Lovers

Do you love toasted breads? For my family, it is always cereals for the kids; hot coffee and bread toasts for me to brighten the morning. Yeah, my breakfast is never complete without toasts. What is the best way to start the day kicking than a warm and delicious meal? That is why I make sure to have the best long slot toaster to make the perfect toast.

To be able to cope with my daily demand, bread toasters at home should always be reliable. The best long slot toaster is the only help I need for an excellent day ahead. I have five trusted brands that I recommend that are first-rate for a right-hand companion in the kitchen.

Our Top Picks of 2023

With this review, I will highlight the features that each model can offer to make your toasts taste more appetizing ever. These seven best long slot toasters are the top that you can find in the market with the highest review rate and positive customer feedback.

One of these collections might be the toaster that you need for your home.

1. Cuisinart CPT-2400 the Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster, One Size, Chrome

Cuisinart CPT-2400 the Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster, One Size, Chrome


Do you often crave for artisan bread? This Cuisinart long slot toaster with is a perfect company in toasting your favorite bread. You will not have a problem in fitting a bigger size in the actual slots.

The extra-long and extra-wide slots hold the fresh and delicious bread you just baked. In fact, it toasts four bread at a time. The unit has five toaster functions namely bagel, reheat, toast, defrost, and cancel.

Besides, it has six shade settings to choose that fits your taste. Controls are large and intuitive, making the model so easy to use.

The chrome-housing toaster features a high-lift lever, self-centering bread slots, and a pullout breadcrumb tray as well. Overall, this beautiful toaster is durable and delivers the superior performance that only the best can give.

  • Heavy duty; can withstand frequent usage
  • It does not get too hot when in use that you can still carry it around while you move.
  • Toasts evenly
  • Easy to clean
  • 24” cord length
  • With a lift feature for easy removal of bread
  • No reheat feature
  • You have to turn the pan halfway point when baking for even brown.
  • No internal light


2. ​Breville BTA830XL Die-cast Four-slice Long Slot Smart Toaster

Breville BTA830XL Die-cast Four-slice Long Slot Smart Toaster


I like the feature of Breville long slot toaster wherein it can activate additional heat in the middle, perfectly toasting the inside of a bagel without burning the outside. An LED light turns on to indicate that toasting operation is in progress.

This toaster has four-slice long slot capacity for larger artisanal bread size, thick bagels, and solid pastries. Besides, it is great to know that this model is a cool-touch brush die-cast metal body.

The sleek, modern and elegant long slot smart toaster features one-touch automation and is at the top of its class. The ‘lift and look’ function raises the motorized carriage and even has an “A bit More’ option in case you need one.

Notice also that the dual independent toast controls give you multiple choices of levels of brownness. Lastly, you will have fun using the one-touch intelligent auto lowering.

Indeed, you can call this Breville a long slot smart toaster!

  • Automatically moves up and down to show the browning process.
  • Motorized carriage with push-button controls
  • Browns the bread evenly
  • Easy to clean inside and out
  • Has an auto “off” feature
  • No gap heating elements
  • The exterior part does not get hot.
  • Expensive but worth it
  • There is no option where only one slot is active.
  • The cord does not have its own storage slot.


3. ​​Kenmore Elite 76774 4-Slice Auto lift long slot toaster in Stainless Steel

Cuisinart CPT-2400 the Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster, One Size, Chrome


The Kenmore Elite 4-slice capacity long slot toaster can accommodate any size of sliced bread, English muffins, and a bagel. You can choose from nine different level settings to suit the brownness you desire.

The one-touch auto lift feature and the LED countdown timer are both useful and convenient. The timer display is easy to read, and you do not need to keep on waiting since it gives you a warning when the bread is about to pop up.

Additional features include self-lowering and raise check functionality along with the self-adjusting bread guides. Everything is effortless with this smart long slot toaster.

The smart setting helps you defrost, toast, raise to check, and many more. Even the countdown timer gives you visibility on how long you need to wait.

Lastly, it has a retractable cord that keeps things nice and tidy for easy storage.

