12 Best Smoker Grill Combo 2023 – Master the Art of Smokey Flavors

Best Smoker Grill Combo - Master the Art of Smokey Flavors

At SmokinJoesRibRanch, we’re passionate about the art of outdoor cooking. Ever imagined enjoying a smoke-infused evening in your backyard? Or grilling up some delectable meats for a feast? We’ve looked into the world of smoker grill combos, and trust us, these appliances are game-changers. They bring a unique zest to your culinary adventures.

A smoker grill combo offers versatility in cooking, and investing in one can be a real space and money-saver. Why clutter your patio with multiple gadgets when one efficient unit can whip up a variety of tantalizing dishes? From roasting to braising, baking to searing, this combo lets you chase your culinary dreams effortlessly.

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1. Camp Chef 24 in. Pellet Grill & Smoker

Camp Chef 24 in. Pellet Grill & Smoker

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The premium Woodwind pellet smoker and grill combo is the smartest and most highly flexible smoker-grill combo available on the market. Equipped with innovative technology, it enhances and smoothens the cooking experience of the users. Hence, it is considered one of the best smoker grill combinations.

Features of this product

Feature/Specification Description
Connectivity WIFI & Bluetooth PID controller with 4 meat probe ports
Temperature Range 160°F to 500°F with direct flame cooking up to 650°F
Smoke Control Adjustable settings from 1-10
Material Stainless Steel with inner material of stainless steel
Fuel Type Wood Pellet
Dimensions 30″D x 48″W x 49″H
Weight 162 Pounds
Special Feature Patented Ash Kickin’ Cleanout system for easy ash disposal
Additional Accessory Compatibility Compatible with 14 in. accessories, including the Sidekick
  • WIFI & Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Advanced PID controller
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Easy ash cleanout system
  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Requires regular firmware updates
  • The initial setup might be complex


2. Traeger Grills TFB57GZEO Pro Series 575 Grill, Smoker

Traeger Grills TFB57GZEO Pro Series 575 Grill, Smoker

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Traeger is considered the renowned wood pellet grill smoker-selling company all over the world. This latest smoker grill combo is equipped with smart technology features to provide you with the best smoking and grilling experience. It is highly suitable for tailgating or picnics with your family and friends.

Key Features

Feature/Specification Description
Brand Traeger
Model Name Pro Series 575
Power Source Electric
Color Bronze
Outer Material Alloy Steel
Inner Material Stainless Steel
Fuel Type Wood Pellet
Product Dimensions 27″D x 41″W x 53″H
Item Weight 149 Pounds
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Built-in thermometer with WiFi connectivity
  • Versatile: great for smoking and grilling
  • Durable and well-built
  • Excellent customer service and warranty
  • Hopper capacity lasts about 7 hours
  • WiFi setup can be tricky


3. Realcook Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill

Realcook Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill

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Realcook Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill is considered the best smoker grill combo under 500. This 20-inch vertical charcoal smoker grill allows you to savor flavourful foods with your family and friends in your backyard. It is specially designed to provide you with the best outdoor smoker grill experience.

Features of this product

Feature/Specification Description
Brand Realcook
Model Name Charcoal Smoker Grill
Power Source Charcoal, Wood
Color 20″ Charcoal
Outer Material Alloy Steel
Inner Material Stainless Steel
Fuel Type Charcoal
Product Dimensions 20″D x 25″W x 41″H
Item Weight 32.2 pounds
  • Multi-layered design for versatility
  • Large cooking capacity (636 sq. inches)
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Built-in thermometer for temperature control
  • Two access doors for convenience
  • Requires careful handling during transport
  • Assembly instructions could be clearer


4. Dyna-Glo DGSS1382VCS-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill

Dyna-Glo DGSS1382VCS-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill

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This multi-functional charcoal smoker grill combo provides the best offset smoking and grilling capacity to the users. With its sturdy construction and excellent features, it is quite handy for backyard parties, picnics, or tailgating events. It is regarded as one of the best smoker grill combos for the money.

