7 Best Oil for Popcorn 2023 – Perfectly Delicious Snack

Popcorn Oil - Make the movie night tasty

At SmokinJoesRiBranch, we’re passionate about our movie nights, and what’s a movie without popcorn? Even our casual strolls in the park feel incomplete without that familiar box.

But here’s a thought: How does the oil we choose shape the experience? Ever wondered which one truly brings out that rich, buttery flavor?

This choice is pivotal. It’s the secret behind popcorn that’s both delectable and wholesome. Not every oil can capture that perfect blend of nuttiness and butteriness.

In our research, we’ve explored various options to determine which ones truly shine. We’ve ranked them for flavor and texture. Curious about the best oil to boost your experience? Let us help you with that.

1. Amish Country Popcorn


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Traits Amish Country Popcorn 
Smoke Point 400°F
Health Benefits Low in saturated fat, high in monounsaturated fat
Taste Neutral flavor 

This delicious, buttery flavor of canola oil is perfect choice. It’s ideal for high-heat popping and holds the record of the lowest level of saturated fat among all the popcorn oils. Its mild taste can complement any type of corn kernel.

This old-fashioned Amish Country Popcorn Canola is available in a 16-ounce bottle at any market near you. It comes with a recipe guide, is non-GMO, and is gluten-free.

  • Has the greatest buttery taste
  • You only need to add salt after
  • It gives a nice color to the popcorn
  • The butter flavor is light


2. Zoe Extra Virgin Oil


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Traits Zoe Extra Virgin Oil
Smoke Point 325°F
Health Benefits High in monounsaturated fats
Taste Rich, fruity flavor that complements the popcorn

Zoe, a Spanish Extra virgin olive oil has an equal balance of delicate fruity and buttery taste with an aroma of mixed spices. With its blend of different Spanish flavors, it gives a consistent tang that is suitable for dressing salads and vegetables. Hence, this is an excellent choice for cooking.

The high-quality ingredients, aroma, and Spanish flavor make it a perfect oil for your popcorn. Besides the health benefits it offers, it brings out the best taste of your popcorn.

  • Tastes fresh and delicious
  • Price is reasonable
  • Consistent quality
  • Tightly-sealed container
  • Easy pour spout
  • Mild flavor
  • Smells good
  • It gives a slightly bitter aftertaste
  • The color is a little pale
  • Does not have the harvest date


3. Franklin’s Butter Flavored 


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Traits Franklin’s Butter-Flavored Coconut 
Smoke Point 350°F
Health Benefits Rich in medium-chain triglycerides
Taste Buttery flavor

The 30 oz. jar of Franklin’s butter-flavored coconut oil has a wide opening that makes it easier for me to access. This 100% pure coconut product has a yummy buttery flavor that you can use as a substitute for butter. I guess this is the secret ingredient in movie theatres that sell popcorn.

You can use this one for cooking these in a pot or with the makers at home. Besides, do you know that this one has zero fat, is gluten-free, and is vegan? Works best for all who like it healthy!

  • Applicable in any method
  • Gives the kernels the yellow-golden look
  • It smells great, and the taste is buttery
  • Gives crispy popcorns
  • Reasonable price
  • Has an artificial butter flavoring
  • Not recommendable for topping
  • Limit the use; could end up greasy


4. Snappy Pure Peanut 


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Traits Snappy Pure Peanut Popcorn 
Smoke Point 450°F
Health Benefits High in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats
Taste A nutty flavor 

Do you like your oil to be free of artificial coloring? Then Snappy Pure Peanut Popcorn Oil is the choice for you. With a zero level of trans-fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low saturated fats. It also contains antioxidants and good fats for lower cholesterol levels. This nutty-flavored product has no coloring added for a perfectly enhanced experience.

It is refined, bleached, and deodorized. There is no need to store it at a cool temperature since it’s quite pourable at room temperature. The clear oil is also pumpable, which makes it compatible with a gallon syrup pump. However, heads up for all allergic to peanuts; I recommend other options for you.

Overall, it’s a healthy choice.

