12 Best Frying Pan for Steak 2023 – Master the Art of Cooking

Frying Pan for Steak

Cooking restaurant-grade steak in your home is possible only with the right steak cut, seasonings, spices, and the best frying pan for steak.

Of all the frying pan materials, cast iron is the best in retaining heat to ensure that you get a steak that is browned to perfection and evenly caramelized.

Cast iron needs to be regularly seasoned for good maintenance of the pan. The seasoning process of a cast-iron frying pan over time allows the steak to have great flavors and aroma no other frying pans can produce.

The Best Pans to Cook Steak

1. Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12.5 inch)

Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12.5 inch)

The Utopia Kitchen is a popular brand of superior quality kitchen cookware. The Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is great for first-time cast iron cookware users.

Heat Conduction and Retention

This 12.5 inches cast iron skillet heats up fast and comes with excellent heat retention capabilities. These ensure even heat distribution allowing your steak to be perfectly cooked inside and out.

Design and Construction

This Utopia Kitchen skillet comes with a heavy-duty base and a smooth cooking surface to allow an evenly cooked steak. It includes two handles – one long handle and an opposite helper handle to make carrying and lifting the skillet so much easier. It also comes with two spouts for easy pouring of excess cooking oil.

It features a cooking surface with high-quality fine grain to create a non-stick patina in the long term to ensure steak does not steak to the pan. It also comes with a keyhole in the long handle for hanging allowing for easy display and storage.

Size and Weight

This round frying pan is 17 x 12.5 x 2.3 inches for a spacious cooking surface.  It weighs 7.94 pounds making it durable.


This frying pan comes pre-seasoned out of the box. The factory pre-seasoning process allows the natural polymers of cast iron to create an initial seasoning layer giving the skillet its high heat conductivity, even heat distribution, and non-stick surface ideal for cooking steak.

Cooking Surface

This frying pan can be used on gas, induction, electric, ceramic-glass top stoves. It can also be used in campfires. This makes this pan highly versatile.

Cleaning and maintenance

This frying pan can easily be cleaned hand-washed with soapy water after it has completely cooled. Re-seasoning after a few uses is recommended. Rub some oil on the cooking surface and wipe it clean with paper towels or a soft cloth. It is also dishwasher safe.

  • Solid cast iron construction for durability
  • Excellent retention of heat for even cooking
  • Spacious cooking surface to allow steak to cook to perfection
  • Can be used on a stovetop, oven, and on a campfire for versatility
  • Pre-seasoned so you can immediately cook steak out of the box
  • Durable handles that will not be detached even after long years of use
  • Comes with maintenance and care instructions to keep pan always in top shape
  • Uneven and rough cooking surface


The Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12.5 inches) comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12 Inch)

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12 Inch)

The lodge is the favorite cookware of leading chefs. The Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12 Inches) should be a part of your cookware entourage if you are a huge steak fan.

Heat Conduction and Retention

This skillet offers superb heat retention and even heat distribution to ensure the steak is done to perfection inside and out.

Design and Construction

As it is a cast-iron skillet, it is heavy so it comes with two handles (a helper handle and on the opposite a built-in handle with a removable red silicone holder) to make carrying and lifting easy. The silicone holder protects your hand from burning because cast iron can really get hot. It also comes with two spouts for easy pouring of excess oil.

Size and Weight

This round frying pan weighs 8 pounds and is 18 inches x 12 inches x 2.2 inches to allow an ideal cooking space for your steak.


This Lodge Cast Iron Skillet comes pre-seasoned from the factory with vegetable oil and baked for a black patina. Seasoning is to make the cooking surface non-stick and to enhance the flavor of your steak or any food you are cooking.

Cooking Surface

This cast-iron skillet by Lodge can be used on the stove, oven, induction cooker, grill, and open flame making it a versatile frying pan.


Wash the skillet with warm soapy water after each use. Re-season every so often to maintain its excellent cooking ability. Always store the skillet dry to keep it from rusting.