Key Features

Feature/Specification Description
Brand Dyna-Glo
Power Source Charcoal
Color Black powder coat
Outer Material Stainless Steel
Item Weight 124.3 Pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH) 45.5 x 24.9 x 58.8 inches
  • Dual functionality: smoker and grill
  • Professional-grade temperature gauge
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Durable heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Easy ash disposal with removable pan
  • Assembly might take time
  • Might require additional sealing in some areas


5. Camp Chef 24 in. WIFI Woodwind 

Camp Chef 24 in. WIFI Woodwind 

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Designed for both beginners and seasoned grill masters, this smoker offers a versatile cooking experience with its advanced digital temperature control and patented ash cleanout system.

Whether you’re smoking ribs, grilling steaks, or baking pizzas, the Woodwind ensures consistent results every time. Its spacious cooking area and hopper capacity make it perfect for hosting backyard parties and family gatherings.

With its durable construction and user-friendly features, the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Smoker promises to be a valuable addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Features of This Product

Feature/Specification Description
Cooking Area 811 sq. in.
Hopper Capacity 22 lbs.
Temperature Range 160°F to 500°F
Ash Cleanout System Patented design for easy ash removal
Digital Temperature Control Precise temperature settings for consistent cooking
  • Versatile Cooking Options
  • User-Friendly Features
  • Consistent Results
  • Spacious Cooking Area
  • Durable Construction
  • On the pricier side
  • Bulky and heavy, less portable
  • Beginners might need some time to get accustomed


6. Royal Gourmet CC1830FC Charcoal Grill

Royal Gourmet CC1830FC Charcoal Grill 

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This versatile grill offers a total of 823 sq. in. of cooking surface, including porcelain-enameled steel wire cooking grates, a chrome-plated warming rack, and an offset smoker. The seamless connection between the side smoker and the main chamber ensures rapid heating and consistent warmth.

With its groove-designed lid, the sealing performance of the side smoker box is optimized. The grill also features a 2-level height-adjustable charcoal pan, an easy-to-read built-in thermometer, and a front table and bottom shelf for added convenience.

Key Features

Feature/Specification Description
Brand Royal Gourmet
Model Name CC1830FC
Power Source Charcoal
Color Black
Outer Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 57 Pounds
Item Dimensions 45.7 x 28 x 48.8 inches
Inner Material Stainless Steel
Fuel Type Charcoal
Product Dimensions 27.56″D x 41.54″W x 48.62″H
  • Versatile Cooking Options
  • Durable Construction
  • Efficient Heat Retention
  • Adjustable Charcoal Pan
  • Assembly Required
  • Takes up considerable space
  • High Maintenance


7. Z GRILLS ZPG-550B  Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 8 in-1 BBQ

Z GRILLS ZPG-550B  Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 8 in-1 BBQ

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Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, this 2019 upgraded model boasts a sleek design coupled with advanced technology. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a weekend warrior, the ZPG-550B promises to deliver consistent results, ensuring that every meal is cooked to perfection.

One of the standout features for me was its versatility. The ability to switch between grilling and smoking allowed me to experiment with various dishes, from smoked salmon to perfectly seared steaks.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I did notice that the grill consumed pellets at a slightly faster rate than I anticipated. This meant frequent refills, especially during longer cooking sessions.

Features of this product

Feature Specification
Grill Area 399 square inches
Smoking/Warming Rack Area 139 square inches
Total Cooking Area 538 square inches
Fuel Type Wood Pellet
Temperature Range 180°F to 450°F
  • Versatile Cooking Options
  • Consistent Temperature
  • Large Cooking Area
  • Durable Construction
  • Easy Assembly
  • Pellet Consumption
  • Temperature Fluctuations


8.  Char-Griller 2137 Charcoal Grill / Smoker

Char-Griller 2137 Charcoal Grill / Smoker

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This Char-Griller charcoal smoker/grill is one of the best smoker grill combos for beginners. It is equipped with a primary and secondary cooking area which provides enough space to grill or smoke meats for large family gatherings or backyard parties. It is certainly an easier and more convenient appliance to use for smoking and grilling.

