The 5 Best Pancake Griddle For Your Kitchen 2023 – From Classic to Creative

Pancake Griddle

Pancakes are those round-shaped fluffy delights of happiness that everyone loved to savor. These are the most preferable breakfast after the scrambled eggs, which is enjoyed by the citizens in the morning.

Also, it is difficult to deny them if served with honey or chocolate syrup. While having the best pancake griddle is easy, but making it with proper shape is hard to get. Normally, pancakes can be cooked on regular pans, however, the shape and the texture of them can get ruined with improper pans. 

Regular pans cannot prepare them in abundance at a single time with perfection and it would take hours to complete your pancake making.

With the advancement in technology, there are various options available in the market that can solve the problems of regular pans. One such kitchen appliance is the pancake griddle, which makes the cooking experience of pancakes comforting.

With its flat and smooth surface plate, it is easy to get the right shape and texture of the pancakes. Pancake griddles help in providing the heat required for cooking them, resulting in fine color and easy flipping options.

Best Pancake Griddle – Buying Guide

How to make perfect pancakes

There are various types of pancake griddles available in the market. Due to several available options, the question arises that is it preferable to buy any griddle with good ratings from the market? The answer is Yes, however, it is important to consider some factors and specifications according to your needs while buying the best pancake griddle for your kitchen.

Factors to look for buying the best pancake griddle for your kitchen

Buying the best pancake griddle for your kitchen is a challenging task with the availability of various options. Several factors need to be considered like the size of the griddle, plate thickness, surface coating and many more, before buying the pancake griddle.

If these factors are not acknowledged properly, it can create a major confusion among the customers while shopping and can end up picking the wrong product. Here is the list of detailed descriptions of the factors that you can consider before buying the pancake griddle for your use.

  • Griddle Size:

size of griddle

Before buying a pancake griddle, it is important to consider the griddle size. The selection of its size varies from person to person choices depending on the way you plan to use it. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, then you can go for full-sized pancake griddle or if your purpose is to use it at as a home appliance, then the small-sized or medium-sized would do a better job. It is suitable to pick the griddle size that fills your needs. 

  • Plate Material:

The important key point to consider before buying the pancake griddle is to study the material of its metal plates. The metal plates of griddles are made with different materials like cast iron, aluminium, chrome steel and stainless steel. The responsiveness of the metal plates varies with the composition of the plate material at temperature difference. Griddles made with chrome steel are the most preferred as they can cook food at low temperatures as compared to the stainless steel or aluminium griddles. However, the prices can vary with the material used for griddles. 

  • Surface Coating:

While buying a pancake griddle, it is preferable to look for its surface coating. To be at ease with your culinary skills, you should always buy those pancake griddles that have the coating of non-sticky materials. The surface of the griddle is coated with various kinds of non-stick materials such as copper, natural stone and Teflon.

Buying a pancake griddle with better efficiency and durability differs with prices, which depends on the type of non-sticky material used for its surface coating. Copper-coated surface griddles are more durable and expensive, whereas Teflon- coated griddles are cheap, but it needs to be used properly to avoid the damage. So, your choices of buying a pancake griddle rely totally on your expenses.

  • Ease of cleaning:

How to Clean Griddle

It is highly important to choose those griddles that are easy to clean so that the aromas of the food cooked on it do not get transferred. Normal griddles without non-stick coating can be difficult to clean as compared to the griddles with non-stick materials. The cleanliness of the griddles varies from size to size. A full-sized griddle is difficult to clean while the small griddles provide ease in cleaning. 

  • Plate thickness:

After considering the material of the metal plate for your griddle, it is important to look for the thickness of its plates, whether to choose thin plate griddle or thick plate griddle. The difference in the thickness of the plates can give varying results. Griddles with thin plates react quickly with temperature adjustments in less energy and are not expensive to buy.

However, they can get twisted when preheated at high temperature and causing uneven distribution of the energy at the base of the griddle. While thick-plated griddles react slowly with temperature difference and do not get twisted if heated at high temperature, hence, distributing even heat on the surface. 

