Pork Ribs VS. Beef Ribs? Which One is Your Pick?

Pork Ribs and Beef Ribs - Learn the differences

I attended a fun barbecue party a while back, where everyone was debating one big question: Which is better, pork or beef ribs?

As the grill sizzled and the delicious smell filled the air, it was clear that people had strong opinions on this topic.

Both have their own special flavors and ways of cooking that make them favorites for many. That’s why I’ve decided to experiment with both.

Now I will go into details with both and provide you with an insight on everything relevant, from taste to cooking methods.

Pork Versus Beef 


Here I go again. Choosing between pork ribs and beef ribs always turns out to be difficult with me especially when I’m staring at a menu. Both are amazingly delicious for me, so the decision still takes time.

I consider four factors before I point out my choice. I think about their taste, size, cuts, price, and the recipe. How about you?

1. Pork 

Pork Ribs

  • Cut: Pork cuts from several parts of the animal. There are several cuts. They are the back, baby back, and the spare ribs. The baby are cuts from the lower of the cage, and they have lesser fat and are tenderer when cooked. The spare ribs come from the chest part. If you compare them in price, this happens to be the cheapest. The back come from loins (Upper part of the rib section). They don’t have much meat compared with spare.
  • Taste: Between spare and baby, I love the baby variant better since it has more meat in it. Pork ribs taste mild and have a sweet flavor. This is the reason that you can easily season pork ribs and come up with plenty of recipes that suits it.
  • Google PlaySize: The size, of course, smaller than beef variant mainly because the animal that the beef comes from is much bigger in comparison. Even though it’s natural to see pork ribs as small cuts in the supermarket, it won’t be impossible to see beef in small sizes. They sell the largest beef rib sizes to restaurants and particular customers.
  • Google PlayCooking Method: I’m sure grilling is the first method that comes to your mind. Pork ones are easy to cook not only because they are small in cuts. Do you know that I can name plenty of pork ribs recipes? Yes, the meat is so versatile that you can cook them by grilling, roasting, smoking, baking, and more.
  • Google PlayFat Content: Pork are fatty but nor as fast as the beef ribs. This explains the mild taste of the pork than beef. On the other hand, beef variant is fattier than pork.
  • Google PlayPrice: Pork is a lot cheaper than beef ribs.

Fun fact: Did you know that reheating your pork chops can make the taste more full and delicious?

2. Beef 

Beef Ribs

Beef ribs are meat cuts at the bone area of an animal or prime cut. Prime cut is the meat separated from the body of the cow. Other names are “ribeye cowboy steak” or “cowboy cut.” The two kinds of beef cut are the back and the short ribs.

  • Back ribs: They come from the upper area of the rib part. These are less meaty since they’re the bones left after taking out the ribeye meat.
  • Short ribs They come from the lower area of the rib part. It’s the kind that is meatier and of course tastier. Apparently, short are far more expensive than back ribs.
  • Taste: You will not miss beef since the smell and flavor of the meat is very strong and beefy. If correctly cooked and seasoned, the beefy flavor will become more delicious. Do you know that if you eat beef often, you can tell the kind of rib at your first bite?
  • Google PlayCooking Method: Beef ones are harder and take a little longer to cook than pork. Aside from their big portions, there is a specific method of cooking for every type of beef ribs. You can cook back like pork, but short require its own procedure. A slight mistake when cooking back variant will result in tough and chewy meat.

My favorite Pork Ribs Recipe

Sticky Pork Rib

Sticky pork ribs might be messy when eaten, especially with the little ones around. Yet, the sweet taste of the tender, makes you forget the messy faces of the kids along with the stain of the table napkins. Sticky pork never goes out of style. I am sharing with you my favorite recipe.


  • one onion
  • two garlic cloves
  • 2 tablespoon oil
  • check½ teaspoon chili flakes
  • check1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • check110 grams dark soft brown sugar
  • check600 grams tomato ketchup
  • check110 ml dark soy sauce
  • check1 kg rack of pork spare ribs
  • checkSalt and pepper

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Preheat oven to 140 degrees C.
  2. Peel and chop the onion.
  3. Peel and crush the garlic.
  4. Heat a frying pan into medium heat until hot.
  5. Add the oil, onion, and garlic.
  6. Fry for about five minutes or until the onion appears transparent and soft.
  7. Add the fennel seeds, chili flakes, and the brown sugar.
  8. Cook and stir for 3 minutes or until the sugar melts.
  9. Pour in the tomato ketchup and soy sauce before stirring.
  10. Bring to a boil before reducing the heat, then simmer for 10 minutes.
  11. Place the ribs in a deep oven tray and pour over the cooked sauce.
  12. Properly cover the pan with foil. Make sure to seal the sides.
  13. Bake the dish for two hours and bale for 170 deg. C temperature.
  14. Remove the foil and cook it for another half an hour.
  15. Once cooked, remove the tray from the oven and let it cool down.
  16. Serve hot!