Key Features

Feature/Specification Description
Brand Char-Griller
Model Name Outlaw
Power Source Charcoal
Color Black
Outer Material Alloy Steel
Inner Material Stainless steel
Item Weight 40 Kilograms
Item Dimensions 49 x 29 x 50 inches
Fuel Type Charcoal
  • Large cooking area (around 400 sq inches)
  • Adjustable coal level for versatile cooking
  • Cast iron grills of good quality
  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Holds heat well and cooks evenly
  • Top doesn’t close tightly (minor charcoal wastage)
  • Wooden shelves can be delicate


9. Z Grills ZPG-6002E Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Z Grills ZPG-6002E Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

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Z Grills’s ultimate 6-in-1 smoker grill combo is the latest model in the smoker & grill range which offers ultimate flexibility with easy-to-use controls. With huge grilling and hopper capacity, it can be used to serve smoked and grilled food at large family gatherings, parties, or tailgating. It is one of the best smoker and grill combos available on the market.

Features of this product

Feature/Specification Description
Functionality 8-IN-1 Grill & Smoker
Cooking Area 1056 sq. in
Capacity 30 burgers, 6 rib racks, or 5 chickens
Material Stainless Steel (Outer and Inner)
Fuel Type Wood Pellets
Dimensions 29″D x 54″W x 53″H
Technology Advanced Wood Fire Technology
Warranty 3-YEAR Quality Assurance
  • 6-in-1 BBQ Grill versatility
  • Auto temperature control feature
  • Large cooking area (601 sq in)
  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Advanced wood fire technology
  • Assembly might take time
  • Requires regular cleaning


10. SUNLIFER 20.5 Inch Smoker and Grill Combo

SUNLIFER 20.5 Inch Smoker and Grill Combo

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Sunlife charcoal smoker grill combo is a multi-functional appliance that can be used for hot or cold cooking. It is very easy to use and easy to move which will enhance your cooking experience and you will start loving grilling and smoking. It is one of the most-rated products on the market.

Key Features

Feature/Specification Description
Power Source Wood, Charcoal
Color 20.5″ vertical
Outer Material Alloy Steel
Inner Material Stainless Steel
Fuel Type Charcoal
Dimensions (LxWxH) 20.67 x 24.8 x 41.34 inches
Cooking Area 646 square inches
Special Features Built-in thermometer, 2 adjustable air vents, Large capacity charcoal pan, Removable ash pan, Latch locking system, 2 access doors
  • Versatile with multiple cooking methods
  • Built-in thermometer for precise cooking
  • Large cooking area for big meals
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Adjustable air vents for temperature control
  • Assembly might require time
  • Larger footprint for smaller spaces


11. Outsunny Steel Portable Backyard Charcoal BBQ Grill

Outsunny Steel Portable Backyard Charcoal BBQ Grill

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The Outsunny portable charcoal smoker, BBQ, and grill combination appliance is considered the best smoker-grill combo for beginners. With a sleek design and two separate openings for a grill and offset smoker, it provides the best backyard cooking experience to the users.

It is lightweight, easy to operate, and easy to move, thus, it is the perfect choice for experiencing outdoor cooking.

Features of this product

Feature/Specification Description
Brand Outsunny
Model Name 846-036-RE
Power Source Wood, Propane, Charcoal
Color Black
Outer Material Metal, Steel
Item Weight 35 Pounds
Product Dimensions 20.75″D x 48.75″W x 41″H
  • Versatile all-in-one design
  • Ample storage space
  • Rust-resistant construction
  • Easy-to-read thermometer
  • Cool-to-touch wooden handles
  • The assembly might be challenging
  • Larger footprint for small patios


12. Royal Grill Offset Smoker Combo

ROVSUN Grill Offset Smoker ComboCheck on Amazon Check on Target Check on eBay

This conventional charcoal grill offset smoker combination allows you to experience dual-styled BBQ with your friends and family. It is equipped with all the safety measures which meet every food safety norm and is safe and healthy to use for the BBQ.