  • You can toast all type of bread
  • Smart settings
  • 9 unique toast settings
  • Stainless steel surface
  • Easy to clean
  • LED display is simple to read
  • Toasts evenly
  • Slots work independently from each other
  • You can’t turn off the loud ringer
  • Expensive but worth it
  • Does not work with 220 V


4. ​Dash DVTS501WH Clear View Toaster

Dash DVTS501WH Clear View Toaster


The Dash long slot toaster is more than just for toasting. It also defrosts, reheat, and diversify your breakfast. The one-touch bagel buttons let you customize your toasting for more interesting and delicious breakfast.

The extra-wide slots make toasting bagels, special bread, and waffles easy like a snap. You will find the see-through window that has a clear view of the perfect toast very convenient as well.

Choose between seven browning levels for your ideal taste, and every time you use the unit, the auto shut-off feature prevents the toaster from overheating. As you can see, the operation is quick and easy. The crumb tray and the glass window slide out does cleaning like a breeze for you. The outer surface is all wipe-clean too.

This toaster is smaller than other long slot models, so it does not take up much space, and the sleek design will match with your kitchen decors.

  • 7 Browning levels
  • Dash Clear View
  • One-touch buttons
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Recipe book included
  • Metal frame
  • Do not have an alarm to warn you that toasting is over.
  • Toasts pop up and may drop on your kitchen counter.


5. ​CUSIBOX stainless steel toaster

CUSIBOX stainless steel toaster


This stainless steel CUSIBOX long slot toaster has extra wide slots that can accommodate four slices of bread of any kind. The dual independent control panel feature entails less time and money spent because this model offers useful features. 1.5” extra wide slots are enough to fit big bread size with a self-centering guide in doing so.

This model is perfect for thick and thin slices and twice as fast in speed for an easy family breakfast.

Six browning setting choices are available for you to pick until you get the desired brownness that suits your taste.  Besides, it has two removable trays that enable you to clean properly.

Lastly, it has a solid high lift lever, and the cord storage is located at the base part to keep the toaster nice and tidy. This colorful toaster is indeed a perfect match for your stylish kitchen.

  • Colorful stainless steel housing
  • Bagel defrost cancel option
  • Dual control panels
  • 6 Browning settings
  • 1.5” extra wide slots
  • High lift lever
  • Removable Crumb Tray
  • Cord wrap
  • Toast quickly and evenly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • No beeping sound to indicate that it is over.
  • Toasts only one side for a bagel
  • Pops up but does not stay up

Why Do You Need the Best Long Slot Toaster?


Long slot toasters are mostly at least 14 inches in length. It is a tool to toast bread of different sizes and a favorite of bakers and moms who love to serve bread at home. Because of the capability of long slot toasters to hold multiple quantities of bread, it saves time in making toasted bread especially for big families or people who are always in a hurry.

Aside from that, long slot toasters are slimmer and narrower in design that saves space on your kitchen countertop. However, you can only appreciate its worth if you are truly a bread lover at heart. Imagine toasting a bread using the browning level that suits your taste. Is it not glorious?

Long slot toasters are not limited to toasting sliced bread only but with a wide variety of bread as well.  These features are not possible using a basic toaster.

Therefore, if your toasts are vital for your home, long slot toaster is practical to use. Besides, some brands offer other helpful features that I am sure you will enjoy.

What are the features to look for when buying a long slot toaster?

I am the kind who look for features that are practical to use at home when it comes to toasters. Those are my basic need when buying one. However, plenty of models out there can offer a lot more. It is indeed exciting and amazing at the same time to know that plenty of new offers makes life comfortable in time.

Here are the features that I consider essential for the best long slot toasters.


power toaster

The power of a long slot toaster is an indication of their durability and performance. Of course, the higher the wattage, the powerful your unit can be. I bet it can toast your bread in just a few minutes.

Hence, if you like powerful models, I suggest choosing 1600 watts or more. Your electricity bill will hit high for a bit, but try considering the advantage.

Actual Slot Dimensions

Slot dimensions are an aspect that I consider important for a long slot toaster. With my desire to be able to toast various type of bread one time, the actual slots should be able to accommodate the need compared to regular toasters.

The slots should be longer than the average enough to toast non-standard sizes of Artisan bread. The wider the slots are, the better it is.

