7 Best Cutco Knives 2023 – The Most Informative Review

Cutco Knives

Are you looking for new kitchen knives available on the market? How do you assess the value of a knife? Is it cost, manufacturing quality, or sustainability?

If you’re at home and preparing a meal, you can change everything by having the right set of knives. It allows for easy cutting, dicing, and chopping.

Cutco knives are famous worldwide. The company devotes its time and efforts to manufacturing and selling its renowned products to every household in the United States and Canada.

If you are planning to purchase a set of kitchen knives, read this informative article presenting a detailed Cutco knives review.

Cutco Knives – List of the Best Ones

1. Cutco Model 1766 Santoku Knife (Rating: 4.9)

Cutco Model 1766 Santoku Knife

Slicing and other cutting methods are simplified and sophisticated in this fully-sized Santoku knife. With a length of 7.75 inches, the Santoku experience is superior.

This knife was initially intended as the apex for use in the kitchen and is renowned as the threefold blade threat, which enables the ingredients to be sliced quicker. The primary aim of its layout is speed cutting. Mainly because of its plain border, it is intended to make sensitive, equivalent cuts.

The right corner allows for no rocking movement, but only a single descending motion to slice and cut more accurately.

The point of the sheepsfoot is firm to secure the blade. Since it is often used for quick motions, the high-risk variable is a sharp point. With this knife, the blade is mildly inclined to a brief protruding curving edge for stronger mincing methods. With this slightly curved tip, you can make cutting forward and backward faster and easier.

The best way to make the equal precision cut is to use the Santoku Knife. With other kinds of blades, this is very difficult to accomplish. The Santoku enables you to create suitable slits of bell peppers, cabbage, and garlic, making it simple for seeds to be removed and for leafy vegetables to be cut off.

  • Easy slices of equal parts
  • Smooth and rapid cuttings
  • Helps refine cutting techniques
  • Ideal for all hand sizes
  • Not possible for rocking slicing movement


2. Cutco Trimmer #1721 (Rating: 4.6)

Cutco Trimmer #1721

This is a multi-purpose application and has continued to be a customer’s preferred kitchen tool for over four decades now. The trimmer is a primary knife for Cutco. The Double-D slicing blade with the correct thickness is manufactured for simple processing.

The tiny structure allows it simple to operate without any problems for fast and simple sandwiches. The cuff does not place stress on the wrist and hands, as it has a perfect balance. This is a knife constructed to be heavily cut despite its slim, tight handle, so power cuts can be made using the trimmer.

It is also quite versatile and somewhat elastic concerning cutting energy because the knife readily comes home to its original form if you cut and twist it.

The primary aim of the trimmer is to cut fat out of meat. This is simple thanks to the tiny serrations, which readily cut into the meat and remove the fat away from both baked and uncooked meat. In addition to reducing fat, the flexibility of the knife is excellent for skinning.

It’s great for creating smaller vegetable slices as well. It can be an excellent bread knife for sandwiches or cutting half-toast bagels. It is a utility blade that is very useful even for non-kitchen applications, such as pulling cables that tear the wall art off the wall.

This little knife is a useful instrument to use. The tiny size is perfect for different tasks in and outside the kitchen. You can readily arrange fresh produce at any moment of the day for natural ingredients with this tiny tool.

  • Extremely handy and fits any hand sizes
  • Can be used for cooking or even non-kitchen applications
  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Not an ideal knife for boning


3. Cutco #1865 Set of 4 Classic Brown Model 1759 Table Knives in Gift Box (Rating: 4.6)

Cutco #1865 Set of 4 Classic Brown Model 1759 Table Knives in Gift Box

This standard brown 4-table-knives model of Cutco is not only a great complement to the cuisine for your exquisite taste but also a wonderful present for everybody to enjoy a pleasant meal set.

These tools are intended to cleanly slice through any food, despite the smallest resistance to meat, seafood, or fibrous vegetables.

The Double-D ® blade offers a soft and clean cut each time, which remains sharp longer than straight cuttings.   When you think of sharp table knives, usually you imagine kitchen knives with a stiff, slender handle, a really sharp metal knife, and awesome rivets.