Key Features

Feature/Specification Description
Power Source Charcoal
Color Charcoal, Black
Outer Material Metal, Steel
Inner Material Stainless steel
Fuel Type Charcoal
  • Portable spherical design
  • Quick heating and sustained warmth
  • Durable steel construction
  • High-temperature spray paint
  • Multi-functional with side smoker
  • Manual assembly required
  • Limited cooking space


Different kinds of smokers & grills

Do you wish to cook various foods with the help of only a single appliance? You can fulfill your wish with the best smoker-grill combo. It is a multi-functional device that provides versatile cooking methods to meet your requirements efficiently. The smoker grill combo does every work of providing a sleek texture to your food.

These appliances are available in many different types with each constituting its pros and cons. Depending on your needs and the circumstances of utilizing it, you can easily buy the smoker grill combo that perfectly meets your needs.

Following is the list of various types of smokers and grills:

1. Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal smokers are one of the excellent appliances for smoking food. They are regarded as the best appliances to infuse smoky flavor into meals. They are available in various sizes and shapes and equipped with smart technology.

Charcoal is likely to bind with wood pellets when used as a fuel that infuses the majority of the flavor in the food. The only tradeoff a person has to bear for this additional taste is that these smokers are subjected to much more labor-intensive rather than gas or electric smokers as they require more monitoring and cleaning.

Mode of operation:

Charcoal smokers use wood chips as fuel for combustion. When wood is extremely heated greater than 1,000°F, a majority of carbonless organic compounds are readily burnt off, leaving the ‘char’ behind which gets cleanly burned and does not generate excessive smoke. This char gets converted into small briquettes which are known as charcoal.

Charcoal gives heat to charcoal smokers. The chemicals generated during the combustion process release gases like nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, which infuse a smoky flavor into the food. Extra smoke is created by using the wood chips that are generally settled above the charcoal to smoke.

The total quantity of heat generated is managed with the help of air intakes situated near the coals. The greater the amount of air permitted into the firebox, the hotter the amount of charcoal will burn off.

Many of the charcoal smokers hang the meals over the coals that draw smoke and heat across the meals with the help of air dampers and chimneys which are situated at the top.

Controlling the course of smoke and air is important in smoking through charcoal as an excessive amount of air will make your meal tough and dry, while less air and smoke will create bitterness in the food.

  • Charcoal smokers are regarded as an excellent standard to deliver an intense smoky flavor to food.
  • They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles which makes it quite easy to find the smoker that fits your requirements and available space.
  • Charcoal actively infuses the smoky taste to the food when you cook. The nitrogen oxide released from the charcoal is majorly responsible for generating the smoke ring.
  • Charcoal grills require more than enough monitoring and extra practice to know how they work than gas or electric grills.
  • The process is time-consuming as you would require igniting the charcoal and waiting for it to turn into ashes before putting it in the smoker as it needs to take some time before starting smoking.
  • A lot of particulate and ash is produced by charcoal, which requires intensive cleaning of the smoker after finishing up the smoking process.


Recommended for:

If you love eating smoked meats, then a charcoal smoker is the best choice for you to go with. The design of the charcoal smoker can be complicated or very easy for you to handle depending on your understanding and it can take some effort and time to receive consistent results, which is completely worth it.

2. Propane or gas smokers

Propane Or Gas Smokers

Gas smokers use propane or natural gas to produce heat in the system. The termS ‘propane’ and ‘gas’ are used justly interchangeably for fuelling such smokers. Propane is sometimes known as Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). So, if you have a gas connection at your home, then that gas can be utilized as fuel for your smokers in the form of refillable gas bottles which can be readily available at many outdoor stores and gas stations.

Mode of operation:

Most of the gas smokers are constructed in a ‘cabinet design’ with the vents and burner at the bottom level and the dampers and chimney at the top level. The gas moves from the bottle via a manifold and travels down to the cooking area.

Then, it gets ignited after flowing out of the valves of the burner. Similar to an electric smoker, propane or gas smokers do not produce smoke naturally, so wood chips are utilized to develop a smoky flavor in the food.

