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2 Burner Gas Grill

Food is one of the necessities in the life of a living being. Past centuries, people have been cooking to ensure their survival. As life evolved cooking became an important defining factor in the culture of a region or a country.

With a new culture of people staying away from their families, they are compelled to cook and provide for themselves. This need can be facilitated by having the best 2 burner gas grill which is both compact as well as perfect for their purpose.

Each country has its cuisine which defines them. People have started looking at cooking as a form of art rather than just a form of survival. Food can be presented in high-end restaurants as well as street-side vendors.

They can be both processed as well as prepared fresh. Broader classifying them as Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian. The classification of food is vast and endless with new technological advancements. Stone Age man used to cook over a bonfire made with flintstones. Today’s technology has allowed people to simply cook food with the help of a click and a regular gas supply.

Gas Grill

While recognizing the need of having a gas burner to cook fresh food, people always look at the best 2 burner gas grill. Money is such a deciding factor while purchasing any equipment or product.

The lack of money could result in the non – acquisition of something you would wish for. People living alone have to only provide for themselves or at most another person.

They would indeed be looking for a grill that could take up less space around the house as well as consume less gas. This simple yet very important pre-requisite is what lays the foundation for their need to have the best 2 burner gas grill available on the market.

Before one looks into acquiring their favorite item or something they need in their daily life they would wish to know a little more about that product. The urge to know about the product in question is the primary reason to provide the reader with an article like this. Moving forward we could learn more about the product by viewing the basic factors that must be kept in mind while looking for a gas grill.

Best 2 Burner Gas Grill – Buying Guide

Just like all other products, while purchasing a grill it is important to keep several determining factors in mind. With the help of these factors, we can decide on a final choice based on our needs and necessities. Below are listed some of the general factors that can be used for the determination process.

Factors to Look for While Purchasing a 2 Burner Gas Grill

  • Space and Size of Grill: Size matters which is why it gains the utmost importance while deciding on a gas grill that can be suited. The Gas Grill has a lot of dimensions to keep in mind right from the outer frame to the depth. The best 2 burner gas grill to your need may require to be a little longer to fit in your backyard or your kitchen. One must make sure of the dimensions beforehand to ensure no inconvenience while ordering online. This would most certainly save us the hassle of repacking it and waiting for our order to be replaced.
  • The Price Point: Just like all other products and commodities these gas burners can vary from the very high-end grills to much cheaper ones. The material, make and brand name also adds an indelible value to the price. A higher-end gas grill would have features that could improve the entire cooking experience. The need for these features is something that varies from person to person. One may need a grill for basic daily cooking. On the other hand, some people may need it for parties and a much higher intake that would justify the features. Always make sure the price range is right with the best features.
  • Material: The material plays a role in deciding too. Gas grills can have a lot of different materials used in their make. This varies right from glass to different synthetic substances. The material could affect the durability of the cooking ware. A glass top ensures better heat supply but it is extremely fragile and might crack if a heavy object falls on it. While choosing the best 2 burner gas grill the material durability is a must.
  • The Colour/ Appearance: Many individuals have their houses themed to look a certain way. This goes without saying while talking about the kitchen or an outdoor cooking area. The colour of the gas grill can affect the appearance of the décor considering its size. The prominence of a good appearance soothes the visual appeal of the owner and any other individual that may come in contact with the grill.
  • The Fuel supply: We are dealing with a gas grill in question. This brings up a very important factor viz. the fuel supply for the grill. Few people have a direct supply of gas through gas lines that can be connected to the grill. Others may have a cylinder or another alternative source of fuel to power the grill. One needs to have a clear idea about this factor before purchasing a gas grill. A well-aired place with good pipeline insulation should be a good place to review this factor avoiding any future fire hazards.

The above factors must have given you a clear-cut image of the kind of gas grill you might be intending to purchase. Well then, let’s fire up this grill and look at all the best deals and options available for you on the internet.