Multiple Shade Settings

How would you like your toast? I usually like slightly toasted bread that is warm and crunchy enough to match my jam. However, for long slot toasters, it can offer six to twelve available shades to satisfy your cravings. It is a lot of option for you to toasting your bread with your preferred color.


Braun Toaster

Have you thought about long slot toasters to be heavyweight and bulky? It actually is not an issue if you have a permanent nook on your kitchen counter to place the unit. However, if you tend to move around with it at home, you may need to consider the weight. A lightweight long slot toaster gives you ease especially during cleaning.


The size of the long slot toaster is important to consider especially when your space at home is limited. The dimensions of the unit should fit the storage area that you have prepared. The good news is, new models nowadays are sleeker and reduced in size to cope up with space demand.


Some buyers do not mind the importance of warranties, but for me, it is worthwhile to have one especially when the unit is quite expensive. It saves a significant amount of money when a warranty covers certain damages or offers a replacement.

It would be fantastic to find a five-year warranty coverage, but usually, for long slot toasters, it ranges from one to two years warranty.

Other features

Long Slot Toaster

When you shop for the best long slot toaster, you tend to be overwhelmed with the many helpful features each model can offer. I recommend making a list of the features that you consider essential for a toaster.

You may need additional features on top of the basic ones like the alarm system, the bread warmer, cool-touch sides, digital countdown, motorized control, and multi-functional. Just make sure that you are in line of what you need.


Your need will determine how much budget you should save for. Remember, that the more features a toaster have, the more costly it will become. The bigger the size the unit is, the more space you need to provide. The number of people who will use the toaster and how frequent to use it will determine whether you need a bigger and most durable unit.

Therefore, identify your need first, and then come up with the budget.


cleaning toaster

Hygiene is always my priority when it comes to gadgets that touch my food. Hence, when choosing for a toaster, I must look for the model that I can clean easily. Having a removable crumb tray and a non-stick interior feature is an advantage.


How long your toaster will last is, of course, essential in buying one. I recommend that you do some initial research and find out the best long slot toaster in the market. Reading reviews like this article is very helpful as well. You will learn from customer feedbacks too.


What is the advantage of a long slot toaster?

A long slot toaster has several advantages over a traditional toaster with smaller slots. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Accommodates Different Bread Sizes:
  • Faster Toasting:
  • Energy Efficiency:
  • More Even Toasting:
  • Versatility:

Overall, a long slot toaster can offer more versatility and convenience than a traditional toaster, especially if you frequently toast larger slices of bread or bagels.

Is it OK to leave a toaster plugged in all the time?

Leaving a toaster plugged in all the time is generally safe, but it can increase the risk of a fire hazard. If a toaster is left plugged in for an extended period of time, the heating elements can remain hot even if the toaster is not in use, and this can increase the risk of a fire if something flammable is placed near the toaster.

To minimize the risk of a fire hazard, it is recommended to unplug the toaster when it is not in use. Additionally, you should avoid placing flammable objects near the toaster, and you should clean the toaster regularly to prevent any buildup of crumbs or debris that could catch fire.

What is the average life of a toaster?

The average lifespan of a toaster can vary depending on the quality of the toaster and how often it is used. Generally, a well-made toaster that is used regularly can last between 5 to 10 years. However, cheaper or lower quality toasters may only last a few years before they begin to malfunction or break down.

Toasters can also have different parts that may need to be replaced over time, such as the heating elements, the thermostat, or the timer. If these parts begin to wear out or fail, it may be more cost-effective to replace the toaster rather than trying to repair it.

My Personal Pick

I hope that my reviews will help you choose the best long slot toaster that is good for your home. I suggest that you consider the factors that I have mentioned in the buying guide so you would be able to pick what is best for you according to your need.

My favorite product among the collections is the u>Kenmore Elite 76774<. I found this unit to have the most state-of-the-art design that works in merely toasting bread with the best result.

If you cannot live without toasts, then it is about time to buy a smart kitchen gadget that provides the “well-done” quality of bread toast. One of these long slot toasters is due to go home with you. Make sure to have picked the right one that you believe would make your mornings deliciously stress-free!

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