These are knives for the table, the handles are of some type of lightweight plastic, the blade isn’t so wide and it bends at the base.

The knives display a unique two-dimensional slicing advantage, which offers a gentle and robust cleaving process. This leaves the steaks, bones, or other rubbery materials ideal for slicing.

  • Great handle and blade design
  • Offers a clean and smooth cut
  • Suitable for preparing salads or using to spread condiments
  • Expensive
  • Packaging may not be that good


4. ​Cutco 1728 7-⅝” Petite Chef Knife (Rating: 4.4)

Cutco 1728 7-⅝” Petite Chef Knife

You can’t go wrong with this knife. It is one of the finest brands, providing precise slicing and helping to bring scope and detail to anything on which it is used.

The 1728 seven-and-a-half-inch Cutco Petite Chef is produced of high quality 440 heavy resin stainless metal with a unique sharp handle texture. The ergonomic grip layout offers the thumb and forefinger rest and grip. This guarantees complete command of the slicing operation and eliminates any prospective accident hazard.

It is ideal for all sorts of cutting, dicing, slicing, and julienning. Feel safe to cook perfect steaks and greens or even your favorite fish meal with précised angles. It is also suitable for artists to create those subtle, innovative details.

  • Provides complete-sized grip duration with the unique Cutco ‘ wedge lock ‘ layout
  • Ideal for all hand sizes
  • Perfect for novices and casual chefs
  • Shine can be dull after a while


5. ​Cutco Model 2166 Petite Santoku Knife (Rating: 4.3)

Cutco Model 2166 Petite Santoku Knife

Cutting and slicing are produced simpler, quicker, and more secure by Santoku knives. A larger variant of a Santoku knife provides a more exceptional grip, rendering it an optimal knife for reducing general food preparation requirements and cutting tiny objects around the home.

A broad blade bends at the base of the Santoku knife. This characteristic allows the Santoku blade very secure to move quickly. The thick blade protects your hands against cuts. It gives your hands enough space to hold them more comfortably.

You don’t have to hold your arm across the bar top in this manner. Also recognized to have ideal equilibrium, the knife is very simple to manage on your fingers, hands, and wrists without straining and tiredness.

The Santoku knife simplifies the production of tender pieces in fast brief motions. One of its features is power slicing with velocity. It can cut accuracies such as make sushi and small food pieces; and also make fruit bands, reductions of julienne, simple dicing, and overall decreases.

The Santoku is extremely simple to use and is a big knife for various reasons. A small knife that offers simple motion and stronger command. It’s perfect for those with tiny hands.

  • Seamless stability
  • Comfy grip
  • Easy to use and master
  • Produce accurate cuts and slices
  • Single-downward cutting motions only
  • Limited dice and cut owing to lower edge width.


About Cutco Knives

A Cutco knife tool collection can be an excellent complement to your home kitchen, but financially, it can make you doubtful in purchasing it. These aren’t low-cost knives. One justification for their expensive cost is that they are entirely manufactured in America.

Cutco is renowned for producing high-quality knives that exceed the quality expected for a kitchen at home. It is commonly recognized as a cutlery company, which addresses the target markets and effectively sells its products. It is because of this that virtually every household in America has a Cutco knife.

Cutco was established in 1949 and still is headquartered in Orleans, New York. They are still operating in the same initial facility and factory. Cutco remained long enough to become a company with over 600 staff, who function together as one to guarantee the best value for an outstanding dining and cooking experience.

What distinguishes a Cutco knife is its design. To begin with, the stainless steel class 44A is strong-quality steel, which requires a considerable-quality heating process for molding. The outcome is a finish that seldom turns dull. Cutco knife edges are known to be flawless, and they are unbelievably sharp.

Also, all Cutco knives have a complete tang that stretches from the handle’s length to the butt.  The handles are ergonomically designed for convenience and grip. These are sharp knives that are nice to keep.

One of the items that made our list of the best kitchen accessories to have in 2023 is a sleek and functional product that can securely hold your cutlery, and you can find it at the given website.