  • Gas smokers are convenient to use as electric smokers and one can readily find propane to fuel the system.
  • It is easy to control the temperature of a propane or gas smoker. Moreover, it is quite simple to make any changes in the heat rather than with a pellet or charcoal burner.
  • Starting a gas grill is quite faster than starting a charcoal grill. You can easily change from cold to hot cooking within 15 minutes and enjoy your meal within a stipulated time.
  • Gas smokers produce more chemicals during the combustion process, and these appliances infuse more flavor into the food than electric smokers.
  • You can easily run out of gas if you don’t have any backup fuel storage. To be cautious, you will possibly require two gas bottles to ensure that you are not short of gas. If your gas tank is indicating a low fuel level, then you would require checking your smoker every 30 minutes to identify whether it has stopped working.


Recommended for:

Gas smokers are best for pitmasters who wish to infuse a little smoky flavor of the chemicals released during the combustion process which you would not probably receive by using an electric smoker.

They use gas bottles as fuel sources which are easily portable and they tend to be lightweight. Hence, a gas or propane smoker would also be the best fit for someone who likes to go out for camping trips or cookouts.

3. Offset Smokers

Offset Smokers

Offset smokers are highly popular smokers available in the market. They were initially developed from unutilized oil drums that are responsible for their barrel-like structure. These smokers are big and bulky with a maximum cooking chamber to feed a large family gathering with delicious smoked food.

Mode of operation:

The term “offset” in an offset smoker is named after the manufacturing fact of an offset smoker in which the firebox is placed below the major cooking chamber and offset to the side of the body. When charcoal or wood is burned in the firebox, the heat and smoke flow across the meal in the cooking area and go out from a chimney.

A typical offset smoker has a chimney positioned opposite the firebox. Several offset smokers utilize a ‘reverse flow’ structure, which makes use of baffles to push the heat and smoke to flow in both over and under the food.

Hence, offset smokers with reverse flow structures are quite easy to notice as these smokers have chimneys mounted above the firebox, not opposed to it.

  • The large cooking capacity of the offset smokers eases the effort to cook up a large quantity of food.
  • Some models of the offset smokers provide a grill plate that can be attached above the firebox that can be used as a smoker grill combo.
  • Since the firebox is isolated from the cooking area, you can easily add extra fuel to the fire by not taking out smoke and heat.
  • Buying a cheap offset smoker is not valuable for the money as it usually involves construction which means drying of food, leakage, and bad heat retention property. So, spending extra money on a high-quality offset smoker will be worth spending and work efficiently for a long time.
  • It is a long procedure to start an offset smoker and it takes an hour to get set the accurate temperature to start cooking.
  • It requires much practice and effort to learn how to use the offset smoker to get the best results from it and enjoy excellent meals.


Recommended for:

Offset smokers are considered the best purchase for those who can put some effort and time into creating a large amount of food from a great and difficult-to-use smoker. It is important to consider the available space in your home or backyard before buying an offset smoker as it is quite big.

4. Electric Smokers

Electric Smokers

Electric smokers are regarded as the best ‘set it and forget it’ smoking system. One of the greatest advantages of using these smokers is that you do not require taking the stress about burning charcoal or wood, carrying a propane cylinder as its fuel source, or worrying about the cleaning process.

Utilizing an electric smoker has several benefits such as adjusting the temperature, setting time, possibly from a mobile app if you have a  high-end model, and chilling out with your beer while your work is getting done.

Mode of operation:

Electric smokers make use of a heating element rather than any kind of combustible fuel source to generate heat. Since there is an absence of actual combustion, the smoke is usually produced from the wood chips that are placed over the heating element.

Most electric smokers are constructed in a vertical direction in which the heating element is situated at the bottom level and the water pans and the wood chips are placed between it and then comes the food racks.

There are two important functions of a water pan. First of all, it generates water vapors which intensify the smoky flavor in the meal. Secondly, it produces an indirect cooking habitat that shields the meat from any direct heat and keeps the smoking time and temperature low and slow.

  • Electric smokers are quite easy to operate, which is a great choice for people who have never used a smoker and are beginning their journey with it.
  • They do not need any supplementary fuel sources such as gas, charcoal, or pellets.
  • High-quality electric smokers can certainly depend upon it to maintain a consistent temperature and cannot fall short of fuel.
  • The flavor generated by electric smokers is not the same as that produced by other smokers as it lacks an actual combustion process. In electric smokers, the low smoke temperature delivered by the wood chunks is used to generate the smoke.
  • The absence of combustion gases does not prevent the formation of a smoke ring as it is produced in the presence of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide.
  • The moist atmosphere generated inside the electric smokers makes it harder to provide a crispy crust on ribs or chicken skin.