Plenty ribs recipes and various methods of cooking are out there for you to experience. Amongst all of them, the first thing that you can think of when it comes to meat is grilling. BBQ is already a part of the traditional outdoor fun or eating and bonding. So at least you should know how to cook barbecue.

My Favorite Beef Ribs Recipe

Easy Oven Baked Ribs

You can bring out the best of beef ribs when not cooked the right way. Since beef take longer to tenderize, I often use the oven to cook mine. This easy oven baked is soft and tender to the bone. Cooked with the even heat of the oven, the juicy beef gradually softened and absorbed the seasoning deep into the meat.

Another method of cooking beef is through slow cooker. Like an oven, it cooks the beef slowly, giving time for the meat to absorb all the seasonings, just in time to make the meat tender and juicy. It sure takes longer to cook, but upon eating the delicious meal, it sure is worth the wait.


  • A cup of water
  • A cup of ketchup
  • 6-ounce tomato paste
  • check¾ cup of soft brown sugar
  • checkA half cup of vinegar
  • check1 tbsp. salt
  • check1 kg of beef back ribs
  • check2 tbsp. of mustard


  1. Mix all ingredients except the back ribs. Be sure to dissolve the brown sugar and salt. Stir it all together in the slow cooker to make the sauce.
  2. Place the beef back into the sauce mix and coat it evenly. Turn on the slow cooker into low heat, then cover. Cook it for 8 hours.
  3. It’s worth the wait. Serve while it’s still hot.


What are some popular seasonings and sauces for pork and beef ribs?

There are many different seasonings and sauces that can be used to enhance the flavor of both pork and beef ribs. Some popular options include dry rubs, BBQ sauce, honey glazes, garlic, and herbs such as rosemary and thyme.

Can I mix both in the same dish?

It is possible to mix pork and beef ribs in the same dish, such as a BBQ platter or stew. Keep in mind that the cooking time and temperature may need to be adjusted depending on the specific cuts and sizes of the meat.

How should I choose between pork and beef ribs?

The choice between pork and beef ribs ultimately comes down to personal preferences and needs. Pork tends to be more affordable and easier to cook, while beef may have a stronger, more distinct flavor. Consider factors such as taste, size, cuts, price, and recipe when choosing between these two.

Can I use the same cooking method for all cuts of pork and beef ribs?

Different cuts of pork and beef ribs may require different cooking methods to achieve optimal tenderness and flavor. For example, baby back ribs may be cooked more quickly than spare ribs, while beef short may require a longer cooking time to become tender.

How can I ensure that my pork and beef ribs are cooked evenly?

To ensure even cooking, it’s important to choose ribs that are of a similar size and thickness. Additionally, you may want to rotate them periodically while cooking to ensure that all sides are exposed to the heat evenly.

Are there any nutritional differences between pork and beef ribs?

Nutritional Differences Between Pork Ribs

While both types are good sources of protein, pork tend to be lower in calories and fat than beef ribs. Additionally, pork may contain more vitamins and minerals, such as thiamine and selenium.

Can I cook pork and beef ribs in the same dish without cross-contamination?

Yes, it is possible to cook pork and beef ribs in the same dish without cross-contamination by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all utensils and surfaces between handling each type of meat. Additionally, it’s important to avoid using the same marinade or seasoning for both types of ribs to prevent the transfer of bacteria.


Do you already have a clear comparison between pork and beef ribs? I know that both are amazingly delicious, and you could place both as your favorite. How can I decide?

When it comes to taste, I say that they both deserve a thumbs up. I choose both. Honestly, I will choose the pork.

I prefer them because they are a lot easier and quicker to cook than beef. I tell you, I have a collection of recipes intended only for pork. For the other variant, I am quite limited.

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