  • Electric or Manual:

One needs to take an important decision while buying a griddle is whether to pick an electric griddle or a gas griddle. The customer preference can vary from their needs. Gas griddle requires the gas connection and is highly reactive to temperature difference. While the electric griddle can be used anywhere in your home with electricity supply and is mobile. So, your preferences can vary with your comfort.

So buying the best pancake griddle can become an easy deal if you prefer the above-mentioned factors.

Our Top Picks of Pancake Griddle 

1. Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

This Electric Griddle is the best pancake griddle among all other griddles due to its high performance and reasonable price. It is a long-lasting product having the highest durability which makes it worthy to own it.

Features of this product:

  • It is made up of plastic, heavy cast-aluminum. 
  • The base area of this pancake griddle is 18 inches, which provides more than enough area for even a moderate-sized family to make pancakes.
  • The surface coating of the griddle is non-stick, which gives you a stick-free cooking experience. This also provides you with easy cleaning experience.
  • It also has a Control Master that controls the heat and maintains the desired temperature for cooking automatically. Even if the functions that control the heat are removed, the griddle remains perfectly immersible means after cooking; you can wash the griddle, taking it out.
  • This griddle has removable handles; you can detach or remove handles from the griddle by simply opening latch clips. No other tools are needed for detaching handles.

2. Emoji Smiley Face Pan Cake Griddle

Emoji Smiley Face Pan Cake Griddle

The several disparate faces or shapes of emoticons on the pancakes can make your breakfast interesting and fun. The pancakes cooked on this griddle have several faces that are fascinating for the eyes of children. This modern style product is not just innovative and unique but can be easily used and cleaned. Using this griddle will not only just make your breakfast a regular meal, but also add fun with several happy and silly smileys.

Features of this product:

  • This Emoji Pancake Pan consists of 7 unique and delightful faces.
  • This griddle is PTFE free and provides a non-stick surface for cooking smiley face pancakes.
  • This griddle is not just easy to use, but also easy to clean. It also allows the easy removal of smiley pancakes from the pan.
  • Multiple funny emoticon pancakes can be cooked at a time.
  • This mini-sized pancake maker does not just provide you with the delicious food, but it also makes your morning delightful with the unique and silly face pancakes.

3. Hamilton Beach  Durathon Ceramic Griddle

Hamilton Beach  Durathon Ceramic Griddle

The Hamilton Ceramic Griddle does not just allow you to make but delicious golden brown pancakes, but it can easily help you to cook eggs, hash brown and sausage. It can manage all of it so easily. This griddle is flexible to be used all day long, and perfect to cook any meal you like. It prepares a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the best pancake griddle among all other griddles, which makes your meal delicious.

Features of this product:

  • This griddle provides plenty of base area for cooking all your favorite dishes. It has 200 square inches of cooking surface.
  • This durable ceramic griddle is PTFE and PFOA free providing you with non-stick cooking experience.
  • It is more reliable than an ordinary or regular nonstick pan. The coating of the griddle will neither crack nor peel.
  • It has heat control features; you can adjust the heating temperature of the griddle by setting the dial in between 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The cooktop of the griddle is completely immiscible. You can easily clean the griddle by removing the cord and grease tray.
  • It also provides you with the most useful feature i.e. the handles remain cool all day long, even during the cooking time.

4. Farberware 21745 Griddle Pan

Farberware 21745 Griddle Pan

The product of high performance, durability and convenience has been brought to in numerous kitchens for decades by Farberware. This conventional cookware is the most comfortable and convenient was not only just used by the older generation but also the new generation prefers using this cookware. This highly effective griddle with great performance helps you to cook delicious food easy and really quick.

Features of this product:

  • This Farberware griddle is made from aluminum that gets heated quickly and evenly. It also has different color exteriors that make cooking ware more stylish to be kept in the kitchen.
  • This is an 11-inch square griddle, with plenty of cooking area, making it a flawless griddle for cooking varied delicious foods.
  • This cookware has a unique smart glide non-adhesive system with high-grade and durable features. It has slightly hollow, dimpled like cooking surface which helps for easy release of food, outstanding browning. This kind of surface creates pockets of air that help transfer heat to the food properly and quickly.
  • This non-adhesive griddle can remain safe in the oven for up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The use of a dishwasher or a detergent cannot cause damage to the griddle, making it dishwasher safe.
  • It has non-breakable glass lids to cover the cookware to provide heat and moisture to the food. You can also see through the lids. It also has sturdy, double-rooted handles offering you a confident and tight grip.
  • It is the best pancake griddle offering you a lifetime warranty.