Our Top Picks of 2 Burner Gas Grill Reviewed

1. Weber 46110001 Spirit E – 210

A clear-cut best seller on the market these days is a Weber 2 burner grill. State-of-the-art technology ensures the best performance at a very affordable rate.

As a matter of fact, at this very moment, you might find this product out of stock. It has a reputation that speaks for itself among the several thousands of owners. A few of its main features are:

  • Lightweight and made up of steel which ensures better mobility supported by the presence of wheels at the bottom to facilitate it.
  • It uses propane gas which is commercially very secure and readily available.
  • The dimensions of 63 x 50 x 32 (measurements in inches) make it compact and very less space-consuming.
  • The tabletop itself is made up of porcelain with an overcoat of enamel to make sure it is less fragile.
  • The grill has 2 side retractable tables for placing the food accompanied by a lid and 6 hooks for hanging cooking tools not too far from the cooking action.
  • Low maintenance as well as a company warranty of 1 year.

2. Char-Broil 463673519 Performance Series

As the name suggests it is perfect for having a charred barbeque on a weekend. This beauty comes with an extremely stylish body covered in a matte finish. These factors tout it as one of the best 2 burner gas grill.

This makes comes with the availability of a choice of colour ranging from a metallic grey, metallic black, and an entirely matte black look with red streaks. The few main features are:

  • Made up of Stainless Steel keeping it extremely mobile as well as durable. This also has a surface coat of paint to prevent corrosion.
  • The make has a much compact size than any of its other competitors in a similar price range of 25 x 42 x 44 (all measurements are in inches).
  • The gas grill needs a cylinder or any other mobile fuel source to power it due to its stand at the bottom. Propane gas is preferred as the fuel source.
  • A special feature is a cabinet at the bottom which could be customized and used for one’s purposes of storing. This also has the basic wheels to go with the entire make.
  • The colour is a plus point because of the absolute stellar variety and finishes giving it an upper hand against its competitors in the appearance department.
  • Black (metallic as well as matte), grey and red streaks are some of the colours available at the moment.
  • The warranty of 2 years plays a major role in ensuring that it’s one of the best 2 burner gas grill available on the market.

3. Cuisinart CGG – 306 Chef’s Style

A very familiar name when it comes to cooking appliances and equipment. Cuisinart has been among the top for over 3 decades now. It does not fail to impress this time with its gas grill.

The features have it selling like hotcakes on the internet. People have shown that they can trust in any appliance that belongs to Cuisinart due to its reliability. Retractable side shelves add up to make it one of the best 2 burner gas grill. Let us check out a few of its main features:

  • Extremely compact and very mobile. The sheer lightweight due to the stainless steel makes ensures that one can even take it along for a camping trip.
  • Dimensions of 21 x 19 x 15 (All measurements are in inches) have it as a top-notch grill when it comes to the size factor.
  • The colour available is solely stainless steel just like the material used to make it. However, the company is looking into providing customization options available in the colours of black, white, dark grey, and dark blue.
  • The grill has a retractable lid with proper The inbuilt thermometer ensures that the heat does not affect the side components including the knobs coated with enamel.
  • A warranty of 3 years makes it probably the best 2 burner gas grill.

4. Pit Boss Gas Grill 75275 – 2 Burner

Inspired by simply evolving from cooking in a pit, this piece of equipment is the definition of compact. The Boss factor is very evident in this make. A suitable mesh near the stove region gives a barbeque grill vibe to this product. The item is very mobile does have to be set up and comes in a couple of monochrome colors viz. black and white. Some of the main features are:

  • Smaller size ensures a compact look which also delivers in terms of cooking time.
  • 23 x 20 x 16 (All measurements in inches) has a small look to it which packs a punch int that small body structure.
  • The product is known for its efficient fuel consumption. The fuel choice is propane or natural gas depending upon the availability of them.
  • The assembly simply ensured the fuel terminal to be connected. Also, the retractable leg stands make it smaller while carrying on a trip.
  • Colors have a black and white matte finish apart from the regular steel grey finish provided by the company on delivery.
  • A 1-year warranty on the product places it lower than others on its scale but one of the best 2 burner gas grill.