Recommended for:

Electric smokers are the best choice for those who cannot use wood, charcoal, or gas burners very close to the places they live in. These smokers suit perfectly those who prefer to put the food inside the smoker, set its timer, and chill out till the food is not prepared.

5. Pellet Smokers

Pellet Smokers

Pellet smokers are an advanced high-quality combination of smokers and smokers. They combine the additional smoky taste of an actual combustion process with the excellent easiness of an electric smoker. A major advantage of pellet smokers is that it is a 3-in-1 cooking solution as you can utilize them as a smoker, grill, and oven.

 Mode of operation:

Pellet smokers make use of sawdust compressed for their operation. These pellets are situated in a hopper located at the side and are delivered into the firebox with the help of an auger drill. A hot metal rod is placed inside the firebox which results in the combustion of the pellets that creates both heat and smoke in the cooking cabinet.

Pellet smokers make use of built-in thermometers to maintain the temperature consistent and stable by changing the flow of the air and quantity of pellets delivered into the firebox to generate consistent heat.

  • Pellet smokers mix the flavor amplification of real wood smoke by using a cooking system in which you can set the temperature and timer and chill out till the time the food is prepared.
  • As mentioned above, they provide ultimate versatility i.e. they can act as a grill, smoker, and oven.
  • The wood pellets do not completely burn down, which means there is no requirement to clean up the system other than emptying or removing the firebox.
  • Pellet smokers are more expensive than other kinds of smokers.
  • The heating rod in the pellet smokers which ignites the fans, the drill, and the pellets all operate on electricity only, so you would require an electric socket nearby to your smoking place.
  • Getting wood pellets is not as easy as gas or charcoal, so you would require a stockpile if you are going on a camping trip.


Recommended for:

If you want a serious smoking cooking solution but are equipped with an advanced solution that does not require sitting down and babysitting the smoker, then a pellet grill is an absolute option for you.

Pellet smokers are well-designed and provide greater flexibility. So, if you have a small room to keep a single cooking appliance in which you can readily smoke, grill, and cook, then pellet smokers are an ideal deal.

6. Kettle Grills

Kettle Grills

Kettle grills are spherical-shaped charcoal grills that can also be used as a smoker to smoke food in small quantities easily. These grills are considered the most commonly purchased live-fire cooking appliance as they are quite cheap and readily available on the market which makes them the best smoker grill combo.

Mode of operation:

Using a kettle grill as a smoker needs some rearrangement in the system of the charcoal placed inside it, some extra wood chunks, and a water pan. For smoking on kettle grills, many clever methods are used, which include the Snake procedure.

As per the Snake procedure, you need to lay out the unlit coals, 2 briquettes high, and 2 deep, making a ‘C’ shape. After igniting some hot briquettes, you need to position them to the place from where the Snake starts. Gradually, the burning briquettes will fire up the unlit briquettes, which increases the burn time and maintains the temperature low.

The wood chips are then put on top of the burning coals to generate smoke. A water pan is placed on the grill grate over these wood chips. Some water is added which aids in delivering some heat and adds some moisture inside the grill.

The processed smoked food is then put on another side of the ash over coals and the grill’s lid is put on to create a vent above the meal.

Air is lifted via a lid vent in the bottom of the grill above the wood chips, coals, and water pan. It generates moisture and water that flows around the food to get its way out from the lid vent, which provides flavor to the food, and indirect heat from the coals cooks the food.

  • If you own a kettle grill, then you do not need to go out and purchase a smoker.
  • Water pan and wood chips are conveniently easy to get and you do not need to make any systemic changes in the kettle grill for using it as a smoker.
  • Since it is not constructed to be utilized as a smoker, it can be quite difficult to control the airflow accurately along with the amount of heat and smoke in kettle grills. Therefore, it is not easy to receive consistent results
  • It uses charcoal as a fuel source, so you will be burdened with some cleanup processes.