  • The flavor is not that strong
  • Has a manufacturing and expiry date
  • No need to refrigerate
  • BPA free
  • Gluten-free
  • Suitable for high-heat
  • Reasonable Price
  • Has a high smoke temperature
  • Bleached and deodorized
  • Not recommended for those with peanut allergy
  • It may have an odd smell for those not used to peanut aroma


5. Snappy Popcorn Butter Burst

Snappy butter

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Traits Snappy Popcorn Butter Burst Soybean 
Smoke Point 450°F
Health Benefits Low saturated fat
Taste Buttery flavor 

This rich and buttery flavor of soybean oil is best for popping or topping in making popcorn. You can directly use it in cooking since there is no melting required. This trans-fat-free soybean does not need to keep at a cool temperature. You can use and pour it right away at room temperature.

The Snappy soybean has a mild flavor; hence, you can use it as toppings over your already popped popcorn, just like in the movies. It is sold in gallons, but you can go for a lesser cost when you buy a case of four.

  • Can be used in hot butter machines
  • Really tastes like in the movies
  • Gives the popcorn a good buttery flavor
  • It gives the popcorn the marbled yellow color
  • Reasonable price
  • No smaller packs are available
  • Not for those who cannot tolerate soy


6. Wabash Valley Farms Classic 


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Traits Wabash Valley Farms Classic Blend Popping 
Smoke Point 450°F
Health Benefits A combination of coconut and corn oil
Taste A classic popcorn flavor with a hint of coconut

The Wabash Valley Farms is a combination of coconut and corn oil that gives that classic taste and aroma of popcorn at home. This certified Kosher pareve oil is the healthier version of the authentic taste you get at movie theatres. It contains 65% less fat than pure coconut and has zero trans fats.

I like the small size of the jar making it so convenient to use and store. Remember that the color and consistency of the oil change based on temperature, but the taste and quality remain the same. You can easily scoop the oil out at room temperature, or you can heat the jar in warm water to liquefy.

You can use it for popcorn, and flavoring other snacks and recipes as well.

  • It has a tasty buttery flavor that pops up kernels just fine
  • Smells and tastes great
  • Size is easy to handle
  • It’s perfect for popping and topping
  • There is no instruction on how much to use
  • Expensive


7. Baja Precious Organic 


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The Baja sunflower oil is all-natural, expeller-pressed, non-GMO with organic sunflower ingredients. You can buy it with Pilfer-proof cap containers or jugs that are practical and of great value for high-frequency users. The extracting process of pressing the sunflower seeds is according to strict quality standards.

This high oleic oil is higher in monounsaturated fat and lowers in both saturated and polyunsaturated fats than regular sunflower one. That’s why it’s healthy and is a highly recommended substitute for butter. It’s suitable for high-heat cooking and versatile that you can use it with other culinary needs and cosmetic applications.

Traits Baja Precious Organic
Smoke Point 440ºF
Health Benefits Higher in monounsaturated fat 
Taste Neutral taste


  • Has many uses
  • Great for high-heat cooking
  • Healthy substitute for butter
  • High-quality 
  • The smoke point at 440 F
  • The labels are not well updated 
  • Does not add any flavor

Why is Oil Important?

popcorn oil

You can make popcorn with any product you like. Literally, kernels “pop” (explode) and expand into the fluffy, crunchy snacks we all enjoy when heated. The popping sound is where the fun begins!

Yet, doing so with the right option makes a big difference in taste and in health. Some cooking methods do not require it at all. Most popcorn lovers prefer to use oil in cooking. But why is that?

  • With the use of hot oil, there is an equal distribution of heat making all the kernels pop thus eliminating burnt popcorn.
  • Oils have different flavors. While some do not affect the taste of the popcorn, others retain their natural nutty tang that enhances the flavor of your popcorn. Thus, you can experiment with the different flavor profiles that different oils will add you your popcorn