5. Cuisinart CGG – 888

Cuisinart once again makes the list among the top available models on the market due to its reputation. This product is another masterpiece put out on the shelves recently which is an able successor to the CGG – 306 version.

The circular make of the body structure provides a unique factor to this gas grill. The 2 burners with a beautifully rounded side table (retractable) make for it to be a contender as the best 2 burner gas grill out on the market today.

  • The gas grill has a set of wheels to aid mobility around. However, the best part is the option for disintegrating a bigger sized gas grill to carry along on outings.
  • At 31 x 41 x 43(All measurements in inches) this product fits right into the medium-sized gas grills with a high output.
  • The circular grill ensures a little more cooking space and an even heat distribution throughout the cooking.
  • The fuel sources available to consume are propane which is available on a commercial level.
  • ‘Grease management’ keeps this beauty from getting to dirty. The coat around the body of the gas grill makes it very easy to wipe off without much trouble.
  • The color is only available in black. The company is looking to provide a few more colors in the future.
  • Cool zones on the girdle surface as well as a foldable prep table equipped with a paper towel come along with the setting.
  • It takes simply 30 minutes to set up. The gas grill also comes with a warranty of 1 year.

6. Royal Gourmet Regal GBB – 2000

A ‘Royal’ into its brand name is justified by this piece of machinery in the form of a gas grill. A first of the GBB series goes for an extremely unconventional look compared to other gas grills. To be the best 2 burner gas grill, it fits the description perfectly. The GBB has G stand for ‘gourmet’ which was the initial direction this company was looking to direct its cooking equipment too. Packed with 486 inches of cooking space it does deliver. Some of the other features are:

  • The unconventional look seizes the right chance to make the build more sizeable compared to the others in the very affordable price range.
  • 22 x 21 (All measurements are in inches) has a pretty squared top when it comes to cooking on a gas grill.
  • The retractable table from one side also serves as a chopping board with a very convenient surface.
  • The presence of one set of wheels makes moving this gas grill more or less similar to moving a wheelbarrow. This particular feature has made it a favorite for people around the country areas.
  • Another brilliant feature is the electronic startup which saves one the inconvenient traditional startup.
  • The heating system with 2 stainless steel pipes providing effective heating around the grill ensures good cooking.
  • The grease management system facilitates cleaning and also comes with hooks to hang other kitchen equipment.
  • 1-year warranty on this product keeps it in safe hands despite its durable nature.

7. Coyote C-Series

A chip off the old block for coyote which has released a gas grill after over 3 years. This miniature gas grill comprises simply the gas grill to cook with a propane-powered burner. The body of it for a change is made up of fiberglass which ensures that it is lightweight. The look it goes for is very orthodox and nothing out of the ordinary. However, the white body adds a hint of class to your kitchen or porch area. Some of the other features of the Coyote C-Series are:

  • Heat resistant top which protects from scalding and other misfortunate events
  • 22 x 24 x 31 (All measurements in inches) dimensions enlist it for a very compact and mobile piece of equipment.
  • Fiberglass coated and polished sides ensure protection from rust as well as durability.
  • Available in the color of metallic grey and white at this point.
  • It is available in 2 versions viz. Propane gas as well as natural gas. This ensures a lot more options for people traveling around as well as keeping this for their private use at home.
  • Double doors on the grill ensure the required space to store any tools required for the cooking process as well as accessories.
  • The internal grill has a heat control owing to its thermometer placed to prevent overheating and fire hazard situations.
  • The product ensures a warranty of 1 year for the product as well as a 30-day replacement after arrival if not damaged.