Recommended for:

Kettle grills are mostly available in every house, which can be used as a smoker anytime. They create excellent jerry-rigged charcoal smokers which would fit best for people looking majorly for a grill, however, want to make use of it as a smoker to smoke food on any occasion.

7. Kamado Grills

Kamado Grills

Kamado grills are ceramic grills that can be used for multi-purpose jobs like smoking, grilling, roasting, and baking. The concept of these grills was first discovered 3,000 years back in Asia.

Hence, Kamado grills are one of the oldest cooking apparatuses which are quite popular now. There are a variety of excellent brands available on the market that sell Kamado grills and they can be used as amazing smokers.

Mode of operation:

The peculiar egg-shaped structure of a Kamado grill is way more of a stylistic solution. In accordance with ancient clay vessels (ovens), the thickness and shape of the ceramic walls help to retain moisture and heat.

The heat is produced by the fire at the bed of the cooking cabinet and the meal is situated on the grill grate over it. The level of heat generated is managed by the vents at the bottom and top of the grill.

If you are using a Kamado grill as a smoker, then you would require putting a water pan and wood chips in it. Some of the Kamado models provide a deflector plate that is situated over the fire and gives the heat back. The heat and smoke rise above the meal and are pointed back onto the system by the grill’s shape.

  • Kamado grills suffer less airflow which creates fewer chances of drying out of the food; hence, you can get juicy and moist meat easily.
  • They are multi-function, which can be used as a grill, smoker, bake as well as a pizza oven.
  • They help to retain a consistent temperature due to their thick walls which can help to deal with heat retention issues during the cold season.
  • Kamado grills are highly expensive to buy.
  • Since these grills have only two vents, so controlling the temperature can be a bit tricky.
  • As the fire is situated below the food, the addition of extra fuel and removal of ash can be difficult.


Recommended for:

Kamado grills are great and flexible cooking systems that permit you to smoke meat, grill food, and bake bread easily. If you struggle with heat retention issues and live in a cold place, then a Kamado grill will become a solution to your every problem with its excellent features and insulation.

Buying Guide

Smoker grill combo

Nowadays, buying the smoker grill combo can be a challenging job with multiple choices available in the market. Several factors play a vital role in deciding and purchasing the smoker grill combo like its type, quality, weight, cooking surface, etc.

If these important factors are not researched and acknowledged properly, it can create huge confusion to select the right product among the various products, which might result in purchasing the wrong product.

Hence, it is certainly important to consider knowing various responsible factors while buying the smoker grill combo. Following is a brief list of certain important factors that can be your guide to purchasing the smoker grill combinations.


The weight of any product acts as a deciding factor in selecting a suitable product. A smoker grill combo’s weight concerns many consumers depending on the type of usage. If you are planning to pack a smoker-grill combination for your camping trip, then its weight can become an issue.

To resolve this problem, a compact and lightweight model would best fit in a patio or small backyard. Smaller smoker grill combo models are also quite suitable for any outdoor events or tailgating.


Decide which type of smoker grill combo to purchase is the hardest choice to make. Since there is a variety of smokers and grill combos that deliver similar optimal results, it is important to pay attention to the purpose of buying the appliance.

If you want to purchase it for picnics or camping trips, then you should consider a charcoal or gas smoker grill combo.

However, cleaning these smokers is not an easy task. If you wish to use it for tailgating or backyard cooking, then a wood pellet or electric smoker grill combo would be the best choice.

However, pellet smokers are quite expensive to purchase. So, choose that particular smoker grill combo that meets your requirements and doesn’t burden you much.

Cooking Surface

The cooking surface plays a vital role in buying a smoker-grill combo. Whether you have a nuclear or a large family, a bigger cooking area of a smoker-grill combination will always benefit you as it will not hinder your options and will allow you to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously.

Nowadays, some models also present versatile cooking surfaces that can be easily divided to prepare various items close to each other. Models with side trays are quite feasible to use as it will firmly hold your cooking utensils and sauces.


Before buying a smoker grill combo, it is important to consider its cleaning process. The aspect of cleaning is a vital point to acknowledge as if your unit is not cleaned properly, then it can certainly harm your food with unwanted substances, which can have detrimental effects on your health. So, it is highly important to clean your smoker grill combo properly.