The Different Types To Consider

Canola Oil For Popcors

Which one of these oils do you like most? Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Canola: If you are health conscious, this oil might be your pick. Extracted from grapeseed, I like the fact that it has a high level of MUFA and low saturated fats. Its taste is mild, so it can’t affect the popcorn flavor. 
  • Olive: When it comes to nutrition, olive oil always ranks first. It has a high level of unsaturated fats and a strong flavor. Because of it, they become tastier, especially with your favorite spices. Olive variant is applicable for popping and dressing.
  • Coconut: If you miss the familiar taste of popcorn in the movies, then you might like to try coconut oil. The nutty quality of taste coconut oil brings is what makes them extra yummy. However, it has a high level of saturated fats that have been said to be bad for your health. This is the most popular oil in the market.
  • Check Badge Peanut: Peanut oil also have a naturally nutty taste that makes popcorn tastier. It has a low level of saturated fats and contains antioxidants like vitamin E. Take note though that this is not recommendable for those who have allergies to nuts.
  • Check Badge Soybean: Rising to be popular as cooking oil, soybean is high in omega 3 which is good for your health. The taste is not that prominent; hence it’s perfect for popping kernels.
  • Check Badge Corn: What makes the best oil when you want a natural taste? Corn variant is an excellent choice. It has the lowest level of saturated fat and is famous for dressing.
  • Check Badge Sunflower: This type has a mild flavor, which makes it great for popcorn making. It’s also perfect for dressing. Besides containing a low level of saturated fat, it also has PUFA and MUFA which are beneficial to our health.

Three Different Ways to Make These

1. Conduction

When you use the stovetop when cooking popcorn, it’s conduction. It applies to other ways too like using the Dutch oven pot. This is the most common and the less costly method among the three. Known as the simplest way, you can use water instead of oil.

However, this method has a high chance of getting burnt kernels when not closely monitored.

I believe, in this modern world, using the microwave is the first option of those how to have one. In this method, heat transfer is possible using radiation. Oil is not necessary for this process but I little bit of oil will coat the popcorn for a better taste and aroma.

Plenty of ready-for microwave popcorn with butter and flavoring is available in the market today.

2. Convection

Air cookers are an example of convection. The airflow inside the air cookers makes the kernels move with equal heat transfer. This kind of method does not need oil. However, if you need a bit of excitement in taste, I recommend using the best oil for popcorn.

3. Radiation

Using the microwave is the first option most of us turn to when making popcorn. Oil is not necessary for this process but adding a little bit to coat the popcorn for a better taste and aroma is an option. Alternatively, plenty of ready-for microwave with butter and flavoring is available in the market today.


Is popcorn popped in olive oil Good For You?

Popcorn popped in olive oil can be a healthier option compared to other options or butter. Olive variant is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are considered healthy fats that can help lower bad cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. So, while they popped in olive oil can be a healthy snack option, it’s important to consume it in moderation and be mindful of the toppings added.

What oil do Movie theaters use for popcorn?

Movie theaters typically use coconut or a coconut oil blend. This is because coconut oil has a high smoke point and a neutral flavor, making it ideal for popping large quantities without overwhelming the taste. Additionally, some theaters may use flavacol, a seasoning salt that enhances the flavor and aroma, giving it that classic movie theater taste.

Why does movie theater popcorn taste better?

Movie theater popcorn often tastes better due to the specific type of oil and seasoning that is used. Movie theaters typically use coconut oil, which has a distinct flavor that many people enjoy. Additionally, these are often seasoned with a combination of salt and flavoring powders, which can enhance the taste. The popcorn is also popped in large machines that can create a higher volume, leading to fresher that is less likely to be stale.

The Bottom Line

At SmokinJoesRibRanch, we’re passionate about perfecting the experience. The oil you choose can dramatically influence the flavor and quality of your homemade popcorn. Whether I’m settling in for a film or relaxing outdoors, the right onetransforms the moment.

From our extensive testing, certain oils truly enhance that desired nutty and buttery essence.

Of all the oils we’ve tried, Franklin’s Butter Flavored Coconut Oil holds a special place in my heart. Its unique fusion of a rich buttery flavor combined with the goodness of coconut variant is unmatched. It’s the ideal mix of taste and health, making it my top recommendation for fellow enjoyers.

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As a mom of two angels, I credit myself in making meals with high concentration yet the balance of nutrition. I pay good care about the health of my family and everyone. Thus, you will find most of my recipes focus on healthy ingredients.
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