Specifications and Features

Cutco knives feature 44A stainless steel, unbreakable tang, and ergonomically heavy handles, which make the product feels superior. These knives aren’t for everybody, however. You might discover that the weight or the grips do not suit you. The cost can also intimidate people. Investing in a Cutco knife set may likely be a wise decision.

Cutco’s knives are produced from high-carbon, rust, stone, or corrosion-resistant steel for optimal border retention. Some small stains may arise with certain ingredients, or if your water contains a large number of minerals, but you can extract them by using a non-abrasive polishing agent.

The covers are thermo-resin, which does not chip, break or carry humidity, and are useful in resisting stains.

When the stain is produced, wash it simply via the dishwasher or with a gentle liquid abrasive solution. It also fits ergonomically and perfectly into the shape of the hand, whether it’s big, small, right, or left. They have a complete tang, which implies that the tang covers the entire distance of the grip and the blade, providing additional power and equilibrium to the knives.

How Cutco Knives Are Manufactured

Cutco knives are manufactured in the United States by laser slicing or stamping.

Stamped knives are created from a large stainless steel sheet by laser cutting the design of the blade. Once they have been cut, they are processed, buffered, ground, cleaned, and treated with a protective cover.

Their grips are shaped with modified thermal resin, and nickel metal rivets are connected to the handle. Then the whole blade is sanded on all sides to smoothen the surfaces. Lastly, the experienced craftsman flawlessly sharpens the border to 30 degrees angle.

Each knife is ultimately monitored and has to comply with 25 performance specifications before shipment.

Here’s a video showing how Cutco knives are made.

The Different Types of Cutco Knives

Cutco provides three different knives including Straight Edge, Double-D Edge, as well as Santoku.

Straight-Edged Knives

Straight-Edge Blade

Cutco provides straight-edged knives, which are twisted at an elevation of 15 degrees angle per edge. Most cuisine knives are sharpened from 14 to 20° angle per edge so 15 is standard.

One of the positive points of this style is that the user can refine them at home. They can also be returned to the company for polishing and sharpening. You have to settle the small shipping charge.

Cutco’s rectangular handle gives an ergonomic grip that suits any hand size. Whether you are a left-handed or right-handed person, it is simple to place your thumb and index finger in position so that you can slice your meals securely and accurately.

The straight knives stretch the entire span of the blade of your knife. This fashion, portrayed as a complete tang, provides equilibrium and power to your blade. The handles are produced of stainless metal with a high carbon content of 440A.

The Cutco covers are manufactured from remarkably designed thermal resin in a multitude of colors, based on the type you choose. Customers may also attach personalized gravures to their knives.

  • Versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks such as slicing, chopping, and mincing.
  • Easy to sharpen and maintain.
  • Precise cuts can be achieved with a straight-edged knife.
  • Can be more difficult to use when trying to make delicate cuts or cuts that require more control.
  • May require more force to cut through tougher materials.
  • Not suitable for tasks that require a serrated edge, such as cutting bread or tomatoes.


Double-D Edge

The Double-D edge is Cutco’s produced of stainless steel with 440A high carbon. mary mode. Although the double-dimensional walls appear tightened, the layout is not precise. Instead, Double-D corners have a recessed border.

Three sturdy handles are provided by the fingers to trim, and the teeth support the middle portion of the blade. One of the main advantages of this type of knife is that it enables the cook to slice at any corner. You can slice down, forward, or reverse.

While the Double D rim can be sharpened, the company will have to do it. Cutco guarantees that the Double-D blade does not need frequent sharpening compared to its counterpart, the straight-edged blade. The handles are p

The Cutco knives are fitted with an ergonomic grip for any hand size. The cup is suitable for left-handed and right-handed cooks and has a fatigue-resistant structure. The covers have various colors, including pearl white, red, and dark brown.

Double-D knives provide users with the power and equilibrium with the blade extending to the entire handle.

  • Allows for smooth and effortless cutting.
  • Slices through tougher materials with ease.
  • Retains sharpness for longer periods of time compared to straight-edged knives.
  • Not as versatile as a straight-edged knife.
  • Can be more difficult to sharpen and maintain.
  • Requires more care when using to avoid injury due to its sharpness.