8. Member’s Mark Gas Grill

A gas grill that is bound to leave a mark on the user because of its brilliant interface and looks. This gas grill is touted as one of the very high and reliable gas grills available on the market today. The magenta body coupled with the metallic grey edges serves to give a royal look.

A relatively heavier body which can be moved around with wheels. The numerous additional features present on this gas grill ensure it a top spot in the best 2 burner gas grill listing. Some of the main features of this high-end equipment are:

  • A complete stainless-steel body with a very sleek look gives it a top rating on the looks department.
  • The grill is covered from top to bottom with a double coat of anti-rust and paint over it.
  • 32,000 BTU total heat output gives it an even heating system for anything that is placed on the grill to cook.
  • 25 x 43 x 45(All dimensions are measured in inches) gives it a rather big built for a gas grill which is compensated by its comparatively lighter weight.
  • Its grease management system is an advantage as it saves a ton of cleaning work. The coating makes the stains an easy rub off with just a wet cloth.
  • The lid has a thermometer present which allows you to check the temperature without opening the lid of the grill.
  • Electric ignition and 478 inches (18 regular burgers) of cooking space make it the best in terms of cooking area.
  • Additional features include hooks for kitchen tools, a button for ignition, and a door for storage of equipment used to assist in the grilling.
  • Available in only a single color setting of marble magenta with edges of metallic grey to add to the style quotient surrounding this gas grill
  • This high-end piece also ensures a 3-year warranty with a replacement within 30 days of arrival.

9. AOG American Outdoor gas Grill T- Series

A gas grill that has American made written all over its brand does a great work celebrating that tag with this efficient gas grill. It’s A relatively larger gas grill compared to the others in terms of its breadth.

The all silver make of the grill body adds the shimmer while grilling something on the weekend after a tiring day. 200 pounds of steel but very mobile owing to its sturdy set of wheels.

The specialty of this grill is that it does not use batteries or electricity for ignition. Rather this fine gas grill uses piezoelectricity to ignite the burner. Manufactured in the U.S.A this grill has some of its main features listed below:

  • 304 stainless steel used for making the body which ensures that the body is extremely durable.
  • The body has panels that avoid overheating the body resulting in less sparking keeping the fire hazards at bay.
  • Rapid piezoelectric induction for the ignition of the grill which does not require electricity externally or batteries. This technology ensures it to be the best 2 burner gas grill. around the market on the internet.
  • This includes a rear infrared rotisserie for the even heating of all poultry grills to ensure good cooking of the food all around.
  • The colour is available in a combination of shiny metallic grey with streaks of black on the body giving it a crisp effect.
  • 24.75 x 50 x 48.5 (All measurements are in inches) dimensions make it a little nigger for its size. However, this big gas grill is very mobile due to a set of sturdy wheels at the bottom.
  • Each burner has a sub consequent knob which adds another factor to each grill, enhancing the experience of the individual while grilling.
  • The folding side shelves are also a great addition to the body that improves the look and adds more space for the food preparation very close to the grill.
  • The heavy body is compensated by a warranty of 1 year by the company based in the United States of America.   

10. Megamaster 720 – 0864MA Propane

A dual coloured gas grill that stands tall and has a very elegant look to it. The Megamaster 720 has a nice ring to its name too. Last one on our list but never the least. This gas grill certainly packs a punch with its plethora of features. The mini stand that it is placed upon is a clever way to keep the body stable coupled with a set of wheels. The colour is available in 2 variations particularly viz.

An all-black with a matte finish as well as a metallic silver top with a black matte body. This grill is particularly lightweight for having a rather bulky body which is a big plus point. Apart from these let’s have a look at some of the other prominent features of this Megamaster gas grill which make it a worthy entrant as one of the best 2 burner gas grill.