  • Even heat cooking and excellent heat retention for a perfectly cooked steak
  • Pre-seasoned so you can immediately cook steak after unboxing
  • The versatile cooking pan can be used in stovetops, induction cookers, and open flame
  • Comes with two handles for easy carrying and lifting
  • Comes with removable silicone handle covers so you will not burn your hands while cooking
  • Includes easy pouring spouts for mess-free cooking
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a rough surface


The Utopia Kitchen Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12.5 inch) comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Skillet (11-3/4-Inch)

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Skillet (11-3/4-Inch)

The Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Skillet (11-3/4-Inch) is made by one of the most well-known cast iron cookware manufacturers. This skillet comes in an attractive Caribbean color.

Heat Conduction and Retention

This enameled cast-iron skillet boasts of high cooking performance offering high heat conductivity, even heat distribution, and superb heat retention to allowing the cooking of a perfect steak.

If you are a steak lover, this cast iron skillet can produce a crispy brown crust with a tender and juicy interior. Searing steak is a piece of cake with this skillet. It can also do slow cooking, stir-frying, and even bake a cake.

Design and Construction

This enameled cast-iron skillet is individually cast in sand molds and is individually cast to ensure superior quality and durability.

This skillet comes with an integrated iron handle and helper handle providing an easy grip for easy carrying and lifting. It also comes with a pouring spout for mess-free pouring.

It is ideal for all cooking styles. Its vibrant color can match any style of kitchen. It is beautiful enough to go from stovetop to dining table.

Size and Weight

Being cast iron, this skillet at 7.5 pounds is quite heavy. It has dimensions of 13.2 inches x 11-3/4-inches x 1.7 inches for an ideal cooking space.


This cast iron enameled cast iron skillet does not require any seasoning. The slightly abrasive satin black enamel cooking surface will develop a natural patina after you have been using it for some time making it all the more ideal for frying and searing.

Cooking Surface

Cast iron cookware is specially designed for use in high temperatures. This skillet can therefore be used in the stovetop, induction, broiler, grill and oven no matter how high or low the temperature is.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This skillet can only be hand-washed with soapy water. The enamel coating makes this skillet easier to clean. While it is also dishwasher safe, frequent dishwasher usage can dull the skillet’s finish.

  • Solid and durable cast iron construction to ensure long years of use
  • Superb even heat distribution and excellent heat retention for even cooking of steak inside and out
  • Does not require seasoning because of the black enamel interior finish for easier care and maintenance
  • Spacious cooking area allowing the steak to cook well
  • Durable iron handle and a helper handle to ensure they will not detach from the frying pan
  • Can be used from stovetop to dining table to eliminate the need to have to separately plate the steak
  • Attractive exterior Caribbean enamel exterior allowing it to blend well with the interiors of your kitchen
  • Some food tends to stick on the cooking surface
  • Expensive


​The Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Skillet (11-3/4-Inch) comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

4. Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet (12-Inch)

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet (12-Inch)

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet, (12-Inch) comes with a gradated cobalt blue exterior finish.

Heat Conduction and Retention

This cast-iron skillet provides excellent heat retention as well as slow and even heat distribution ensuring perfectly cooked steak with a beautiful brown crust and a juicy and tender inside.

Design and Construction

This 12-Inch cast iron skillet combines modern style and an old-fashioned charm. It comes with a lid to seal in the flavor of steak and any food.  It comes with a flat bottom and heavy-duty construction for even heat cooking and durability. It also features a tight-fitting lid with condensation ridges to keep food moist and prevents the escape of natural flavors.

This frying pan comes with a long handle and a smaller one for easy carrying and lifting. It also comes with two pouring lips for mess-free and easy pouring of sauces and steak drippings. It likewise features superior non-stick ability.

This enameled cast-iron skillet features a cooking surface in smooth matte black porcelain enamel. Its porcelain enamel-coated lid comes with a stainless steel knob.

Size and Weight

This cast-iron skillet coated with porcelain enamel is 19.4 inches x 12 inches x 4.5 inches and weighs 12.58 pounds for an ideal cooking space for steak.