5. Dash DMG8100RD Electric Round Griddle

Dash DMG8100RD Electric Round Griddle

Wake up to delicious cookies, grilled cheese, pancakes, burgers and whatnot with this outstanding Dash Express Electric Round Griddle. This tiny electric griddle is convenient to keep in the snug little apartment kitchen, student residence kitchen or any kitchen. Have a delightful experience, cooking a variety of delicious food quickly and easily with the Dash Express Griddle.

Features of this product:

  • It is a versatile griddle that not only makes pancakes but can also be used to cook varied delicious meals such as eggs, grilled cheese, cookies, burgers without the requirement for multiple/several pots or pans.
  • The compact size makes this griddle portable. This is the MUST-HAVE cookware for those who live in small apartments with small kitchens, college student’s residences, etc. This griddle is also good to keep during traveling because it takes up minimum space possible.
  • It is PFOA-free and has a non-stick cooking surface which makes the cooking convenient and also spreads the heat evenly on the surface.
  • It is easy to use, you just simply need to plug it and then wait until the indicator light gives you the signal to turn it off, and the griddle gets heated in just a few minutes. This makes the cooking experience real quick.
  • This is the best pancake griddle that provides you with a 1-year warranty, non-adhesive heating plates, anti-slip feet, recipe book, etc.
  •  Its sleek and modern design and several vibrant colors make it suitable and best fitted to any kitchen décor.

Every kitchen needs equipment that can ease your cooking experience. It is important to equip your kitchen with the best appliances for use. Pancake griddles make the preparation of the pancakes much easier and anyone can easily make pancakes using them.

Since pancakes are the most loved breakfast among the people, it is prominent to consider the factors of the pancake griddles so that you can have the joy of perfectly shaped delicacy. If all the features are looked up properly, then it becomes easy to choose the best pancake griddle among all other available options.

Here you can also find some best flat top grills.


Which is the best pancake griddle- electric or manual?

 The answer to this question solely depends on your preference and comfort as there is no comparison between them. Since both of them have some advantages and disadvantages, the choice of selecting a pancake griddle can vary with it.

While the gas griddle is widely used, this requires the installation of a gas connection, whereas electric griddles can be used in any place with electricity supply. So, depending upon your level of comfort, you can buy any of it which suits you the best.

Does every electric griddle come with heat control features?

 Most of the electric griddle has some functions of adjusting the temperature for cooking. The only difference lies in the number of control functions that the electric griddles can provide. There is always some trade-off between the number of features an appliance has and its price.

Some electric griddle comes with many heat control adjustments; however, they are expensive to buy as compared with the griddles with less heat control functions. So, the choice of buying an electric griddle depends on your budget and the specifications you want in your kitchen appliances.

Which material plate of non-stick pancake griddle is suitable to use?

 The griddle plates are coated with various materials like copper, Teflon and natural stone. Griddle Plates with copper coating are durable to use while the Teflon coated griddle plates are more prone to damage and can lose its coating.

Though Teflon coated plate griddles are cheaper, however, it is advisable to go for the griddle plates providing high durability and efficiencies like copper or any other. The selection of buying a non-stick pancake griddle can also vary with your budget range.

Which size of the griddle is preferable to buy?

 The preference of size varies with how a customer plans to use the griddle. If the griddle is to be used for commercial purpose, then the full-sized pancake griddles are good to go with.

The small-sized griddles are suitable for use in your home kitchen. It is preferable to buy the griddle according to your needs, rather than picking the wrong-sized product to use with its full efficiency.

Are thin-plated griddles durable to use?

 The answer depends on the way you use the griddle. Thin-plated griddles can get warped if exposed to high temperatures during preheating. So, if they are used at medium or low heating temperatures, they are durable to use.

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