  • 28,000 BTU of cooking power which is not a lot in the size region of this grill but is definitely enough to pack a punch and have a great cooking experience.
  • This gas grill has an electronic ignition which is supported by 2 stainless steel bars attached to the lid of the top.
  • 42 x 22 x 46 (All measurements are in inches) dimensions keep it sleek and not too big when it comes to the body make of the product.
  • 412 inches of cooking space. This may not seem too much considering the above options of gas grills. However, this cooking space becomes relevant when we focus on the price point ensuring the Megamaster 720 as the best 2 burner gas grill.
  • At barely 61 pounds of weight this gas grill also has foldable side shelves which give the user more cooking space for preparation.
  • The door present at the bottom opens up to a little space for item storage which comes very handy while having the grill outdoors.
  • The coating on the body allows the grease to be wiped off very easily without much hassle allowing the grill to always be clean, unlike other traditional gas grills.
  • This gas grill comes with a 30-day return period if the buyer does not like it. However, the piece must not be damaged and in pristine condition.
  • A 1-year warranty is available at a slightly higher price from the company.

Having seen all the different burner gas grills present on the internet today we have a variety of options to choose from. The internet does spoil us for choice and also assures a lot of guarantees surrounding the item just in case it gets damaged while having it shipped over to the location of the person concerned.

The top 10 products have been mentioned in the article that you have just read which ensures a lot of options to allow you to have good knowledge about the product before buying it.

A gas grill is always a difficult choice because of all the various factors that weigh in when it comes to the time of choosing. The number of burners being 2 gives enough cooking space for having a grill which in some cases is a lot. The factors like space and price point also have a lot of emphases because they ensure you to be considerate while buying the best 2 burner gas grill for yourself.

Having equipment that uses fire can always be a matter of caution especially around a housing area. Hence, one must be prepared for any fire hazard that might come upon due to a mishap by the gas grill. This, on the other hand, is very unlikely because of the extremely well-insulated products that have been listed on the market i.e. on amazon.com.

Traditionally grills have changed the way people can enjoy good food. Having a piece of equipment like this allows families to get together and have a great time cooking and bonding. The Covid-19 pandemic has minimized all interactions around but people can still enjoy a good grill session with their close family while spending time at home.

The new feature options that surround each gas grill right from foldable shelves to storage space and hooks take the grilling experience to another level. Having the best 2 burner gas grill. is also very important considering each person’s economic budget and inability to spend a lot of money.

People can still avail of this royalty with options like EMI’s provided by Amazon on these gas grills. People especially living in the United States of America see their backyard as a great place to have a grill session and that has catapulted this market and sent it skyrocketing.

So, the next time you go to someone’s grill out or a party and see one of these fine pieces of equipment there it is natural that you might have the urge to own one too. What better place than here to find information about the best 2 burner gas grill on the market in recent times.

Having gone through all the factors and reviewing your home for the availability of space you too can own one of these gas grills for a great deal available online. So the next time instead of visiting someone else’s grill cookout party and envying their equipment you could just organize a party of your own and have people look at the beautiful 2 burner gas grill you own.

Just whip out some poultry or anything else that can be placed on the grill, ignite the burner and you are good to go. Healthy and tasty food at the convenience of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 2-burner grill enough?

While buying a grill this should be a very important question that arises because of the variations available in each gas grill. There are gas grills with 3, 4, and sometimes even more burners. However, having more burners involves more fuel consumption but more added levels of heating. Having 2 burners means an average cooking space of 400 + inches of cooking space on the grill.

This fairly translates to 12-13 regular sized burgers being cooked at a time. Now, this is a lot of space at the disposal of only 2 burners. Indirect cooking would not be a problem too while using 2 burners. That would justify why 2 burners would be perfect to have in a family household for your general weekend grilling activities.

What is the highest-rated gas grill?

Now when we talk about rating we have to keep in mind two factors viz. i) The ratings are given by people who may or may not have used them and ii) The number of ratings on each product also matters. While checking the rating we must use the second factor as more opinions would give us a fair idea about the cooking experience.