Always check if it contains an ash cleanout system for cleaning purposes. Nowadays, few models consist of a drip tray feature which helps to collect grease easily and prevents you from spending hours brushing the surface of the smoker grill combo.

Porcelain-coated interiors provide an easy cleaning method and the food does not stick on their surfaces, which makes your unit always ready for use.

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Fuel source

It is important to acknowledge the reason for buying the smoker grill combination whether it is for your recreation purposes or daily usage. You should always purchase a type of smoker grill combo by considering the fuel source available in your area.

If you are buying it for camping trips, then avoid buying an electric and gas smoker grill combo as you would not have any access to electricity or gas nearby and all your money will go to waste. If you want to prepare a BBQ at home, then an electric or gas smoker grill combo will be the best choice.


To keep your smoker grill combo for a long time, it is important to check its material durability and robustness. Resilient smoker grill combinations are made from strong, massive gauge steel. Its welds require being hard and well-executed to ensure long-lasting results.

An original smoker grill combo should contain insulated handles that can avert any injuries when using it. This smoker grill combo should also consist of lids that can lock the cooking chamber properly to control its temperature.

Hi-tech and high-quality smoker grill combinations should contain an inbuilt thermometer that can aid in temperature control.


The purchase of a product largely depends on the budget of the consumers. There are multiple smoker grill combos available in the market with varied prices, but you can easily find some smoker grill combinations that are affordable, easy to use, and provide good results.

If you are looking for the best smoker grill combo that fits within your available budget and still provides you with better service, then consider choosing charcoal burning smoker grill combo as they are available at reasonable prices and provide excellent flavor to your food recipes.

Hence, purchasing the best smoker grill combinations can become an easy deal by considering the above-mentioned factors.


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Are smokers better than grills?

The answer to this question solely depends on the kind of meal you want to prepare and its preparation preferences. Smokers make use of real smoke to infuse smoky flavor in the food. They utilize indirect heat powered by charcoal, wood, gas, or electricity and operate in combination with a wood chip and a water basin positioned at the bottom of a smoker chamber.

Smoked Meat

Are smoker grills healthy?

Smoked grill meats deliver mouth-watering flavors that could make your taste buds sing. The process undergoes many chemical reactions in which some reactions help the food to acquire an irresistible taste, while a few reactions could be harmful to your health if proper safety measures are not taken. Recent studies on barbecued or smoker food, it is claimed that various chemical contaminants are produced in the process of combustion of fuel, which are carcinogenic like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), formaldehyde, dioxins, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides.

Why should I consider a smoker grill combo instead of separate units?

A smoker grill combo offers convenience, saves space, and can be cost-effective compared to buying separate units. It’s ideal for those with limited outdoor space or those who want the versatility without multiple appliances.

Can I use a smoker grill combo for large gatherings or parties?

Yes, many smoker grill combos come in larger sizes suitable for entertaining. Always check the cooking area dimensions and capacity before purchasing

How do charcoal smokers infuse flavor into the food?

Charcoal smokers use wood chips as fuel for combustion. When wood is heated to high temperatures, it releases gases like nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, which infuse a smoky flavor into the food. The combination of charcoal and wood chips produces the signature smoky taste.

What are some considerations when using a gas or propane smoker?

Gas smokers are convenient and offer easy temperature control. However, they produce more chemicals during combustion, which can influence the flavor of the food. Additionally, users should ensure they have backup fuel storage to avoid running out of gas during cooking sessions.


At SmokinJoesRibRanch, we understand the allure of smoked and grilled food. I often find myself savoring smoked or grilled dishes on weekends, much like many of you. Some of us even reserve this culinary delight for special occasions like picnics or tailgating.

While our cooking and taste preferences might differ, finding the right appliance to match those preferences is crucial.

It made the cooking process so much smoother than struggling with a bulky, stationary unit. When you’re on the lookout for the ideal smoker-grill combo, considering its features is paramount. It’s not just about buying a product; it’s about choosing the right tool to elevate your cooking passion.

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