Cooking Surface

This frying pan can be used in all cooktops for versatility. It is also oven-safe up to 450°F.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The heavy-duty cast iron interior of this frying pan is coated with smooth enamel making it easy to clean with hot soapy water. The enamel-coated exterior finish can be cleaned with soapy water, too. This skillet is not dishwasher safe.

  • Durable cast iron construction allowing long years of use
  • Gradated cobalt blue porcelain enamel exterior finish for form and function
  • Tight-fitting lid with self-basting condensation ridges to lock in moisture and flavor of food
  • Two durable handles for easy carrying
  • Even heat distribution and good heat retention to allow a perfectly cooked steak
  • Flat bottom
  • Not very thick cast iron material
  • Skillet and lid are too heavy
  • Not pre-seasoned
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Some food tend to stick to the porcelain enamel cooking surface


​The Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Skillet comes with a lifetime warranty.

Why Cast Iron Works well for Steaks

How To Cook With Cast Iron

With a cast-iron frying pan, you will get to enjoy a steak that is perfectly browned on the outside as well as tender and juicy on the inside. Steak is exceptionally flavorful, too. With a cast-iron frying pan, you can cook steak just like steak masters do.

Here are the properties of a cast iron frying pan that makes it work well for steaks.

Good Conductor of Heat

A cast-iron frying pan has a high heat capacity which is important when cooking steak. It produces a lot of heat from the surface through radiation. This means that the portion of the steak that gets into contact with the metal is not the only portion that gets cooked but also the portion of the steak above.

Retains Heat for Even Cooking

A cast-iron frying pan retains the most heat of all cookware materials (similarly sized frying pans) and allows even cooking. When the frying pan gets hot, it remains hot and distributes heat evenly all through the pan. This is important when you are searing meat and for a consistently cooked crust.

Brings out the Flavors and Aromas

Adding a layer of oil after cleaning the frying pan to create a polymerized oil coating is perfect for browning and bringing out the best flavor of the steak the next time you use the frying pan. This seasoning process to maintain cast iron helps build flavors and aromas over time.

Oven Safe

Cast iron frying pans can be safely used in the oven. This is important when you are using the Reverse Sear (cooking steak first in the oven and finishing on the stovetop).


cast iron pan

A well-seasoned cast-iron frying pan will have a reliable non-stick surface. You will be assured that there will be no synthetic and harmful materials that will leak out from the pan just like with non-stick pans. This is important because steak is cooked in high heat.


The manufacture of cast iron frying pans entails simple techniques making them basically cheaper than most cookware.

Health Benefits

The use of cast iron skillets provides some health benefits. Cooking in a cast-iron skillet can increase by as much as 20% of your iron content. This is a relevant issue because iron deficiency is common in women.


A cast-iron frying pan is guaranteed to last for a very long time. The more you cook on this cookware, the better and more seasoned it becomes. Many have inherited cast iron frying pans from their parents or even grandparents.

Factors to Consider when Buying Cast Iron Frying Pans

cast iron pan

Not all cast iron frying pans are created equal. Look out for these features when picking a cast iron frying pan for cooking steak.

Right Size

You will need a good amount of space when searing steak in a frying pan to allow steam to escape so you can have a properly browned crust. Since cast-iron is thick a 12-inch frying pan will actually have around 9 – 10 inches of cooking space, just enough for a piece of rib-eye.

Comfortable Weight

A cast-iron frying pan is naturally heavy. These pans can weigh between 8- 10 pounds. Heavy pans are good for cooking steak because the thickness of the metal retains heat more efficiently and longer than thinner frying pans. Choose a weight you are comfortable carrying.

Easy to Grip Handle

Since cast iron frying pans are heavy and can get really hot, they should come with long and rounded handles that are easy to grip. It also helps if the frying pan comes with a helper handle opposite the main handle to help out with the weight.

Mess-free Pour Spouts

You will need to deal with a lot of grease in your frying pan when cooking steak. Efficient and mess-free pour spouts can help with easy clean-up after cooking.