Now from the above options, a couple has a fairly high rating compared to the other gas grills. The Weber 46110001 Spirit E – 210 Gas Grill and Cuisinart CGG – 888 Gas Grill have great ratings both having scored over 4 out of 5. This score is also made relevant due to the number of people that have reviewed and rated it.

What is a good inexpensive gas grill?

The price point is a very crucial factor while buying a gas grill and this brings us to our question. A lot of the options available above has a few subcategories among them. A few of them have a little larger size than the others while some are small and compact without any storage space or stand.

This might affect the price range drastically. So, the best 2 burner gas grill. would be the Pit Boss Grill 75275 which is a smaller version without a body. The best 2 burner gas grill under 300 is the Megamaster 720 – 0864MA Propane Gas Grill which has a body and wheels to move it.

How many burners do I need for my grill?

Frankly speaking, this is a very personal question and varies from person to person. However, we could look at this question by talking about it in the general amount of food one cooks. So, traditionally as mentioned above the best 2 burner gas grill. can power a cooking area of 400 inches +.

This could be the equivalent of cooking 12-13 burger patties at one go. Gas grills with 3 or more burners can power more cooking space which is quite obvious. However, do we need them? Most of the people are fine having 2 burners that consume less gas and cooks the right amount of food required by them. However, 2 burners should be fine when it comes to gas grills.

Are cheap grills worth it?

Once again the price point comes into play while answering this question. A straightforward answer would be YES! Cheap grills are worth it to buy because of their durability despite being of a lower price range. A couple of examples are the Pit Boss Grill 75275 and the Cuisinart CGG – 306 Gas Grill. Both of these options have a great make and have amazing durability due to their stainless-steel finish.

For someone who is looking to operate this only on the weekends, these are a perfect match. They do not need much maintenance due to their lower consumption as well as don’t take a lot of place for their size. Once again depending on the need, these cheaper grills could be very useful at serving the purpose.

How many burners do I need for a gas grill?

As answered in previous questions there are 2, 3, 4, or more options available when it comes to gas grills. Looking at the need and necessity for the person in question we could justify that we could need 2 burners for a grill and this would be more than sufficient.

Going for gas grills that have more burners would increase the expense and fuel consumption alike. The more the burner more the production. However, 2 burners can produce a considerable amount of food to be grilled at a particular time.

Can you fry on a gas grill?

Yes, frying is very much possible on a grill though it takes a little practice to get a hang of. Usually one would use a pan to fry which has a hot even surface. However, with a grill, there is a mesh kind of surface which not only fries it well but also adds a smoky texture to the stuff being fried.

The excess oil too could drip right into the fire and fuel it which saves the person from an excess oil situation. The best 2 burner gas grill can simply be used to fry poultry or any other foodstuff without much hassle of oil spluttering. This is a great way to add new depths of flavor to your plain old’ frying techniques.

Is Char-Broil a good grill?

The Char-Broil 463673519 Performance Series Gas Grill is a medium-priced item when it comes to comparison with the other gas grills. The Char-Broil does have a little lesser space for cooking but makes up for that with the other features and its lightweight aiding mobility. It has 100 plus inches of the rack along with a storage cabinet. The item weighs only 82.5 pounds which is on the lighter side for the best 2 burner gas grill.

This gas grill does have to be assembled at the time of its arrival which is made convenient by offering free amazon customer support to do so on arrival. The Char-Broil is coated with paint preventing it from rust and other damage. The temperature gauge is a great addition too. Overall, with the 30 days free return this 2-burner gas grill sure packs a punch and delivers as per customer reviews.


After exploring the world of grilling with the 10 best 2 burner gas grills, you’ve become a master of outdoor cooking. The sizzling sounds and mouthwatering aromas have become a familiar part of your weekends, as friends and family gather around the grill to enjoy delicious meals together.

You’ve discovered the convenience and efficiency of a 2 burner gas grill, allowing you to create culinary masterpieces with precision and control. From perfectly seared steaks to juicy burgers and tender vegetables, your grilling skills have evolved to new heights.

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