Santoku Knives

Cutco also offers Santoku-style knives. It has a length of between 5 and 8 centimeters and has a sheepsfoot blade. The sticks of the sheepsfoot have a vertical slicing surface with a bent spine. The spine bends to the right side and gives a robust and usable tip.

Santoku knife is a universal knife with a unique circular tip and a flatter handle that makes it great to chop almost everything. Just like a standard chef’s knife, a slightly lighter and shorter Santoku knife is a favorite among individuals who are aspiring chefs or who prefer using slice cuts or chops.

The shorter handle and plain surface of this knife are inspired by the standard layout that was originally made in Japan, rendering it perfect for slicing vegetables, meat, and fish.

The Granton edges are scalloped and add air between the knife and the material being sliced to make it possible to detach the material from the knife. You’d prefer using this knife if you were thinly slicing something.

In addition, the term “santoku” is used to mean “three qualities” for this tool because of its three abilities –mincing, dicing, and chopping. This is an excellent all-purpose knife useful for various jobs.

The santoku knife has been designed to have a cozy and balanced handle. This knife is common for individuals with tiny hands due to its layout of the grip and the weight distribution. It is particularly common among women chefs

  • Ideal for slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables, meat, and fish.
  • Versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks.
  • The wide blade allows for easier transfer of food from the cutting board to the pan.
  • May not be suitable for tasks that require more precision.
  • Can be more difficult to sharpen due to the curved blade.
  • Not recommended for cutting through tougher materials such as bone or frozen food.



Cutco knives faqs

How much does it cost to get my knives sharpened by Cutco?

Cutco offers a Forever Guarantee that includes free sharpening and repair for the life of the product. This means that you can send your Cutco knives to the company and they will sharpen them for free. You only need to pay for the shipping to send them to Cutco.

Can I sharpen my Cutco knives at home?

Yes, you can sharpen your Cutco knives at home using a sharpening stone or a honing rod. Cutco also offers a sharpener that is specifically designed for their knives. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid damaging the knives

How long do Cutco knives last?

Cutco knives are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. They come with a Forever Guarantee, which means that the company will repair or replace any product that does not perform as expected.

Is Cutco a pyramid scheme?

No, Cutco is not a pyramid scheme. It is a legitimate company that sells high-quality kitchen products through a direct sales model. Cutco representatives earn commissions on their sales, but they are not required to recruit others to join the company.

Why are Cutco knives so expensive?

Cutco knives are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last a lifetime. They are also handcrafted in the USA and come with a Forever Guarantee. While the initial cost of Cutco knives may be higher than some other brands, the investment can pay off in the long run since they are designed to last a lifetime.

What is the composition of the steel Cutco uses?

Cutco uses high-carbon, stainless steel in their knives. The exact composition of the steel is not disclosed by the company, but it is designed to be durable, corrosion-resistant, and hold a sharp edge.

What is the highest temperature that the handle can withstand?

The handles of Cutco knives are made with a thermoset material that can withstand temperatures up to 350°F (177°C). However, it is important to avoid exposing the handles to high temperatures for extended periods of time, as this can cause them to warp or melt.


Cutco knives are considered to be slightly more pricey than other knives, but the efficiency of the blades and the longevity of each knife certainly justify the cost. Of all the individual instruments in the list, the knife which simplifies the operation of everything and allows things easier and which is the Cutco Santoku Knife 1766 might just be the perfect option.

It does more than just slicing and peeling despite the small size. It is a component of your hand in all cutting tasks. It also supports you in performing functions of cutting, dicing, mincing, and chopping.

Cutco #1865 4 Classic Brown 1759 Gift Box Table Knives is also probably an excellent option. The cutting blades can perform more than their task and have overall durability for a variety of functions with each blade.

Although Cutco blades already have swoon-worthy blade preservation, the use of every button for their favorite intent will improve the cutting power. Furthermore, it has all the main knives to have for a house kitchen.

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