Factory Seasoned

When a cast-iron frying pan has been factory seasoned, it means that it has already been treated with oil and heat making it ready for use right out of the box. You can also opt to do the seasoning yourself as pre-seasoned cast iron frying pans tend to cost more.

Keep in mind these features and you will surely be able to pick the best frying pan for steak.

Proper Seasoning of Cast Iron

Seasoning your cast iron frying pan will make it non-stick cookware. Seasoning also helps build the flavor and aroma of the steak you are cooking. While your cast iron frying pan will come pre-seasoned you will need to re-season it over time to prevent the risk of damage.

Here is how to properly season your cast iron frying pan:

  • Heat the frying pan over medium to high heat.
  • Dip a paper towel in some oil.
  • Use a tong to wipe the surface of the frying pan with a paper towel.
  • Continue wiping the surface until the oil smokes and no residue is left on the pan.
  • Repeat the process three times. Make sure the pan is slightly cool in-between applications.

When seasoning your frying pan, it is best to use flaxseed oil. You can also use vegetable oil but definitely avoid using animal fats.

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Proper Cleaning of Cast Iron

Cleaning a cast-iron frying pan or skillet entails a process different from most other types of frying pans. Here is how to properly do it.

  • Clean the frying pan immediately after cooking steak and while the pan is still warm enough to handle.
  • Hand-wash the frying pan in hot water.
  • Use a sponge to scrub off the remaining bits of food. You can also opt to boil some water in the frying pan to deal with food bits that have really stuck on the pan.
  • Heat the frying over low heat to dry. You can also opt to thoroughly dry the pan with a towel.
  • Apply a thin coat of oil on the surface of the frying pan.
  • Buff off excess oil.

After cleaning, store your cast iron frying pan in a dry place.

Here is a list of some of the most recommended and highest-rated cat iron frying pans or skillets for cooking the perfect steak.


What pan does Gordon Ramsay use for steak?

Gordon Ramsay has been known to use a variety of pans for cooking steak, but one of his favorites is a cast iron skillet. Cast iron pans are great for cooking steak because they can handle high temperatures, distribute heat evenly, and retain heat well. They also create a nice sear on the steak, which helps to lock in the flavor and juices.

Should I cook steak in butter or oil?

Butter is often used for its rich flavor and ability to create a nice crust on the steak. However, it has a lower smoke point than some oils, which can lead to smoking and burning if the heat is too high. Oil, on the other hand, has a higher smoke point, making it better for high-heat cooking methods like searing. It also has a more neutral flavor that won’t overpower the taste of the steak. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which you prefer.

Should you rub oil on steak?

Yes, it’s a good idea to rub oil on steak before cooking. This helps to create a sear on the outside of the steak and prevent it from sticking to the cooking surface. The oil also helps to conduct heat evenly throughout the steak, which can result in a more evenly cooked piece of meat.

You can use a variety of oils for this purpose, such as vegetable oil, canola oil, or even olive oil.

How hot should pan be for steak?

The pan should be very hot for cooking steak. Generally, it is recommended to heat the pan until it is smoking hot before adding the steak. This allows for a nice sear on the outside of the steak while keeping the inside tender and juicy.

The exact temperature can vary depending on the type of pan being used and the heat source, but a good rule of thumb is to aim for a temperature of around 400-450°F.


Cast iron is a great cookware material. It can cook your steak to perfection producing a nice brown crust and tender and juicy inside. It is also cookware that you can hand on to your children and grandchildren.

The Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12 Inch) is the surefire winner of the 4 cast iron frying pans or skillets reviewed. The silicone handle is perfect to prevent a burning hand as cast iron can really get very hot. It is non-sticky and is easy to clean and maintain.

Lodge has a well-known reputation for manufacturing superior quality cast iron skillets with excellent heating performance. You can do all types of cooking in this skillet in your kitchen or even over your campfire.

The versatility and superior cooking performance of this skillet make it the best frying pan for steak.

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