5 Hydration & Food Apps You Should Download Today For Kickstarting Your Healthy Lifestyle

5 Hydration & Food Apps You Should Download Today For Kickstarting Your Healthy Lifestyle

Well, there’s no shortcut to losing weight or becoming a swimsuit model in a day. If you’re looking to live healthier, then be ready to go through tough trials of avoiding junk food, eating veggies all the time, and well, missing a lot of good stuff.

We don’t mean to scare you but that’s the reality. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose everything. Living healthier means you’ll be achieving the summer body you’ve always dreamt of. Even if it’s not that, you can still tone your body, get better skin, be active because of less fat, and whatnot.

Plus you also get to enjoy the following benefits when it comes to choosing a healthy lifestyle:

  • It has a significant impact on your memory and mood
  • It may help to aid your weight maintenance
  • It may also help in improving your exercise performance 
  • It may provide support to the urinary system
  • Overall, a healthy lifestyle means having fewer to no health problems

Is this the ideal lifestyle you would like to have? Then you’re in luck because we’re sharing some amazing nutrition apps that can help you kickstart your journey. These apps carry some splendid features that make them quite useful.

Apart from that, you’ll need a good internet that can help you remain connected to the apps, sync the data with your smart devices, and get real-time updates. For that, we recommend connecting with Xfinity because of its amazing plans. Click here for customer support and get a plan right away. 

With this, let’s check out some of the best nutrition apps that you should download right now:


Waterllama (1)

If you’re looking for hydration apps, then Waterllama is the best choice. It has a unique interface just like its name that makes it easier to interact and use the app. In addition, it easily integrates with the Apple Watch, giving real-time insights into your progress.

As for the features, it focuses on notifying the user about their hydration levels. You can easily log into the app, set your preferences and it’ll notify you about your intakes. Apart from that, you can set preferences for different health situations including pregnancy, breastfeeding stage, weight, health conditions, etc.

With its smart logging feature, you can access your information at any time and use it to learn more about hydration levels and other traits.


PlateJoy Apps

If you’re looking to optimize your meals for healthier living, then PlateJoy is the app that you should download. The app begins the interaction with a series of questions that calibrate the meals you should be taking based on your preferences.

It creates custom meal plans as well as adds your dietary preferences so that you can enjoy your meals while watching your weight loss or gain journey. In addition, it also helps you by creating a list of shopping items that will go in your meals.

Meaning, you’ll get to create meals with the right ingredients and a set amount of calories. From portion sizes to variety, this app helps you know everything, making cooking a meal as fun as ever, and healthier too.

To kickstart your journey toward a healthier lifestyle, consider exploring healthy blender smoothie recipes, which can be both delicious and nutritious, as discussed in the related article.



From food to hydration to fitness routine, MyFitnessPal is your buddy to becoming fit and living healthy. Amongst its numerous features, the app comes with a huge database of ingredients and recipes that you can choose to cook from.

In addition, it comes with a barcode scanner that scans the barcodes from items, letting you register the right amount of calories in your meals. With its calorie counter, you can easily monitor your calories for individual meals and the entire day.

You also get a food insights and recipe importer that will make you knowledgeable about different foods and recipes while you download the ones that you like the most. It’s an all-in-one nutrition app that you should get.

My Water

My Water

As evident from the name, My Water is your hydration friend that will remind you to keep your hydration levels up to the mark. Although that app’s not available for Android, still it carries an intuitive design that not only helps with hydration but shares useful insights to keep you knowledgeable.

From scheduling your water intake to keeping a log of your daily water intake, it helps you achieve your hydration goals the right way. If you’re a gym freak, an athlete, or someone who often forgets to drink water for the day, then this app should be on your smartphone.

You can also set your weight and gender, and it’ll create a personalized hydration goal for you. Plus, while you’re logging in, you can easily add any beverage you’re consuming, and it’ll adjust your hydration goal accordingly.


Lifesum Apps

When it comes to living healthier, most people are often concerned with weight loss. Lifesum is here to help you with that. It’s a popular app in the domain with its own food database, calorie counter, and food log to keep you on track, always.

All you need to do is set your preferences with your basic personal information, and it’ll generate a personalized goal for you. In addition, you can also add your habits and routines, and the app will search for areas that you can improve.

For instance, it’ll recommend meal switching or shifting something from your routine to optimize your weight loss journey. It’s like having a personal nutritionist on your smartphone that will help you understand your routine and recommend the best options right away.

Closing Thoughts

Well, these are the apps that we talked about earlier that you can use to facilitate your health journey. So, what’re you waiting for? Download these now, set your goals, and begin your journey towards a healthier living!

Apart from this, don’t forget to have a little bit of fun with it and celebrate your tiny progress as you keep going. Don’t forget to take it slow and see how it goes for you. Using these apps is the opportunity for you to invest in a healthy lifestyle for yourself!

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